Frequent urination lower back ache

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621842 tn?1269972930 I have been urinating alot more but i have also been drinking alot of water plus i have a dull lower back ache. My next appt is on the 18th. But I am just worried and want to make sure everything is okay. Has this ever happened to anyone???
Avatar n tn I have chronic fatigue. No desire to do much of anything most of the time. Frequent urination, I seem to spend more time in the restroom then out of it. I have trouble sleeping at night. I've tried ambien, but it doesn't seem to help, I'm still very tired the next day and wake up with a headache when I take it. I'm also very forgetful, this drives me crazy, I've never been this bad about forgetting things. Random abdominal pain.
Avatar n tn I have bloating, I look like I am pregnant, frequent urination, pressure in my abdomen, lower back pain, extreme fatigue and pain during intercourse. What could this be. My doctor kept giving me medication for urinary tract infection.
Avatar f tn 7 months ago I made a bad decision and foolishly received brief (1-2 min) oral sex from a dancer. A month later, I had some frequent urination and chalked it up to anxiety. At the time, my wife and I weren't sexually active for quite some time. I went to the doc with the issue and they said I shouldn't worry about chlamydia or gonorrhea as I wasn't showing any signs and my risk level was low. Time passed and my wife and I decided to try to have a child.
Avatar n tn Extreme fatigue as if I have got a cold Slight throbbing ache on both sides of my neck occasionally (but not a sore throat) Lack of appetite Mild headache Acheing pain in my lower back Acheing pain in my groin Constant acheing pain in what I think is my prostate Lack of interest in sex Other then that nothing else really. I was wondering what people thought was the likelyhood of it being HIV based on my symptoms.
Avatar n tn It tends to come back when I run on a treadmill - sore lower back, that dull ache in the testicles (tends to be worse in my left one). It *****. It tends to take 3-7 days after running for the testes to begin feeling sore. After ruling out an STD and cancer, the doctors just shrug. I even wear a jock strap and underwear when I run on the treadmill, but it still happens. It *****. I may go to the Cleveland Clinic to see what they think.
Avatar m tn The other main source of discomfort is my lower right back on my pelvis area right above the buttocks. It feels like this ache that I need to constantly massage to make it feel better. I feel little rubbery nodules when I do massage this area. I also feel a tender spot on my actual lower spine. These symptoms are chronic/persistent. However, periodically I get the same feeling on my left testicle/groin/lower back. When it happens on my left side, it doesn't last a very long time.
Avatar n tn ok i just got over having a fever of about 101-102 for the past 2 days and the skin on my back is REALLY sensitive. even having my shirt rub on it makes it feel like i have a sun burn. is that normal after having a fever?
Avatar n tn I usually wake up paralised, really stiff and in excruciating pain, specially in my lower back which made me think of kidneys but all the exams come back fine.. Takes me a while to get up and to move!
Avatar n tn My first sign was lower, right ab pain, lower back flank pain, frequent urnination (up to 26 times a day). Always treated for chronic Urinary Tract Infections even though my tests came back negative. IC is a disease that effects the bladder by actually hardening it and exposing the nerves to the acid in your urine. It can cause all sorts of problems and men do suffer from it as well as women. Doctors don't think of it because it's a relatively new disease.
Avatar f tn I do NOT have a fever, and my bladder seems mostly back to normal. I would describe the pain as a dull, deep ache, and that part of my back feels stiff and possibly swollen. The pain has radiated down to the top of my pelvis, much in the area that I've gotten menstrual cramps. I haven't been too quick to jump on it as a kidney infection, especially because I don't have a fever, but I feel kind of 'crappy'.
Avatar n tn I am having occasional left tyestacle and lower left abdomen pain. It is annoying but not too bad yet. 20 years ago I had a double hernia repaired and the pain was similar. Does anyone recall a relation between hernias and these symptoms?
Avatar n tn I also have experienced lower right abdominal pain and lower right back pain which also extends down my right leg. I have had 2 ultrasounds which were normal 1 catscan that was normal. Blood test came back normal. I am now scheduled for a Lapocposcpy next week but I have my doughts they will find anything if the ultra sounds and Catscans came back normal. I have had these now sharp painful cramps for 3 weeks now and I am also longing for a diagnosis to these syptmoms.
Avatar m tn I now wake up almost daily, aspecially when more active, with pain in my mid to lower back. I still feel the lower chest pain as well. I have had an x-ray, bought a new bed, changed my stretching routine and gotten nowhere. The pain is deep and runs vertically along the muscles up my spine and is ocasionally acompanied by jolts of pain in the same area. These jolts some times radiate to my affected chest area as well.
