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Avatar m tn my T count result is 134. and it says reference intercal is 348-1197 not sure what that means.
Avatar f tn Total Testosterone will give a measure of both attached and free testosterone. And Free Testosterone is more specific and only measures free testosterone. Total T is the typical first test to get for diagnostic purposes. It's probably always the first test in hypogonadism. And normal range is usually (most labs) 300 to 800. About 1 to 2% (in most men) is free testosterone. The rest is attached. Free testosterone floats around and is biologically active.
Avatar m tn There are situations in which the total testosterone level is low but free testosterone levels are normal (your lab work shows low total serum and in range (albeit at the bottom of the range) free testosterone. Total testosterone is affected by alterations in the levels of SHBG and albumin.
Avatar m tn What are the reference ranges for the Free T4 and Total T3? Ranges vary lab to lab and have to come from your own report. Hair loss is, typically, a symptom of hypothyroidism and usually goes away once thyroid levels are optimized. Do you have other symptoms of hypothyroidism? I'm certainly no expert on the testosterone issue, but your total testosterone does seem quite low. Have you talked to your doctor about it? That, possibly, could cause your other symptoms.
Avatar m tn I'm getting a blood test next month and I'm wondering if all blood tests check for testosterone levels? And if most blood tests don't check for testosterone levels, what can I do or what do I have to do in order to make sure that my testosterone levels are found out?
Avatar m tn When Life Extension conducted a study of its members free testosterone blood levels two years ago, a startling 86% of the men had less than 15 pg/mL of free testosterone, placing them at high risk for virtually every age-related disease. Free testosterone is the biologically active form of this hormone measured in the blood.
Avatar n tn Your lab values are all normal with the exception of your testosterone which is at the borderline of normal. Testosterone levels in younger men (you qualify) do vary in the course of the day and are highest in the morning. A repeat value obtained in the morning may well demonstrate a higher value. However, the overall picture is that of normality from a laboratory point of view. You then have to look at medications as many of them affect libido and energy. Any street drugs?
Avatar m tn Those symptoms are listed under low testosterone levels. One way to increase testosterone naturally is with saturated fat. Yum. :) Excerpt from Comprehensive Fitness Solutions - Epic Saturated Fat Experiment - "The Effects of 15 days of 100 Grams of Saturated Fat Per Day on Cholesterol Levels in a healthy adult male"... "Most significantly, Testosterone increased ~70%, from 586-841 and triglycerides decreased 34%, dropping from 100 to 66. HDL also increased ~27%, from 60 to 76.
Avatar m tn In these conditions, the SHBG is increased and this decreases the amount of testosterone that is available for use. The opposite is true where SHBG is decreased and the free testosterone levels are high. This situation is seen in men with obesity and hypothyroidism; these men have normal amounts of testosterone available for use by the body but the serum testosterone level is decreased. Saliva or urine test results are considered a good representation of free hormone levels.
Avatar m tn I know excessive alcohol can lower testosterone levels, but I am no MD, I know about thyroid issues, but your Free T3 and Free T4 look fine. What did your MD say about the levels? Any feedback? Sorry I missed the ranges at first glance. Sorry I can't give you more info on that issue. I would be interested in what your MD said though. Are you located in Canada, I did not recognize those ranges.
Avatar m tn Hello, Chap. I think your birth year coincides with mine. On to your question... Before I get there, know that I am NOT a medical doctor. However, I do participate on testosterone forums (in fact, I belong to an excellent forum on yahoo which consists of men recovering from low testosterone. A few of the members there are medical doctors, as well.) Libido is complicated, influenced by more than simply testosterone. That said, we should consider the actual results from your bloodwork.
Avatar m tn I thought if levels were normal on cortisol,prolactin free t4 igf-1 there would be no need for mri.Am i right or wrong?
Avatar m tn Total Testosterone 422 (250-1100), FREE testosterone 47.3 (46-244), Bioavailabe Test. 105.5 “low” (110-575), SHBG 39 (10-50). Since the symptoms of low thyroid and low T are so very similar (and i have them all) I think they want to see if my thyroid levels stabilize first… But any thoughts on the testosterone levels would be welcome!!!
Avatar n tn 6 (reference range 2 - 18 ng/mL) ESTRADIOL - 30 (reference range 13 - 54 pg/mL) SHBG - 32 (reference range 7 - 49 nmol/L) I was thinking I need to lower my SHBG and ESTRADIOL levels since my % Free Testosterone is off the charts low. Maybe I need more free testosterone. I really don't know much about this, please let me know what you think. Thanks !
Avatar m tn We need to have reference ranges for all the lab results. Ranges vary lab to lab and have to come from your own report(s). I'm not sure what you mean by "my pituitary was very high". Are you referring to the TSH, which is a pituitary hormone? TSH fluctuates greatly, even intraday. At 7.32, yours was higher than normal, but at 0.64, it's within the normal range. Your T4 (is that Free?) seem to be quite low, but again, we need the reference ranges.
Avatar n tn Low levels of testosterone are linked to muscle and bone loss, coronary artery disease, diabetes, depression, erectile dysfunction and loss of self-esteem.
Avatar m tn I think his testosterone is ok---it says the reference range is greater than 220---we were just discussing testosterone ranges for men today at my husband's follow up appt after his surgery. However, total testosterone doesn't tell you much without knowing your free testosterone levels and your bioavailable levels and the sex hormone binding levels My husband was first tested in 2006--his total testosterone was low--but the free level was ok--the doc did not check bioavailable levels.