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Avatar f tn In a half hour I've used the bathroom like 3 times w/o drinking or eating anything. Im only 18 weeks. Isn't it a little early to have to use the bathroom so much? I think that I may have a yeast infection && maybe that could be the reason im using the bathroom so much. Is this normal?
Avatar m tn For about a week now I have been suffering for very frequent urination and a felling in the penis like I allways have to urinate. The first day I noticed anything different I was having a bowel movement when I noticed a bit of white discharge from my penis. The discharge looked lke cum and I heard this was a normal occurance so I never thought much of it till the next day I my penis was a little red in the morning.
Avatar f tn I am having the exact same problem. I had a yeast infection, which is normal.. I was taking antibiotics at the time and the doctor said that can cause them. So I used monistat and it cleared up. I then had sex, and now I feel like I have to pee ALL the time. Even when there is nothing to let out. I knew it wasn't a UTI because I've had several in the past but the doctor insisted on taking the test. It was negative. I also have a bit of discharge but a normal amount I've always had.
Avatar n tn The previous poster is confusing Group B strep infection and yeast infection. Group B strep infection is generally only an issue for pregnant women and a very small number of their infants. It has no real symptoms and is often detected by a simple swab test when you are about 35-36 weeks pregnant. It would have nothing to do with you right now in any event. The symptoms of a yeast infection are generally intense vaginal/vulval itching along with a "cottage-cheese" white discharge.
Avatar m tn and I only found out 2 days ago that I had yeast infection from antibiotics so I am on 6 day pessary treatement. Why would i still have frequent urge to urinate...???
Avatar n tn indigestion/bloating/flatulence, weakness/fatigue, frequent urination and high output, dried skin specially my hands (looks like wood, joint pain, tingling sensation on hands and feet, wakes up at night. Medical history: high blood pressure, borderline high cholesterol level Medication: atenelol(tenormin)=high blood pressure zantac 300= indigestion problems started about a month and half ago after drinking 3 beers and eating pizza at a party.
Avatar m tn Now, the urethra itch is more pronounced, I had a small discharge, it was like a white flake(s) in a clear fluid, and I feel as if I have to urinate, nothing really comes out (because there isn't anything to come out) and urination burns. Is this a UTI? Is it a yeast Infection? Is it a STD? note: I had sex about 3 months ago and the condom broke. I am certain she is clean of STD's but she could have had a yeast infection (just a speculation).
Avatar f tn I had gotten a yeast infection from antibiotics i was on for a bladder infection... ugh.. i had no itching but def was red swollen and wiping hurt so bad!
Avatar n tn This is so crazy- I have the same exact symptoms and I went to 3 doctors this week. One last Saturday at walk in clinic- took Cipro 4 days- no help actually yhe pain went away for two days and CAME BACK while I was still on Cipro- Next my PA put me on Levaquin 3 days, then went back after little relief to see the MD and I was told to go to the ER yesterday and get a huge dose of IV antibiotics. We did cbc, Urinalysis even a ct scan to check for stones- all negative- no infection whatsoever......
Avatar f tn My gyno has told me that I do produce a more than normal amount of yeast, but I've never had a yeast infection. I've also never had a UTI. I feel fine. No cramping. No pain. No nausea. Is this a UTI or yeast infection? Could it be something else?
Avatar f tn i noticed whitish pus around the glans clitoris, which i can even remove using my fingers and have frequent urination problems what does it mean? i drink water but have to urinate and at times i don't feel thristy but get feel the dryness in throat etc. so drink water anyways. i'm reallly tired of frequent urination i don't know whats the problem.
Avatar n tn I have a doctors appointment comming up, but I am very scared and just want some preparation to ease my mind. I kinda feel like I felt when I had a yeast infection, but this was over 10 yrs ago. I just got off antibiotics like 2 weks ago for an unrelated problem. Please someone offer some useful advice. Oh yea, I haven't had sex in about 3 or 4 weeks.
Avatar n tn She tells me that she thinks she has a yeast infection and passed it along to me. There is no external symptoms, only penile tingling, burning on the inside, and some painful urination. For the past two days I have been eating yogurt, taking cranberry pills, and drinking apple cider vinegar trying to fight the infection. Can anyone vouch for me that this is an actual yeast infection? And does the action I'm taking seem like the right action to take?
Avatar m tn I later told her, and she nested negative for Chlamydia, but was told she had a yeast infection and BV. What could be the cause of my frequent urination? Other symptoms include very slight redness on head of penis and seldom itchiness. Also, it seems like now I'm a little thirstier than usual and when I drink water it seems to go through me extremely quickly, much more quickly than other liquids. Also my urine is sometimes more frothy in the mornings. Thanks for any help!
