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Avatar f tn I told him we've looked all over the itnernet and didn't think it was that common in young men (older men with prostrate issues yes!) I spoken to one woman who's 15 year old had it for 3-1/2 months and it gradually went away... he was not on medication. Anxiety makes it worse, of course. My son says he feels like his groin muscles hurt from holding it in all the time. Good luck to you. Hopefully you will see relief soon.
Avatar n tn My son is only a teenager and he suffers from frequent urination, dizzy spells, and lack of sleep. He tells me he has dizzy spells two or three times a day, and urinates somewhere between twelve and twenty times a day. He also has trouble getting to sleep and reaching a fulfilling sleep as well. Are all of these symptoms of fibromyalgia, and if so, what should I do?
Avatar n tn Just curious, if the ultrasound for an ovarian cyst comes back positive do you know if there is anything that they can do to stop the bladder pressure/frequent urination? Have you talked with your GYN or urologist about what (if any) treatments exist for the cysts? Thanks.
Avatar m tn I started having frequent urination problem since last November.I would urinate anywhere from 10-15 times a day and this would get worse when i would try to sleep . I would urinate with decent amount of urine a decent flow and before sleeping but i would still feel the need to urinate and would do 5-6 trips to the restroom. After falling asleep , i would get up 2-3 times to pee. I also felt everytime after masturbation , frequency will get even worse with some burning .
Avatar dr m tn We’ve know for many years that frequent bathroom trips at night are usually not due to bladder or prostate problems, but mostly due to breathing pauses that make you wake up and and think that you have to go. Numerous studies have shown that most men and women who have to go to the bathroom often at night or have overactive bladders during the day actually have sleep apnea.
Avatar m tn It feels like the water goes through my system pretty quick and needs to come out. I'm not sure if frequent masturbation is a cause of my urination/bladder issue. I tried not masturbating for 3 days lately and I couldn't help but masturbate. Once I put my hands on my penis for about 15 seconds of stroking, I already ejaculated. The semen was clearish in the beginning and the end of my ejaculation was more thickened and white.
Avatar n tn For over three weeks now, I have been experiencing symptoms of urethritis -- burning sensation during urination, frequent need to urinate, weak urine stream, some abdominal discomfort. Initially, I was seen at a local clinic and treated with Bactrim. The symptoms improved somewhat over the course of the seven day treatment, but never fully remitted and worsened after treatment was over.
Avatar m tn - VERY frequent urination, often with little volume - sensation that bladder never voided completely - painful, burning feeling in urethra when urinating - sensation of sligh pressure between anus and penis Other details: - no fever (brief, slight fever yesterday, but the temperature where I live was 100 degrees and I have no air conditioning). No fever this morning.
Avatar n tn Personal kudos aside, I wanted to ask if anyone suffered from, or had any knowledge about excessive urination NOT due to high BG levels. Over the last two years I have noticed that I go to the bathroom a lot more that I used to. Always when I wake up (sometimes I will wake up in the night just to go to the bathroom and then go immediately when I wake in the morning). I can easily go four or five times in an 8 hour workday.
Avatar m tn Acute Bacterial Prostatitis Acute Prostatitis is characterized by an acute onset of pain combined with frequent urination as well as difficulty in initiation of urination in a patient with fever/ chills and/ or achy joints. Patients typically complain of urinary frequency, urgency, and pain with urinating. Patients often also complain of pain in the groin, buttocks lower abdomen may have associated pain the genitalia.
Avatar n tn I've heard so often, men advising each other to hold off from ejaculation when masturbating in order to increase 'stamina' and promote a full-body sexual experience which some often associate with some misguided notion of 'tantric sex'. So many young men, including myself wish they could 'last longer' learning that most women only reach orgasm after a prolonged period of sustained sex.
Avatar m tn Benign prostate enlargement is common in older men, yes it does lead to more frequent urination but has nothing to do with there being a cancerous condition (prostates just get larger with age and can start being a nuisance when they press on nerves).
Avatar n tn If "UTI like" means frequent and urgent urination, with small volumes of urine, and a burning senation on urination, then you probably have a UTI. You don't say whether you are male or female--UTI is common in women, but rare in young men who haven't had urinary instrumentation (like a catheter in someone who was hospitalized). Symptoms like that are not typical with STDs, which generally do not cause urgent or frequent urination, and usually cause abnormal discharge.
Avatar m tn I have in the past few months felt off and on prostate pain after sex with my girlfriend. I have also had more frequent urination occur in the past few months.I also remember one day after masterbating i had a dull pain occur in the shaft which lasted a few days then went away. I was a virgin when this happened so i know it was not an std. I do tend to worry alot so im sure that worrying is not helping the situation. Does a curved penis affect my urination as far as retaining these few drops?
Avatar n tn on his back at 14, because he had spina bifida, that this was the reason for his frequent urination, however he has only started the sytoms in the last 5 yrs and is nrly 29, also would this account for the other symptoms? The dctor wants to do another cytoscopy and test his bladder by filling it and asking him when i feels full, however my partner is v reluctant as the last camera caused him alot of problems and caused his problems to worsen significatly.
