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Avatar n tn There are several causes for frequent night urination in men, the most common being an enlarged prostrate and medication. Google searches produced There are MedHelp discussion too http://www.medhelp.
Avatar f tn Apart from that, another cause which needs to be excluded is diabetes. Diabetes causes frequent urination and so I would advise you to get a fasting blood sugar and Hb A1 C test done. I hope it helps. Take care and regards.
Avatar n tn Hi frquent urination in a man at night, could be from a couple of causes, being the prostrate is the most commom. You also urinate alot if the detrusor muscle is overactive, or you suffer with diabetes,etc. My first guess is this could be preostrate related, and your boyfriend needs to go and have this checked out, with an Urologist, a consultant.
Avatar n tn About 2 years ago i was urinating frequently, like every 2 to 3 hours. it never woke me up at night. i went to the urologist and had a prostate check, blood tests and urine were negative and i chalked it up to psychosomatic. well i am having the symptoms again it went on for about a month and then subsided, the last two days it's been back. last night i even wet the bed a little. I am a male, 40 yo. sexually monogamous. any thoughts?
Avatar n tn Hello, Frequent urination in adults can be due to many causes. The primary cause which needs to be excluded is diabetes. Diabetes not only causes frequent urination but also numbness and tingling sensations.I would advise you to get a fasting blood sugar and Hb A1 C test done.
Avatar m tn The primary cause which needs to be excluded is diabetes. Diabetes not only causes frequent urination but also numbness and tingling sensations.I would advise you to get a fasting blood sugar and Hb A1 C test done.
Avatar m tn I am suffering frm frequent urination problem for 4 years.. Per day it is 10-20 times. Dribbling occurs after urination.I met a specialist in urology and asked me to have UFR, FBS, and a Pelvic Ultra sound scan. He checked the reports and said everything normal. He specified Urimax 4.0 mg for 2 weeks. Even after this treatment the problem exists. Reports Details are as follows UFR --------- 1) color- light yellow 2) appearance - clear 3) specific gravity - 1.015 4) reaction (ph) 6.
Avatar n tn I have to urinate frequently in small bursts, i can control it sometimes, but at night when i try to go to sleep i cant hold it. I have this feeling that my penis is constantly trying to eject the liquid, it's hard to explain but its like there's pressure. I recently had an achographie which showed a pblem in emptying.
Avatar m tn If you are sexually active and have been in a non-monogamous relationship. I would start getting tested for all STDs. Secondly diabetes may causes frequent urination and night sweats. Third an unbalanced hormones can be some of your symptons. Take care!
Avatar n tn Recently, I've been getting minor headaches everyday along with diarrhea, and I have been urinating frequently. I also sleep horrible at night. I also am tired by midday and need a powernap. I am in school and it causes me to be a more anxious/nervousness person and i put alot of stress on myself. I am curious if this is just my nervousness affecting bodily habits or if it could be something else? I drink like 5 (16oz) water bottles a day. Thanks. look forward to a response.
Avatar f tn I experienced frequent urination last two days. But now it seems to be reduced. However, I can feel that there is urine retention and only if I apply pressure and pass out all urine, then I feel relaxed and comfortable. This happens especially during night time. Almost 6-7 times need to get up and pass urine. I got my last period only on Dec 1st 2012. After that I have not had my periods at all. What could be the cause for this? Please could you tell me.
Avatar f tn I just wondered, when I get on Valtrex will it take care of the frequent urination at night or do I need to get other medication for that? Anyone out there ever experience it. I think a lot of persons come here for support, not just because they are worried they might be infected. I would love giving support. I have only been diagnosed about 3 weeks or less and I have to do the talk now several times to one past lover and to two persons I am meeting next week and it wall went very positively.
Avatar n tn I also have a frequent urination problem where I tend to use the restroom at least once every 1 hour 30 minutes and its more frequent at night where I sometimes have to get up at times like 12am, 3am, 4am to urinate once or twice. I had blood test done to rule out the possibility of diabetes because of my past family history of diabetes 2, test came back good.
Avatar n tn For the last 2 months I have experienced burning, painful and more frequent and urgent urination, sometimes urinating up to 4 times a night. My doctor put me on Cipro last Friday and took a urine specimen. I just called for the results and they said there was no infection present and hung up on me. Should I continue to take the Cipro? And if this isn't an infection, what is it? I'm also experiencing intense and extremely painful swelling in my heel, with reddness and burning to the touch.