Avatar m tn On the other hand, your description is entirely consistent with a genital yeast infection. Uncircumcised men are a bit more likely to get yeast infections as the fungus (yeast are fungus) grow best in moist areas that are protected from drying. Conversely, soap and drying help to prevent yeast infections. From what you tell me, I see no reason to test for STIs.
Avatar f tn hi so im 9 weeks and 3 days pregnant and today @ about 1200 midnight i went to the bathroom an when i wiped myself i had very light pink blood an it burned really bad i dont know if its because the yeast infection i have then about 400 in the morning i went to pee again it didnt burn as bad then there was 3 spots of dark blood i got really scared but decided to wait because i wasnt feeling like cramping or nothing so then the rest of the time i went to the restroom i wasnt bleeding any more an i
Avatar n tn Cranberry juice and water are good to drink to help it but at this stage I think it is time for the medication. Just a side note; many people who take antibiotics will also be prone to a yeast infection so if you are one of those people you need to let your doctor know when he puts you on the antibiotic.
Avatar f tn Im 26 yr old lady who is suffering from chronic vaginal yeast infection since 6 months. I have tried all flucanazole tablets, suppositories etc but i get temporary relief and it comes back! I am in monogamous relation since past 9 years and since 5 months I have abstained from sex but it still comes back.i have tested for other stds and diabetes but negative. I am highly stressed as i read that it could be 1st sign of HIV in women.
Avatar m tn I had sex with my partner after the 14 days unprotected and I was fine, but still had the frequent urination problem - no nasal problem - just frequent urination. So I decided to use protection from then on. I went and got tested again (urine) and at the GUM Clinic, my test came back negative. Both urine and std. So I had unprotected sex with my partner and my nasal problem has returned (about 2-3 days after sleeping with her).
Avatar n tn The human mouth is teeming with yeast organisms and this is a very common reason for frequent yeast imbalances. Sometimes you will get a yeast infection if you are on antibiotics. Treat it if you are SURE you have one. There are lactobacillus capsules in some health food stores that might help restore your normal flora. Hope these suggestions help.
Avatar m tn irritated, swollen, sensitive meatus 2. frequent urination Also this may or may not be related, I think it is related in the posibility that I caught it over here but I've noticed that I have a growth of some sort, looks like a small wart, directly on my anus.
Avatar n tn Based on the sexual events you explained as well as those of who you were with, I would suspect either a yeast or bacterial infection. Yeast infections can be unbearable. Birth control can also cause yeast infections. Bacterial infections can be the same but are treated a little differently. Did your gyn give you diflucan or did you just try over the counter medications? If it does not clear up, I would suggest asking your physician to prescribe diflucan.
Avatar n tn I had frequent and urgent urination but no blood. I would keep going in to get tested for a bladder infection but never had one. I think it would be rare to have blood except in a very advanced case and you would likely have several symptoms at that point. Usually, the tumor just puts pressure on the bladder. I did have back pain but it was crampy and I could feel it through to my front. Please follow up with a gyn if you have concerns.
Avatar m tn I have interstitial cystitis myself, which is helped by trying to follow a special interstitial cystitis diet. It is a condition which can cause frequent urination, pain, etc.. Overactive bladders are definitely a challenge.
Avatar n tn I have chronic fatigue. No desire to do much of anything most of the time. Frequent urination, I seem to spend more time in the restroom then out of it. I have trouble sleeping at night. I've tried ambien, but it doesn't seem to help, I'm still very tired the next day and wake up with a headache when I take it. I'm also very forgetful, this drives me crazy, I've never been this bad about forgetting things. Random abdominal pain.
Avatar f tn I'm 13.4 weeks pregnant & I'm not sure if I have a UTI or a yeast infection. I have frequent urination but I do drink tons of water. When I have intercourse it burns & right after sex if I pee it burns but when I pee it doesn't always burn. The doctor's office doednt open till monday & I'm not sure if these infections harm my baby. Help ?! Thank you.
Avatar m tn NO more discharges or anything, just frequent urination (more so at night, waking up like twice to pee, but daytime urination seems to be normal, about every 4 hours or so). Generally I go at 7am, 11:30am, 4pm while at work. At home, I go at like 6pm, 9pm, and then midnight before bed. Once I've gone to sleep, I usually wake up around 3am and occasionally once before or after that, though it could be because of snoring and I just wake up and realize I have to pee.