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Avatar m tn It normally happens approximately 12 - 24 hours afterwards. For example If I finish a gym workout at 9pm and I do my normal routine go to bed etc. I then get up in the morning and my muscles are stiff I will instantly know that the hives will start to come up and the more a move around (walking) the more the rash comes up.
Avatar n tn I have access to a gym in my apartment building but I'm looking for someone to guide me food wise and push me. Is there anyway I can hire someone to do this? Preferably cheap? SHould I see a nutritionist? Thanks for the advice!!
Avatar f tn I usually check the nutrition guide and ingredients list of everything we get, sometimes for the artificial sugar and the unnecessary use of preservatives. I do try to buy most fruits and veggies frozen instead of canned since they are already prepped, uncooked, and fairly fresh. I would like to buy fresh but sometimes I just don't know what to do with fresh veggies since everything my parents made was from a box or can. I love to cook everything from scratch if I can.
Avatar f tn Skinfold measurements help me to design proper nutrition, supplement protocol, workout and lifestyle change. For example subscapular fat skinfold measurement tells me how well a person geneticaly can tolerate carbs.
Avatar m tn Towards the end of my postings when I was over a year clean, I would occasionally check th posts, and serve as a guide to inspire others, and newbies, to remain clean. It was so rewarding to help others like me. Now, however I need to unfortunately tell another story. Hurt my back, got. Script for norco for 30 plls, but of course couldn't stop then, back to 90 at a time, taking usually four a day, even when not in bad pain.
Avatar n tn I figured I might at least be able to throw down some protein shakes for the nutrition but then,I might not be able to keep it down. Do you try to workout or were you just to weak and ill?? Exercise has got me through alot of hard times in the past and hopefully I would be able to workout at least at some level. From what I understand the effects of the meds tend to vary alot from individual to individual.
Avatar n tn Im lactose intolerant, vegetarian, IBS-D and some sensitivity to some forms of gluten. I have tried dairy free BIO-K, and Dairy Free Good Belly but didnt find much relief from them. Any suggestions on a "dairy free/lactose free" probiotic I can try...or any other suggestions...?? Its hard to get the physical results I want without being able to reall incorporate a heart healthy cardio routine. Or should I just cut out the machine related cardio and stick to circuit training??
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Avatar n tn The blood test is for female hormones. This will show if you are entering a perimenopausal state. That is a pre-menopause that shows some body changing and hormones are now reduced. Based on the findings, the doctor (see and OBGYN)can tell you what to expect and suggest changes in lifestyle and diet that can help you along. If you are entering menopause, there is a possiblity you won't lose the extra weight and may have to learn to "live with it".
Avatar f tn There are several people here like Vic that have experience with the methadone. They'll guide you through this and you'll get great support from everyone.
Avatar f tn But never discount n/a or aa, they are almost everywhere, and they are free. They are there to help you, as are we. I too was on oxy's for years, and just can't/won't live on them anymore. This is day 21 for me. Everyone's journey is a little different and much the same. If you are at 90mg, then you have different size tabs, correct? However you take them, you have the means for a taper. As Dave suggested, I tapered after jumping off @ 140 and that just didn't work well.
Avatar f tn Just mild to moderate brain fog, then it starts to creep in and get worse. Do a workout and it all goes away for another week. Then ten years later I started getting these really bad symptoms after smoking marijuana again after 10 years and for several months a few times per week. Not like the way I felt the first time. This time I would feel like I was very weak, very disconnected mentally, I would have blue palms and my hands had white spots on them.
Avatar n tn 00 for 90 but i think is worth it you dont get hungry at all you for get to eat. just type in the window no rx phentermine 37.
Avatar n tn ) It's hard to do when she's far away!! You'll get through this. Hopefully she can understand she needs to stick to the taper so she won't feel awful and finally get off them. It's not easy.
Avatar n tn All my hormone levels were tested and my free and bioavailable were excellent in the upper one-third of the reference range, and my total testosterone was at 869...I was taking bromocriptine and an over the counter herbal supplement called Eurycoma longifolia for about 30 days until about one week prior to being tested at the Mayo Clinic...
