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Avatar f tn ) or do some exercises of they do free exercising videos that will help you loose weight :) even though they pretty exhausting they are only 20 min long and I sweaf they are pretty good :3 Fighting! You can do it!!!
Avatar f tn Try p90x ... I lost 10lbs in 2 weeks ! It's pretty pricey but there are pirated videos on the Internet for free . Make sure you follow the schedule though. Also eating healthy has a lot to do with weight loss !
435139 tn?1255463991 oooops forgot to add this, ahaha i'm doing the pregnancy yoga, and afterwards I feel so much better.
Avatar m tn // This app allows you to track calories, food, and fitness while also supplying step-by-step videos, fat-burning exercises, recipes, meal and fitness plans and even a bar code scanner for nutrition facts labels. 4. (How to Lose Belly Fat) http://www.windowsphone.
Avatar m tn Laughing is also one of the fastest methods of relaxation, know to quickly reduce stress and the physical and mental illnesses associated with stress. Additionally, laughing is a great form of exercise that burns calories just like a workout." There's a whole lot more.....but that's just a taste. I "binged" medical benefits of laughing and read for hours. And since my hubby has next to "zero" sense of humor....I'm on a new mission hahaha! Anything that is free...
Avatar f tn I use it's a free site and it's really good! New videos posted every day and there are exercise challenges and videos to target certain areas.
284738 tn?1283110419 so i have found this awesome workout that is very low impact go to and on that page there is a free video for a one mile walk... its super easy and soo fun and you burn 150 calories in 15 minutes...
Avatar n tn Found a website with free exercise videos, tried some and they were fun! I like this 20 minute cardio dance routine. I want to do it everyday in addition to some other exercise. I'm gonna try to get Julienne into it, she hated it today though. A calorie burner told me 20 mins of aerobics at my weight burns 226 calories. Not a lot, but hey its something! I was a little more health conscience we went went out to do laundry.
Avatar f tn There are a lot of exercises that can help eliminate arm fat. Check out YouTube for free videos. Google something like "exercise to lose arm fat" or something like that.
Avatar f tn If you have an iPhone, look up the 7 minute workout app (it's free). It's basically 12 high intensity exercises, 30 seconds each with 10 second rest periods in-between. Like you, I'm close to plus size and and just started this ap about a week ago. It kicked my butt the first few days but it's getting easier and you can modify it (I do girl push-ups instead of regular push-ups).
1279364 tn?1280686188 Hello! Good, as you can very well understand that proper fitness and staying in shape is a long term goal for a healthy life and for an event free old age. Take care!
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973741 tn?1342346373 So, do you watch them on our computer or do you have a smart tv you can put them on? I made it to the gym today . . finally. I did my boot camp class. Ha, TORTURE!! I'll check out the youtube videos. I did see this list of quick things you can do in just a few minutes that burns 100 calories. I might post that! May have to check out wii fit too. I wonder if my kids would do that with me?
Avatar n tn if you have a smart tv or hdmi cord, hook up your tv and watch some very helpful workout videos from shamaroo, you can burn up to 200 calories and it only 20-30 minutes. I work two jobs and go to school so it helps me a lot and it's convenient.
Avatar n tn i didnt knew you were a girl.. but thanks anyways.. i was just sad to see that the one about the calories thing got deleted.. i had many questions there.. but, seriously i really thought u were a guy.. ur good at the sport.. :) anyways, nice talking to you maam.. am also into the sport but not yest competing.. hehe although i get many invitations for a competition here.. oh, cool, u have the blood and guts of dorian yeates.. i got here only the old pumping iron thing.. :( tnx anyways..
Avatar m tn Like a diet plan,things we can eat,things we should stay away from,a meal plan or something. A good website with like free workout videos and stuff. We are really motivated and dedicated. Both of us are ready to be thin and get our confidence back. We just need some help. Please any weight loose tips you could give would be great. Any help you could give at all would just be awesome Thanks in advance for all your help.
