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Avatar m tn I noticed that whenever i have a period of inactivity, say from work (desk job) or long flights, I experience bloating, excessive gas, frequent urination , cold at my extremities and the urge to defecate frequently (5 times a day). However, once I start becoming active again (say hitting the gym, or hiking), the feeling starts to subside and I become normal. But this small problem has been bothering me for quite a long time as I am out for at least a week before I can get back to normalcy.
Avatar n tn Hi, Over the past week I have had a problem with frequent urination. I feel alot of pressure really low in my abdomine. I havent been taking in any more liquids than usual, but i am very bloated too! I also took a pregnancy test which came out negative. I dont know what is going on with me and it is starting to worry me as well. does anyone have any idea what it could be?
Avatar m tn My supervisors have embarrassed me numerous times and have called me out in front of customers and all my coworkers asking why I didn't tell them I was going to the bathroom. I have also experieenced bloating and gas for the last few months. It typically doesn't hurt to urinate but someones it takes a few seconds to let it go since I have to hold it so frequently. Because of the pain and pressure on my abdomen sex has been painful on that muscle as well.
Avatar m tn Now, there is constant gas formation, mild diarrhea (2-3 times a day) and bloating. Sometimes, I have to urinate frequently. I do not have fever or weight loss or do not see blood in my stools. The stool is not properly formed and I think i am not able to digest properly. I drink water at a regular basis and avoid soda. I am not understanding what is causing the problem because I never had this kind of problem earlier.
Avatar n tn By the last one, the doctor couldn't detect any actual infection in the urine and suggested that the symptoms (frequent, urgent, burning urination) could be due to frequent/rough sexual intercourse. I have been celibate for the past few months in the hope that this would help, and it has- however, I still get the urge to pee frequently. I have read that this could be a symptom of ovarian cancer. Did anybody here experience this symptom?
Avatar m tn My boyfriend, who is now 36, has had unexplained bloating, fatigue, frequent urination, brainfog, etc, since he was at least 15, maybe before. Ringworm started about 5 years ago. He also has thrush on his tongue, gets injured easily (a couple knee surgeries) from mundane activities, warts on and off, frequent sniffling and throat clearing, frequent headaches, his skin turns orange if he eats carrots or sweet potatoes, especially the palms of his hands and bottom of feet.
Avatar n tn I have done almost every test in the book in the last 3 years, and it has seemed to get more frequent and worse (bloating and pain). I switched to all fruits on Mondays and fruits for breakfast every morning. I also run for at least 30 min and 4-5 miles for 6 days a week. It does relieve the bloating a lot when I run, but when I eat again, it comes back some. Whenever I excercise, it gets better, but it hasn't gone away. I do feel better with the fruits and less or no milk.
Avatar n tn I have had frequent urination and bladder pressure for 7 months, with two UTI's negative, and a urologist appointment in a month- I'm concerned! After reading your message I realized it is a good idea to look into ovarian cysts. I never even thought about that until coming to this site. Would you, or anyone else recommend forgetting about the urologist and going straight to getting an ultrasound?
Avatar m tn After that I'll have a couple of days of feeling fine, then gas, bloating and very upset stomach for a few days then the frequent urination again. Not sure what to do but it is causing me a great deal of stress not being able to find anyone else with common symptoms.
Avatar m tn I would ask for an holter monitor (an ekg for 1 or 2 days that you take home) to see if it can pick up any correlation between your heart symptoms and your other symptoms. PVC's (premature ventricular contractions) are usually normal as long as they aren't more than 15% of your heartbeats.
Avatar n tn I usually have gas anyway from ibs, but this was/is excessive and increased), pain in ovary and back area and leg, frequent urination, and general malaise. The pain wasn't as bad so I never went to see what was wrong. This time I was missing periods in conjunction with all the other symptoms so they were diagnosed. I also went through another period of almost constan pain on my right ovary with severe constipation during periods, but nothing showed up on ultrasound.
Avatar n tn If I am sitting up in bed and have gas it is clearly coming from both ends. You know if you have regular gas you would at least have time to walk out of the room, but with this you don't. I want to hide from the world. Please help me and guide me as what to do next. I am totally at a loss.
Avatar n tn Basically, I am dealing with abdominal bloating/distention and intestinal gas (functional bloating). When this issue started a few years ago, it seemed like the intestinal gas was the more prominent issue. However, it is the daily distention that is affecting my quality of life. It is extremely uncomfortable and sometimes downright painful (the pressure); not to mention it can potentially be embarrassing.
Avatar n tn First it is entirely possible to get afib via gas bloat and other stomach and digestive tract disorders. If your stomach and digestive tract is as described then you must have inflamation. All this inflamation and bloat and gas will push up on your diaphram and surrounding areas and cause great discomfort and pain but also can press upon nerves.
