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Avatar n tn I get hot flashes on and off, mostly at night. But my complaint is frequent night time urination. I have had many tests through my urologist, such as -- Urovysion (FISH) report - Bladder cancer fish negative, Cytology report - negative for malignant cells,CT scan of pelvis with & without contrast,results - no distal urinary calculi, no pelvic masses or fluid collections, CT of abdomen results - no renal calculi or hydronephrosis, unremarkable CT of abdomen for chronologic age.
Avatar n tn There are several causes for frequent night urination in men, the most common being an enlarged prostrate and medication. Google searches produced There are MedHelp discussion too http://www.medhelp.
Avatar m tn Does anyone suffer from frequent urination only at night? This has been going on for 6 months; I am up 3-6 times a night and I feel that I am going crazy. I have been tested for infections and everything is healthy in my abdomen and in the right place. I have tried Detrol and Vessicare to no avail! I am 64 years young and I just want a good nights sleep.
Avatar n tn I am having lots of frequent urination. I have had urinalysis and I have tested my kidneys. My biggest question is that I go frequently in the day, but not at night. Does that indicate I don't have an overactive bladder?
Avatar f tn A neurologic problem, hormonal disorders, pituitary gland problems, a urinary tract infection, increase intake of fluids and certain medications. Certain tests may need to be done to have these differentials excluded. A baseline urinalysis and urine culture, urodynamic studies, and CT scan of the kidney, ureter and bladder may help. I suggest a consult with a urologist to at least rule out an underlying urinary tract infection.
Avatar n tn I'm going every 10 or 15 min. At night its normal I go so much at night I probably would just go once until morning. I dont know what it could be thats why I'm trying to see if I could be pregnant.
Avatar m tn Dairy products definitely contribute to frequent night urination because of the presence of phosphorus, found also in peanut butter, lentils, beans, nuts. It is advised you take less of these foods to reduce the incidence of urinary troubles. Take care.
Avatar f tn it's so embarrassing but don't even get good night sleep bcz I wake up 4-5 tines every night and sometimes even more. Is it normal or should I contact my doctor. I am only 7 week pregnant.
Avatar n tn After the surgery my doctor told me that my uterus was stuck to my bladder. Since then I have been having frequent urination. Sometimes 15 times a day and atleast 4 to 5 times a night. What can I do?
Avatar n tn Since then the burning has stopped and the itchiness too, but now i have frequent urination. I get up about 2-3 time in the night to go pee. I have to go evey 3 hours and also throughout the day. I cant get a good night sleep! If the urine culture came back negative. What could this be?
Avatar n tn Carbonated drinks have an adverse effect on healing and the additives in them can predispose to the formation of renal calculi, especially in a kidney that is recovering from an infective insult/ If the infection was persistent, your son would have had frequency of urination even at night. Do ensure that he has adequate fluid intake 1500 - 2000 ml per day that includes milk, citrus juices, and water. You can always substitute carbonated drinks with lemonade.
Avatar f tn i am female age 18,i have a problem of frequent urination at night ,though i do not urinate i just have the sensation of urination,and as i wake up in the morning i urge to urinate and then i am normal during day,so i need any suggestion fo this problem
Avatar n tn Hi, How are you? Frequent urination and leakage of urine after urination are not related to C5-C6 injury. This could be due to irritation of the bladder lining or prostrate enlargement. Do you have any other symptoms like blood in urine, burning sensation while urination, discharge etc? It would be better to visit a urologist for further work up. Best.