Avatar f tn Frequent urination but no fix, please help by Jooo123, 20 minutes Hi guys I have had this problem for a few years naw, night time I can wake around 15 times sometimes or more, I have a brill doctor and have had all the test , I have a slow urine flow and had the camera and nothing showed which was good , I was put on vesicare and told this should def help me, I have had no change and worried as what if there's nothing that can stop this problem :( , it does effect my life and sleep a lot , I ha
Avatar n tn Ok, after taken 1000 mg (never had this dose level before) of Ibuprofen, I had began to experience frequent urination that night. Not realizing a possible connection, I took the same dose again the following day and 3 celebrex (1 day dose)during that week. Problem with frequent urination continues six weeks later. 6-7x a night at minimum. Problem also during the day.
Avatar m tn Let me address one item at a time. The weak stream and frequent urination may well be a single issue. If you are urinating frequently, there may not be much volume in your bladder and then, when you do void there is decreased speed of urinating because of the small volume. The issue then may really be the frequency. If this is a daytime frequency and you are not arising during your sleep period to void, then anxiety issues are high on the list of causes.
Avatar f tn I have a condition called interstitial cystitis. It causes frequent urination. Look it up, this is what you might have. I also was told I have degenerative disk disease, so all that I have read on this site has me wondering if I have had this FM all this time and it may have gotten worst. Thanks for the info. Something to bring up in my next drs visit.
Avatar n tn He visits the dentist regularly, brushes and gargles and everything else under the sun, but the odor still comes and goes. He is very self concious about the frequent urination. It is not until recently that I started thinking that maybe the two are related and maybe a symptom of diabetes? I always thought juvenile diabetes came on quickly and not slowly ( as he has been suffering the symptoms for an extended period of time.) He is quite physically fit and an athlete.
Avatar f tn Can Lexapro cause frequent urination? because I've been taking it for about 2 years and I go 20 plus times a day. Would a doctor please let me know.
Avatar n tn By the last one, the doctor couldn't detect any actual infection in the urine and suggested that the symptoms (frequent, urgent, burning urination) could be due to frequent/rough sexual intercourse. I have been celibate for the past few months in the hope that this would help, and it has- however, I still get the urge to pee frequently. I have read that this could be a symptom of ovarian cancer. Did anybody here experience this symptom?
Avatar m tn This happens in the afternoon when watching TV, or at night right before bed. I usually go 2-3 times before I can fall asleep, although I've never woken up in the middle of the night to go. What could be causing this? Thank you for your help.
Avatar n tn - I need to urinate every 2 hours during the night. Daytime urination is somewhat normal. - Whenever I urinate at night it is extremely difficult and I produce very little urine.
Avatar n tn I am F, age 56, 5'7", 140 lbs. I have a history of frequent urination, which I just chalked up to all the water I drink (although, even if I avoided liquids in anticipation of a long dentist appt., for example, I still would go just as often). Lately, however, I have experienced some additional symptoms: Feeling of pressure in my bladder even after urinating (as if I'm not finished); waking up MUCH more often (4 times or more) to go to the bathroom at night.
Avatar f tn So, for the last couple years I have noticed that I have needed to urinate more frequently. I am 23f, and I don't currently have insurance. I urinate every couple/few hours. Even at night, I have to urinate every 3 or 4 hours, it interrupts my sleep. It used to be that everytime i went, I really had to go. Now, it seems I just have pressure feeling as thought I need to go...but then I don't really have much to expel. I can't tell anymore when I really need to go.
Avatar n tn the pain wakes him at night - he can only sleep on his bac.k. no IBS - he does have increased urination though. also, i've noticed his STM is slipping. he won't remember to do simple tasks. he's 36 years old, healthy overall, until July, 2008 (6 months ago). thanks for any help/suggestions in finding out what this is...
Avatar n tn bladder pressure, frequent need to urinate especially at night(no blood or pain when i urinate though),pain in my very lower right-center pubic area,sometimes i get this stabbing-like pains in my vagina also.Now besides this symptoms ,i've been having some nausea for about a week that goes on and off during the day.Do you have any advice?What should i do?I don't know if I should go back to the Gyn or perhaps go see my MD, i don't know.Any advice?