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Avatar f tn There are a million free printable chore charts available online. I was using an online one for awhile where the kids would log in and click what they did, but that one didn't work for us after awhile. Now we use a paper one that i customized for the girls. They have the opportunity to earn $5 a week, but they have to save $1 and donate $1.
Avatar f tn I am 29 weeks today. I had to have a glucose test done early since im a bit overweight.(a little over a month ago) Now they want another one because of my BP. If my BP is perfect with meds, why do I have to do another glucose?
194838 tn?1303428544 I do not test my own blood but am sent to the hospital for fairly regular tests but notice that when people post with their blood glucose levels they are in the 100s. I am from the UK and wonder if there is a conversion chart because I think it would be more beneficial if I could compare with others on the forum to get a sense of how im doing for comparison, Any advise would be greatly appreciated .
Avatar f tn s interesting that you question the accuracy of your glucose meter for I was reading the September 2008 issues of Consumer Reports that rated both blood-pressure monitors and blood-glucose meters. Only one blood-glucose meter scored excellent overall and also scored the highest for consistency- the Johnson & Johnson Lifescan OneTouch Ultra Mini. The Ultra Mini was followed by Ascensia Contour, ReliOn Ultima (WalMart), and Accu-check Compact Plus.
Avatar f tn So I had my initial appointment today, got a bunch of information, got my blood work ordered & because of the stupid backwards bmi chart, I had to get a glucose challenge. I waited 8 hrs to take it so that I could fast, but I'm afraid that wasn't enough. Did any of you mommies have to get an early challenge? When you did do the glucose, did you fast or did you eat?
Avatar f tn They will give u diet restrictions & have u monitor and chart ur blood sugar levels every day.
452066 tn?1400626877 First of all, I am not a diabetic, but would like to learn more about it and blood sugar levels due to a severe arrhythmia problem I have(also have an implanted defibrillator) and I am tired of talking til I am blue in the face to doctors and I feel there may be a link to either my glucose levels or hormones. I have been seen by 2 endocrinologists and both said I am fine...BUT they have told me that my insulin production is very high but they won't do anything about it.
483733 tn?1326798446 I would like to not only agree with Trudie's suggestion to make the PHR printable, but also could you make the trackers printable, so we can take them to the doctor?
906115 tn?1344200509 OK so I know lots of us chart to get pregnant but how many of us chart to not get pregnant??? I myself think this is a good way for a couple so they don;t have to use drugs, condoms, etc... I had a reversal so there is NO way under the sun I will ever get fixed again, (I had post tubal ligation syndrome) I also know DH will not get fixed(although I think he would if we had more then one more:) I can not chart yet as I am BF and not sure on my cycles yet but I think this is really a good way.
Avatar m tn These sticks are a good indicator, but they will only detect glucose in the urine if there is above a certain level (fairly high) of glucose in the urine. An HbA1c blood test shows average blood glucose levels over a sustained period (about a 3 month period). Rather than a normal blood test that would only show the sugar levels at the time you gave your blood for testing.
Avatar m tn html. There is a printable coupon to get your first 1 month supply for free. After that you can go back each month and print a coupon for a savings as well. He has been under controll now for the last 2 years.
Avatar m tn I had my blood work done about a month ago and now have received a copy some of the results have me concerned first is the ESR which is 42mm Anion Gap 2meq Fasting Glucose 107 Total Billrubin 1.33mg ALT 21U/L TSH 2.46 Free T4 .
Avatar n tn I have the same but no panic attacks , it all to do with eating I believe ..
Avatar m tn com/diabetes/guide/normal-blood-sugar-levels-chart-adults This article has information related to charting of glucose numbers. If you were fasting, I think it's time to have an evaluation by your physician to look into your glucose numbers. If you were not and it was before a meal, then they would be close to normal. so, that info would be helpful for further discussion.
487621 tn?1322609697 I got the results of my blood work today. I also got a copy of (2) blood work they did in the hospital, they took blood before I was admitted and then the next morning. 10/03/11 10/4/11 units ref. range TSH 2.59 5.35 H uIU/ml 0.35-5.00 T4 Free 1.0 ng/dL 0.7-1.
5430738 tn?1370870735 I have 4 kids and I can promise you, there will always be that something you forgot. Lol.
Avatar m tn diets with two ounces of mixed nuts daily allowed them to have significantly better control over their blood-glucose levels. Not only that, but the study volunteers also saw a welcome drop in their LDL-cholesterol numbers.
Avatar m tn 0, specific gravity 1.025,250 of glucose, which makes no sense with normal serum glucose and negative for ketones, blood, nitrite and leukocyte esterase. Urine hCG was negative as well" I just dont understand. Its looking like i have more than one thing working against me.
Avatar f tn Thank you so much for taking the time to respond to my question. I went to a neurologist today and he didn't have any options for me besides medication. Her seizures seem so tied to her blood glucose levels that I can't help but wonder if there is another option for her. The only time she has seizures is first thing in the morning before she has eaten something. Other times throughout the day she is fine as long as she doesn't go more than 3 or 4 hours without a snack.
Avatar f tn I just got home from by blood glucose test and feel really sick and tired. Is this normal? Does it mean something is wrong?
Avatar n tn I'm a novice when it comes to diabetes so I could use some help. I'm on 2.5mg of Glipizide and have been for about four years. My doctor discourages blood glucose testings -- says that's only necessary if I were on insulin. However, I will occasionally check my blood sugar -- maybe once or twice a month or if I'm not feeling well. I checked it on Sunday and found it was running somewhat high.