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Avatar n tn Just curious, if the ultrasound for an ovarian cyst comes back positive do you know if there is anything that they can do to stop the bladder pressure/frequent urination? Have you talked with your GYN or urologist about what (if any) treatments exist for the cysts? Thanks.
1451875 tn?1285022464 Signs and Symptoms Ectopic pregnancy can be difficult to diagnose because symptoms often mirror those of a normal early pregnancy. These can include missed periods, breast tenderness, nausea, vomiting, or frequent urination. The first warning signs of an ectopic pregnancy are often pain or vaginal bleeding. You might feel pain in your pelvis, abdomen, or, in extreme cases, even your shoulder or neck (if blood from a ruptured ectopic pregnancy builds up and irritates certain nerves).
Avatar f tn It is chronic disease of the urinary bladder associated with pain associated with the bladder, pain associated with urination and is mainly found in women. The period problems can be due to dysfunctional uterine bleeding. Painful periods can be due to dysmenorrhea. PCOS can run in families as well and you need to get it ruled out. You need to get an evaluation done from a urologist as well as a gynecologist.
Avatar m tn I am a 53 yr old menopausal women for a few month I have had spot bleeding and also my womb has been prolosped for a few years though now it seems to have dropped more when I sit it feels that i am siting on something and have a stinging slightly burning felling I also fell bloated and full at times and have frequent urination a dragging back pin at times
Avatar f tn 30 this morning. I have some symptoms of pg....sore breasts, frequent urination, elevated temps (even during the daytime my temp runs from 98.8 to 99.6). I have 2 other children and I've noticed my linea nigra has gotten darker and now goes up to my belly button. I have medium complexion and it never quite went away after my other children were born. Everything points to my being pregnant.....except those darned HPTs. Do you know if decidual bleeding will cause a negative test?
Avatar n tn right when the bleeding stopped it seemed like i had a UTI, but i kicked whatever it was in a day. frequent urination since that though. and headaches for about a week, but those are gone now. help! I really couldn't be pregnant bleeding that long could I?
Avatar n tn I know lots of women have bleeding and go on to have normal pregnancies. the fact that you're not having cramps is a very good sign. I'm glad you went to the drs right away. I had light brown bleeding at 8 weeks, which turned into light red blood with small clots. spotting lasted for 2.5 weeks, my cramps were very mild. found out i Miscarried at 11 weeks. i you don't have any clots or NO cramping, please don't worry, you may be having a very normal pregnancy, keep us updated.
Avatar n tn I also have the same problem, ab pains every day, frequent urination--including dribbles. My cycles ranged from 8-18 days with a day or so break in the middle. SOLID BLACK/NASTY to say the least. Was told it was normal, or never heard of, or all in my head. Thought I had colon problems, because bowels were effected, and lower abs were unbearably tender. Sex was uncomfortable, and painful. Last year, a younger sibling was diagnosed with colon cancer so I got checked out... No problems there.
Avatar f tn I'm not sure hon. ONLY a test will tell you. When is your period due? I WILL tell you that frequent urination is NOT an early side effect of pregnancy. This side effect usually happens as pregnancy progresses starting in the late second trimester due to hormones an then significantly in the third trimester because of the weight and pressure of the baby on top of the bladder. So, your urination is NOT a sign of pregnancy.
Avatar n tn lots of bleeding, cramping and passed a clot. But I had been bleeding and spotting since about week 5 and I don't know if the subchorionic hemorrhage caused all the bleeding/spotting or not. It all stopped exactly at 18weeks(thank God)and I'm now at 21weeks2days. Everything seems to be going good now, heard my baby's heartbeat yesterday and feel it moving everyday, still have 2 weeks to wait for next u/s, and praying that goes well.
Avatar n tn It COULD be implantation bleeding. My last pregnancy i had implantation bleeding the day before my period was due and I thought "oh here's my period starting". i was actually pregnant. It depends what brand of HPT you used that would tell you if you are pregnant or not yet. Some of them pick up as little as 25 units of HCG so you could be early on and don't have enough for an HPT to pick it up yet.
358971 tn?1330892575 frequent urination, nausea off and on, visible veins in breast, odd stomach tightening, lots of cm all month (never happens), and what I thought was implantation bleeding 2 days ago. I started today with painful cramps and took 4 advil and three hours later I'm feeling fine without cramping (which is unusual for a period) and very light bleeding...very light. Mostly all brown but enough red blood to make me feel confident that this is my period.
Avatar n tn Saw Gyno this week. She said that vaginal bleeding in post menopausal women often results from the following: *After menopause the walls of the vagina thin and can spontaneously bleed for no reason or after sex etc. *Granulation tissue can form over scar and can bleed but more commonly soon after hysterectomy. I still recommend that anyone with bleeding check with their Doctor.
Avatar n tn , overly tired, more than usual skin breakouts, somewhat frequent urination, bloated, achey, cramping the entire time, and this is totally weird-I'm not craving my regular foods-but seem to be interested in strawberry shakes?? Could this be implantation bleeding? How long should I wait before I take another test? Thanks for your help!