Avatar n tn The following week referred to OB/GYN for cyst evaluation and he schedules a Laproscopy. I had the laproscopy done and now more confused and flustrated then ever. Right ovary normal, no cyst found. One functional cyst on left ovary. He said he found some adhesions and was concerned about Acsending colon, upon inspection said it was definitely thickened, boggy and color pale whitish gray needed to follow up with gastroenterology.
Avatar n tn , abdominal pain, bloating, gas, cramps, alternating diarrhea and constipation) ,Numbness or tingling sensations ,Chronic headaches (may include facial and jaw pain) ,Heightened sensitivity to odors, loud noises, bright lights, various foods, medicines, and changes in weather , painful sexual intercourse (dyspareunia) ,Frequent urination, strong urge to urinate, and painful urination (dysuria) ,Rapid or irregular heart rate, and shortness of breath ,Sensation of swelling (edema) in the hands and
Avatar n tn Vague but persistent gastrointestinal complaints such as gas, nausea, indigestion. Frequency and/or urgency of urination. Any unexplained change in bowel habits. Abnormal postmenopausal bleeding. Weight gain or loss. Abdominal swelling and/or pain; bloating and/or a feeling of fullness. Pain during intercourse. If vague symptoms persist longer than 4-6 weeks, insist on a thorough rectovaginal examination.
Avatar f tn and i ignored other symptoms of more bloating/constipation/frequent urination that started to occur earlier this year. and yes, i did have a US atop the stomach and a transvaginal one, too. i'm really paranoid that since i had a fair bit of gas/constipation that day (embarrassing) and they had a hard time looking things over, like, what if they missed something else?
Avatar f tn My doctor suggested retraining my bladder and although this does give me a better sense of security, I still find that I revert back to getting anxious when I'm out with my friends and not around a loo. And now, I also get frequent upset stomachs (stomach pain, gas, bloating, loose stools). I've been tested for celiacs disease and numerous others, but nothing is out of the ordinary. It's not a food allergy either as I've kept track of what I've been eating and have only found random triggers.
1942762 tn?1323979740 i had a tubal ligation 17 years ago and i am having fluttering in lower andomen and pressure on right side .
Avatar f tn I've had Increased Appetite, Bloating, Cramps, Gas, Heartburn, Headaches, Dizziness, Cold/Flu-like Symptoms,Fatigue, Vivid Dreams, Frequent Urination, Backaches, Tender Breasts, Sore Nipples, Irritable, Bleeding Gums, and Nausea. But i've taken 5 pregnancy test and they were all negative and i've had my period every month but it's been irregular since August. Could this all be from stress or something else?
Avatar f tn As of my LMP Im 4 weeks and 4 days! Symptoms I've had so far are sore nipples, frequent urination, fatigue, camping, bloating, gas,dizziness,small appetite increase and today I had back pain. I took one home test at 4 weeks and 2days, got an appointment to confirm but the doctors test was negative so they took blood and I got the call earlier today it's positive. I go in again tomorrow to give more blood to measure my hcg levels. Im so very excited!
Avatar f tn About 5 months ago I began having intermittent abdominal distention, with and without gas, pelvic pain, and frequent urination (no pain). I had 2 normal pelvic ultrasounds. I was told the intermittent distention (assumed to be bloating) was likely menstrual related, particularly since I had just gone off the pill (although symptoms started before then).
Avatar f tn bloating headaches sore nipples tender breasts fatigue mild cramps in my lower abdominum and now after i have sex i feel really sick and have cramps and a few otherr things that ive never had before gas really bad no gas meds help it and very frequent urination ..
Avatar f tn Now i don't feel these symptoms anymore, but now i face new series of symptoms like, itching all over my body, stomach problems like bloating and gas and very little pain in my neck. I went to see urologist, he said there is nothing to worry about. Its like whenever i feel little pain in my body, i certainly think of HIV THIS THING IS NOT GETTING OUT OF HEAD.
5076089 tn?1402507648 Ugh the gas and bloating I totally feel that it's so annoying. I feel so bloated... I wanna pass gas lol but can't... I know I should feel at ease because these symptoms are normal but gosh still a long haul and god only knows how many more will arise throughout this pregnancy.
Avatar m tn plus the lower back pain, and the gas problems. It's to do with adrenal fatigue. (Low back ache and frequent urination - called 'frequency'). There are herbs that can help adrenal fatigue, naturopaths can help. Adding salt to your drinking water is important for this. Also the gut problems eg bloating - sound like you may have gut dysbiosis which goes with adrenal fatigue ......
Avatar n tn Itchy watery eyes Sensitive to light and dark Fatigue tired Pain muscular full body (my back muscles stay rock hard to the touch and my veins stay having this burning felling) blurred vision Breast tenderness IBS Symptoms bloating gas constipation I never drink milk but cant stay away from cheese frequent urination contantly thirsty constant tension headaches ear aches both sides pizza cravings Chocolate cravings rapid heart fluttering at least once or twice a day stress (housework kids careg