Avatar n tn Like you guy's my penis shrunk up really bad and my testicles were always very tight and didn't hang as normal. Flaccid penis size is controlled by the free testosterone levels available in the blood. DHT (A hormone that gives us "all things male") has a large degree of control over the penilie tissues (the "elasticness" of them for example).
Avatar n tn Having stated that, I am now free to speculate and share observations. I have suffered from PACs (0-6/min) for the past three years, during which time I have spent serious time reading medical texts, talking to cardiologists, EPs, and other medical professionals, and even perused the Web in order to understand what the PAC (premature atrial contraction) is and how it originates.
Avatar n tn BUT, the B12 gave me SO much energy! If you want to find out more about diets and B12 feel free to visit THE Forum is free even is you never order a thing. SO, if you are going to another DR and you want to ask questions, then this is also the place for you!!! We talk about everything, but we also talk about how and when to take B12 and all kinds of things. OH YEAH...this website also has the advertisement for them. So, contact these people if you have any doubts.
Avatar n tn the #1 mistake DR'S make with tyroid is the testing.. make sure you had a full thyroid panel test.. free T3 free T4 and TSH test...reports are 95% of doctors do not test righ.t.and tell most people there thyroid is 'ok' but 'ok' is not good enough for most people...from my studies...cortizone inections or pill form seem to help greatly..its only like 10-25mg's if you want mor einfo do a search on ADRENAL BURN OUT,ADRENAL FATIGUE...any ?'s just ask..let me know how you make out..
Avatar n tn I went to GUM, they couldn't see it and gave me the all clear - telling me I was free to have unprotective sex if I wanted (but safe sex was still advised). On return home, I could still find the wart. I used Warticon on it again. It vanished. Then it came back. Fast forward to a few weeks ago. I went back to GUM and told them the story. I also told them I thought that blue Warticon ink was pretty terrible to use. No problem they say - we'll freeze it off.
Avatar f tn Thanks for your comment. It's good (well not "good" ah, you know what I mean!) to know that there are others who have the same issues. After the second SCFE surgery the doctors talked like I would never ever have any trouble with my leg again, like it was a miracle surgery. Turns out, the pain that I was beginning to think was a possible bout of Munchausen's Syndrome was finally, after six months, diagnosed as a labral tear. I was seriously begining to think I was nuts!
Avatar n tn I, too, have ulq pain along with almost constant gas, bloating, and rounds of diarhea and constipation (doc says IBS). My first encounter with this ulq pain was about 19 years ago when I was pregnant for the first time. At that time the pain was attributed to the fact that I was overly distended due to a complicated pregnancy causing my insides (not very medical, huh?)to push into my very thinck ribs which were broken about 25 years ago.
Avatar f tn I will tell you this ANYTHING is going to be better then what he is going to go threw coming off 240mg of methadone I am not a big activate on sub or methadone and my experence with methadone was a ruff one I came off 150mg but tapered and was still sick for 90 days so if what your looking for isa get out of jail free card there is not one sooner or later you have to go threw withdrawals I do believe in this cace sub would be better then the jump he has taken call around and see if a doctor will
Avatar n tn Don't do it! I was told the only way to be pain free, cervical cancer free, HPV free was to have that horrible surgery! I am 26. I had the HystoCRAP Oct. 18th, 2006. I am suffering more now than ever before. I have high blood pressure, I still have an incredible amount of pain, joint pain, extreme headaches, and I am so tired all the time.
Avatar n tn If I sleep later (like on a Saturday or Sunday) I wake to pain in my lower back and right hip and it usually lasts all day long. I workout at least 3 to 4 times a week. My exercises begin with Situps and Pushup and then I run (on a treadmill) and an elyptical machine. I notice while doing situps that I get some pain near the hip area (lower back but on right side). I just wanted to pass my info along to the group and if anyone has information for me please provide it. After reading above.
Avatar n tn I do relate and if any of you have any questions please feel free to add your additional comments to this post and I will reply back to you asap.
Avatar n tn Diagnosed about 9 months ago as being allergic to scents/fragrances, so I use fragrance free soap, tampons/pads, fragrance and glycerin free lubrication (brand is Pink, its the ONLY one which hasn't irritated me) Monogamous relationship for past year +, both tested for STDs, both negative. On Apri birth control. Do not use condoms. I started trying to think WHY this is happening, when this has not happened in past relationships.