Avatar n tn I would hope thought that all of you will get your hormone levels checked because an imbalance in progesterone can cause mid cycle bleeding and also cause women to miscarry (I also had a miscarriage before my healthy son). I think bleeding with out cramps or pain would be more of a pregnancy sign, but if you have bad cramps or nausea please please please get checked for ectopic or tubal pregnancy.
Avatar n tn thought I needed another shot of methotrexate but then my levels went to 25, which is good. The bad thing is, is that I'm still bleeding. I've been bleeding for just over 6 weeks now. It sucks. The Dr.'s don't seem too concerned about it though. I hope you are doing okay and remember just call your doctor or go to the ER if you feel worse. I'm sorry for what you are going through.
Avatar n tn I have had sore breasts for weeks but they are now not as sore. I have had some experience with frequent urination lately and moodyness. I think I will wait for a few more days and take a test no matter what but I would love to have some oppinions ASAP. Please Help me feel better about what I am feeling. Just the possibility of beging pg is getting my hopes up.
Avatar n tn and very sore tender breasts (I dont have that much sore breasts right now), do you have any other signs/symptoms that indicating pregnancy, like frequent urination and vaginal itch?may be you can buy hpt with 2 sticks in it and use one today and if it says "negative" you wait for your AF and if she doesnt come then use the other stick. I wish you goodluck, update us if you can about your progress. Baby dust to you!!!
Avatar f tn I get bad mood swings, but only with my bf. Low back pains headaches, fatigue, want to sleep a lot, frequent urination, constipation, dizziness, the works! My period was due 12/4. I took a hpt the morning of the 6, bfn. Later that evening I started to bleed a med-dark red. This lasted 3 days (usually 6-7). After it stopped, I took another hpt the following morning. Another bfn. The next day I spotted med. pink, but only when I wiped. No pad needed.
Avatar n tn I have been on progesterone for 6 months now and it is not resolving the bleeding. I noticed how many women have posted with this same issue and in over a year no one has returned to comment on a specific cause. I was hoping there might be one.
Avatar n tn I was thinking it was either implantation bleeding or ovualtion bleeding am just not sure, i have heard implantation bleeding usually occurs around the time your period is due, but is it possible i could have ovualted earlier than usual so implantation bleeding has occured earlier, or ovualtion bleeding? Has anyone had bleeding for 5 days or more in early pregnancy, after a period to later find out they were indeed pregnant?
1041303 tn?1421390941 Well my temps have still been up, I still have sore BBS, nausea, frequent urination, headaches, all kinds of stuff! Well I think AF just showed up not much blood (sorry) only when i wipe. Then to top it off I am so nauseous I cant even eat today!!! This truly $ucks!!!!! And I am stii getting faint +'s on the IC!
Avatar n tn Around 6-8 weeks after conception, you may find yourself making a few extra trips to the bathroom. Other Explanations: Urinary tract infection, diabetes, increasing liquid intake, or taking excessive diuretics. Darkening of Areolas: If you are pregnant, the skin around your nipples may get darker. Other Explanations: Hormonal imbalance unrelated to pregnancy or may be a leftover effect from a previous pregnancy.
Avatar n tn I have heard to wait 2 weeks after i stop bleeding to take a test, some say ok to test while bleeding and others say to wait a few days after I stop. Im not really trying to get pregnant but I would be happy if I was. Anyone have any advice? My periods have never been regular but my husband and I are stressed wondering if i am pregnant. Im thinking it wont hurt to test now while bleeding, in a few days after i stop and then maybe again in a few weeks. Thank you for all your help.
Avatar n tn (lighter than my other flows) but I'm still getting nauseated more so then before and frequent urination.. Have any of you guys experience anything like this and if so what did you guys do about it?
Avatar f tn The fatigue has subsided a bit but I can not stay up late, I get tired right around 8/9pm daily, the headaches aren't as constant as they were the first 2 months and I would only get gasy on my period but now I am gassy everyday and it is ridiculous. Oh and I have frequent urination at night.
Avatar n tn But I have had frequent urination and it just scares. I do not believe that he ***. And he did *** but his penis was not in me. Can you get pregnant while still a virgin?
Avatar f tn on august 10,11 and 14 i had unprotected sex and by the next week i experienced frequent urination, upset stomache and cramps with tender breast. on august24 i started bleeding like my menstrual in the morning and by the evening i was experiencing terrible pain and cramps, so took a hpt the same day and it seem positive as the test line was very faint and control line bright.the pain continued yesterday august 25. i am still bleeding today the 26th but bleeding less with no pain.
Avatar m tn In May 2014 i started experiencing frequent urination and symptoms of prostatitis and a rash on the side of my pubic fold. This basically got me super stressed and anxious and I took a oraquick saliva test at home, it came back negative. Lately just still been feeling anxious, have feelings of dizziness, vertigo sometimes, and the frequent urination still there. Just worried could the test be wrong? could I have not done it properly? could cuts on my hand make a difference.