Avatar f tn You just go to the sports and fitness sections and they have tons of free workout videos. Usually, I time this around his 10am bottle. I use a slowflow nipple so it will take him a while and he lays on a pillow on the floor and watches me. When he is done I pause the video and put him in his exersaucer or highchair with some toys. Usually, I will count along and come over and tickle his feet while I am doing the workout and he laughs and laughs.
1204675 tn?1265666507 there are also a lot of free exercise videos that you can watch online. Of course, walking is always a good way to go. Just one 30 minute (or 3 - 10 minute) walks/day will do wonders. Or simply turn on your favorite music and dance. I don't go to a gym either, but these are all things I try to incorporate into my day. My favorite exercise is yoga -- I suggest you give it a try. Again, lots of videos you can get online or from your library.
637356 tn?1301928422 work out options, and this one does look good in that it appears fun, which is important since workout videos can get really redundant. I know too some gyms have zumba classes, so I think once you learn the basic moves you can do them to just about any music, so if you get tired of the routines you own you can probably "free style" to your own music. Please come back and let us know how you like it!
Avatar f tn I often found it hard to get out for a walk or go to the gym so I bought the Jillian Micheals 30 Day Shred DVD. Great workout! I also bought her Shred it with Weights and 6 week Abs. They are all about 25 min long and I do it while the girls are in the same room playing or are eating a snack. All you need are light weights 3-8lbs and a mat if you dont have carpet. I have lost almost 30 pounds since the beginning of Jan. I have about 13 more pounds to go.
Avatar f tn Walk when possible, join a sport, gym or class or even workout on your own). As for abs, you should find workouts that target your core! You can do so by searching ab workouts online, YouTube is full of great videos (I really like blogilates, livestrong woman, Tara stiles) or even finding apps ( I like nike training club because they have 15 minute focus workouts ! I especially like these methods because they're free and fun.
Avatar f tn yoga, running, T 25 or easier insanity video, hike, elliptical/weights/gym workout. The days I don't workout, I try to walk 10K steps/day (my phone tracks my steps). I would suggest starting with something easy and just working up to what u can comfortably tolerate without pushing yourself much. Good luck!
Avatar f tn So try something new from your usual routine! On you tube you can find lots of work out videos to watch for FREE!! Thats how i was doing the Tae bo!! If you get stuck its just that plateau and you have kick it in the butt and keep going lol!! that 10 min vid. from spark people its really awesome and it will help! i got started that way and dropped a few lbs quick!!
Avatar f tn I can't wait to workout again, I've had such bad morning sickness (all day) that I haven't done much but taken a few short walks when I wasn't head over the toilet.. stay active though it's the best thing for you!
Avatar f tn A malfunctioning thyroid is a major cause of fatigue/sleepiness. Ask for Free T3, Free T4 and TSH tests. Also ask for Vitamin B-12 test, as vitamin B-12 deficiency causes great fatigue as well.
Avatar f tn I have been doing at home yoga and relaxation videos for a couple years, what I do is look on amazon for workout dvds, then get them through interlibrary loan to try them out for free before I buy them, going to do the same with preg fitness vids. Waiting for Ina May's Guide to Childbirth book to come in now, heard it is great book. I recently bought the Prenatal Yoga Deck, it has breathing techniques and poses, I like it because you can go as many cards as you have time for.
Avatar n tn Hi Forum members! I am about 25 pounds overweight (age 44, 175# - 5'7") and a recent diabetic diagnossie. I started my Time Life "The Firm" videos again this wee because Doc says I have to excrcise for an hour a day. I KNOW those vidoes work, cuz I used them way back in 1997 (or so) when I used to be thin (age 34, 126# - 5'8"). So here is my question....... because I am overweight and larger, will this exercise build my muscles large like the size my legs are?
624829 tn?1240759271 HI there and thanks so much for posting this question. Feel free to post in other Forums as well. By reading your question it looks like it could be a variety of reasons or a combination of factors. Many people no matter their age or gender go through a hidden depression with random shakes up in emotional mood and low self esteem.
Avatar f tn This is a lot to keep track of yourself so I suggest you join a free site that will create a tailored profile just for you and keep track of your loss. I used it with sucess. It's called ***********. It would be a good idea to check with your doctor before you embark on trying to lose so much weight. Best of Luck to you!