Avatar m tn In the last 24 hours I have started getting a similar pain in my left lower back just above my hip which comes and goes, could be completely unrelated. The pain in my back seems to be worse if I sit in a hard chair or lie on a hard surface. Please can someone shed some light on possible causes, my wife is having our first child in 3 months and am so scared. Thanks for any help or advice.
1414724 tn?1283234845 This bigeminy and trigeminy always occurs in the evening, sometime around 7 or 8 as I'm settling down from dinner and a trip to the gym. As I let my mind and body relax, the PVCs get more frequent and eventually as I lay down to get to sleep the PVCs occur at nearly every other beat. Lately, I haven't been able to take this at night, so I will jump out of bed and furiously pump out about 50 push-ups without stopping. This gets my heart rate up quite a bit, maybe around 80 or 90 bpm.
487597 tn?1217688588 Sooo, that made me a little disapointed but, I am having wierd cramps in my side and lower back. I have had 2 previous miscarriage so it kind of scares me. I would love to be pregnant with a healthy baby. Good Luck to all of you.. I hope we all get our miracle - and I hope it happens this month.
Avatar f tn I've had headaches, stomach pains, lower stomach pains, abdominal pains, back ache, frequent urination, fatigue, slight dizziness, and my breasts hurt once. Can I be pregnant, with the tests being negative? Is it too early to check? Its been 2 weeks. I heard you can check 6-12 days after intercourse..
Avatar m tn I did masturbate once during this time and did not feel much pain but noticed large amounts of pre-ejaculatory fluid or watery discharge exuding. By Thursday evening I began to feel a lower and middle back-ache, and an ache in my legs accompanied by hot and cold chills and lower abdominal pain. I am not sure if my lymph nodes were swollen but by pelvic area and bladder seemed to ache and feel tender.
514428 tn?1287602056 *Frequent Diarrhea *Nausea *Fatigue *pain on left side to the right side *Hungry *temps are still up *Cramping *Bloating *Lower back ache *Frequent urination *Sleeping just too easy (with caffine) *Breasts are tender some days more then others When I was reading up on Ectopic pregnancies, they states that Diarrhea is one of the biggest symptoms, along with the early pregnancy symptoms.
Avatar f tn I started feeling cramps day after I ovulated. I still have them now but they are mild. I also have lower back ache, mild nausea and milky discharge but too early to test still.
Avatar f tn fatigue, slight mood swings, eating everything, spotting a couple weeks before my period was due, dull lower back ache, stomach twinging, slight abdominal cramping/stretching/soreness, frequent urination, headaches, slight nausea, slightly weaker immune system as I have swollen lymph nodes (I've been sick in the last month, but before I wouldve conceived). I've missed my period by a week and a half but I've already had three negative pregnancy tests. Could I still be pregnant?
Avatar m tn I did masturbate once during this time and did not feel much pain but noticed large amounts of pre-ejaculatory fluid or watery discharge exuding. By Thursday evening I began to feel a lower and middle back-ache, and an ache in my legs accompanied by hot and cold chills and lower abdominal pain. I am not sure if my lymph nodes were swollen but by pelvic area and bladder seemed to ache and feel tender.
1459728 tn?1306359814 wow ok so its like this, 13 days have past and still no AF i have all symptoms of pregnancy as i did with my 3yo daughter , slight sore boobs, constant dull lower back ache, frequent headaces,niggling pulling pains in lower abdomon, frequent urination, incresed cervical mucus, irritability,and just a knowing that my tummy just dont feel right ( kind of a warm waves inside my tummy) ooooh i didnt mention the 3 kg weight gain!!
Avatar f tn Im 5 weeks today and I have realy sore heavy breasts, lower back ache, frequent urination, very light nausea in the morning that goes away when I eat, and a tightness in my abdominal region.....
Avatar m tn By Thursday evening I began to feel a lower and middle back-ache (no burning), and an ache in my legs accompanied by hot and cold chills (I did not take my temperature but I don't think I had a serious fever) and lower abdominal pain. I am not sure if my lymphnodes were swollen but by pelvic area and bladder seemd to ache and feel tender.
Avatar f tn my back on the left side gets spasms like a pinched nerve and for the past week or so I have had almost a constant ache in the lower left side of my back. I am also experiencing frequent urination and a dull pain in the lower abnomine area. I have periodically had what would appear to be menstrual blood on my pads (not a flow of blood). I have tried to include everything I can think of that is in the area of my bladder. I am also a pack a day smoker.