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570213 tn?1220886977 The only tracker that currently allows members to input data while not on the MedHelp site is the weight tracker. There is an igoogle gadget for the MedHelp weight tracker. We'll be exploring other methods of data input and this is a good suggestion. We'll add it to our list of requested features and let you know when it's available. If other members are also looking for this functionality, please add a comment.
Avatar m tn I hadn't thought about doing that because I can go back as far as I need to on my tracker. Did you know that if you look at the very top of your weight tracker, there is a thin row that says "2009" then the months; then 2010 and the months. You've only been a member since Feb 2010, so your data only goes back that far. If you click on Feb 2010, your data for that month will show up, then click on Mar 2010 and it will bring up the data for that, and so on.........
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Panda Is anyone else having problems with the weight tracker? I can open it and can take the first step for adding new information but when I click to submit the data, it hangs up and won't complete the process. I submitted a question to Walgreen's/Health center via the contact us portion of the site almost a week ago and haven't heard anything. This has been going on since the 24th.
Avatar n tn Try the MyCycles tracker here at med help. You can find it in the above tool bar under health tools and download it for free.
Avatar f tn I can't wait to try this!
Avatar f tn It would be great to be able to download tracker info to Excel. Would help to see meal averages in Diabetes tracker (like how often do I go below XX before dinner?
2161923 tn?1340008283 I noticed a question posted over 2 years ago about downloading personal tracker info into Excel and you said it was coming. Any progress? This a great site but I want to run some correlations with sleep, mood, pain, etc.
541150 tn?1306033843 s free on my droid but there are a lot of free period tracker programs in the market for smart phones. go to http://www.womanlog.
463897 tn?1468013750 Yay! I'm going to download!
Avatar f tn What is the best activity tracker to get? I am swaying towards fitbit but I am not sure.
Avatar f tn My glucometer allows me to download the past 500 glucose tests I've taken to an excel document. Can I, now or in future, import that information directly to my diabetes tracker so I can have a broader data stream to better understand my stats?
Avatar f tn Will there be, or is there a pregnancy tracker app? I know there is one for ovulation for the iPhone; but when can we expect to see a pregnancy one? Thank you!
Avatar f tn Other features include a journal and weight-loss tracker to keep you motivated. If you have a smartphone, such as a Blackberry. You can download it as an app and enter in the foods you have eaten as you go. I know there are a lot of other calorie counters out there but I've been most impressed with this one. Easy and quick to use. Try it out and see if it works for you.
10947 tn?1281404252 // As we think about what other trackers we should release as iPhone apps, we'd love to hear suggestions from you. What are your favorite trackers? Which ones can you not live without? If you have an iPhone, we'd like to know which trackers you would use on a daily basis? Leave us a comment below.
649848 tn?1534633700 Can you tell me why my weight tracker isn't updating like it should? The tracker itself does, but the tracker stats, trends and goals isn't updating. Looks like I'm backing up. Do I have to go to the new version to get it to work right? I don't care for the new version; it's not very user friendly.
Avatar f tn I can't wait to try this!