Avatar m tn Hello, Testicular pain can be due to injury, infection (Epididymitis or Orchitis) or inflammation, testicular torsion( most common in young men), excessive bicycle riding, hernia,varicocele or kidney or ureteric stones. As there is no swelling or inflammation or redness of the scrotal sacs, so the chances of epidiymitis or orchitis are rare.
Avatar m tn I'm 25 years old and i have problems with frequent urination and very weak erections. I went to a urologist and he couldn't find anything wrong that caused my frequent urination. The doctor also assumed that my weak erections were because of stress and he determined this without any testing at all. I still have these problems months later. I wondering what the results of your tests were. Did they find anything causing your problems.
Avatar f tn Well, my perspective does not coincide with the posts in the page. I have, random pain frequent urination fever more pain at walks but no swelling and scars. I've not involved in sex and i'm sure i don't have STD's. I'm having medications from 3 days and the doctor asked me to do a checkup. Could i know how long would it take to heal if it's acute epididymitis um....
Avatar m tn Blood in the urine or semen Burning pain while urinating (dysuria) Discharge from penis Fever (rare) Frequent or urgent urination Itching, tenderness, or swelling in penis or groin area
Avatar m tn I have no visible discharge. However, I feel the occasional sharp shooting sensation and more frequent urination (I could bear with it not going to the toilet all day, but the sensation does not go away). It's atypical for any STD as symptoms started from day 2 (36 hours after) and no apparent gonorreah symptoms. These are the same symptoms that I went through 3 years ago.I caught NGU(or I believe)3 years ago when I had a protected oral sex.
Avatar n tn Male Pattern Baldness If you watched any of the royal wedding, you might have noticed that Prince William is balding on the top of his head. This type of balding of the crown of the head in young men may be a sign of an increased risk for heart disease, says Carl E. Orringer, MD . Several large studies have confirmed the link between baldness and heart disease. Compared to men with a full head of hair, men with crown loss have an increased risk of heart disease of about 23 percent.
5856747 tn?1403352282 Almost every day now, or so it seems to me, I am hearing from young people who are taking antidepressant drugs and who are suffering from a sexual dysfunction as a direct consequence. In men their dysfunction may be erectile dysfunction, loss of libido or sex drive, loss of sensation during ejaculation or loss of ability to climax at all.
Avatar n tn The same is true if you are experiencing frequent urination or difficulty urinating. For a young, healthy man blood in sperm is usually nothing serious. It’s something that happens to many men. If you receive the assurance of a doctor that it is indeed nothing to worry about you can then relax.
Avatar m tn talk to him about the burning while you urinate. I would also consult your doctor; the frequent drinking and the frequent urination can be signs of diabetes. I would get that checkout right away. As a psychotherapist, I wonder if you have any stresses or anxieties. Sometimes people use masturbation or sexual activity as a way to deal with stresses and anxieties; other than you concern aboutfrequent masturbation, are there other stresses and anxieties you need to deal with?
Avatar m tn it could just be my imagination too..idk. but the frequent urination is still there. anyway, i read on here that it is acquired only though oral sex, and a gay guy put his mouth on my penis for about 5 seconds..would bacteria have transferred over or something? is frequent urination even a symptom? i'm uncircumcized if that helps..
Avatar n tn aching in the perineum, urethra, rectum, testicles, sometimes in sides (worse for up to a day after ejaculation), frequent urination (progressively getting worse), aching after sitting for up to 30 minutes and a periodic, tingling sensation through the perineal region and scrotum. My urologist told me to take Ibuprofen twice a day for about two or three weeks and it should clear up. Well, it still hasn't cleared up. And I'm concerned that I could be letting something more serious go.
Avatar n tn If there is only pre ejaculate drip with no other associating symptoms of prostatitis like fever, pelvic, testicle, or rectal pain, frequent and painful urination and ejaculation and incomplete emptying of bladder then there is nothing much to worry. Secondly, the difficulty in maintaining erection may be due to psychological reasons due to stress of the pre ejaculate. If your morning erections are good then the cause seems to be psychological.
Avatar n tn Acute Bacterial Prostatitis Acute Prostatitis is characterized by an acute onset of pain combined with frequent urination as well as difficulty in initiation of urination in a patient with fever/ chills and/ or achy joints. Patients typically complain of urinary frequency, urgency, and pain with urinating. Patients often also complain of pain in the groin, buttocks lower abdomen may have associated pain the genitalia.
Avatar m tn There are many good formulas out there, but, as with all medicine, there's no guarantee it will work. And yes, anxiety can cause frequent urination. Diarrhea, too. All kinds of things. But usually only when it's particularly intense, not all the time.
Avatar n tn Shortly after that I began to experience symptoms similar to the first time I had chlamydia - mostly an itchy urethra and frequent urge to urinate. I also have felt some discomfort in urination but I wouldn't call it burning. I really am worried because I thought I was being safe. I am even more worried because approximately two weeks ago, I had unprotected sex with my girlfriend. One other note, when my girlfriend and I had sex, it was after she had been working out.