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Avatar f tn If you have an iPhone, look up the 7 minute workout app (it's free). It's basically 12 high intensity exercises, 30 seconds each with 10 second rest periods in-between. Like you, I'm close to plus size and and just started this ap about a week ago. It kicked my butt the first few days but it's getting easier and you can modify it (I do girl push-ups instead of regular push-ups).
Avatar m tn Day 53, Hello all , just thought id check in , all is good with me, clean and sober, everyday that passes just gets better, just got done working out and my daily walk/jog, getting clean has inspired me not to only take my life back from addiction, but also to better myself, getting back into shape, after a nice workout you feel so good. Best things in life are free. Ive lost about 15lbs since my clean date. Well , thought id update my post, Gnarly thanx for your continued support.
Avatar n tn I have added weight training to my routines (all of this in my good old basement....with a mirror for proper form and body-awareness, and my blarring music). I had a surgical menopause in 2000 and had no idea of the fallout from that and I do many things to deal with it, but if I drop the exercise for any period of time.....I truly suffer. This is great modeling for your kids, too. That is why your patience is also important.
Avatar n tn Im lactose intolerant, vegetarian, IBS-D and some sensitivity to some forms of gluten. I have tried dairy free BIO-K, and Dairy Free Good Belly but didnt find much relief from them. Any suggestions on a "dairy free/lactose free" probiotic I can try...or any other suggestions...?? Its hard to get the physical results I want without being able to reall incorporate a heart healthy cardio routine. Or should I just cut out the machine related cardio and stick to circuit training??
Avatar f tn If severe, all I can do is roll around on the ground until it passes - which usually takes 20 minutes and subsides in waves. It doesn't seem to matter what I eat or when I workout. But, I am starting to think a slow warm up is key. Alternating jogging and walking for the first 20 minutes seems to help.
Avatar n tn I've looked at internet porn since I was 12, now I'm 22, There have been times where the internet porn addiction got kind of bad, but it always mellowed out to calmer more normal routines, but always frequent. Sometimes I'd masturbate daily, multiple times daily, but then other times I'd go for a few days or so without any porn or masturbation.
Avatar n tn How can I possibly complete with porn stars and freaky amateurs. That got me wondering about all the amateur videos posted on those sites. I wondered if perhaps these women were allowing their sex sessions to be taped in order to keep up with their partners' addition. Maybe these women were shut out because of porn and then got back into bed with their partners by participating.
Avatar n tn Like you guy's my penis shrunk up really bad and my testicles were always very tight and didn't hang as normal. Flaccid penis size is controlled by the free testosterone levels available in the blood. DHT (A hormone that gives us "all things male") has a large degree of control over the penilie tissues (the "elasticness" of them for example).
Avatar f tn Some people need a lot more medication for a longer time. You can order Vermox online. Do a search online using the key words: 1564827 ICU . Look at the first link that comes up. I had the same problem for months and this worked for me. Remember that the medications must be chewed and taken with a fatty meal to be absorbed properly.
Avatar f tn Melatonin, 5 htp, magnesium, helps me sleep. And thyroid hormones- TSH, FREE t4, FREE t3 must be checked. I had only TSH checked for years and when Free T's were checked they were to low, very low. Thyroid, female hormones, menopause all go together..... when one is off chances are more not normal. I wish all you ladies sweet dreams and blessing for health. Hang in there, we WILL make it, it just how we travel on life's road. Good luck all. Great book is Susanne Somers- Ageless.
Avatar n tn I use pain as a relative term for hell considering I am one of those rare people whom traditional narcotics have no effect on. After this hell, I had about 4-5 months gloriously pain free. Since then I have daily right sided weakness and shooting pain from the nerve damage, my lower back continually throbs and while some days are better than others it never goes away. For those of you who are recently post op, have faith, everyone heals at a different rate.
Avatar n tn ago and I have had only a few good nights since. I go to bed pain free and always wake with a severe pain in my thoracic spine which radiates around my ribcage to my sternum now. The only relief I can get is to either sit up or stand dependending on the level of pain, take pain meds and try to fall back to sleep (always sitting up as there is no possibility of laying down once the pain starts). I am hoping you have something new to offer and are feeling better.
Avatar n tn I PM'd a Physical Therapist online and he told me to have disc pathology done, which leads me to think that "he thinks" it is a herniated disc in my neck, which at this point makes sense. This all began with my neck doing this weird pop and then a sharp pain spasm in it. It's totally random, and even today I had another jolt just looking to the right. Funny how that started and now my upper back and shoulder blade kill me pretty much 24/7.
Avatar f tn It also seems that you are being under stress due to a sleep deprivation or very hard day at your work or in coping up with daily routines. These hallucinations are temporary but really scaring and no physical harm is caused and seen with narcolepsies. Have you taken any medications so far and is it progressing? Do follow the above sleep tips and share your thoughts. Take care.
Avatar n tn I have this something similar happen to me after an intense workout. If I go to the gym and run on the treadmill or do the elliptical it wont happen. But if I play in a soccer game, which is a lot more intense, then it happens consistently. During the game I dont sweat much...I would say a normal amount. But when I am done playing, my back/chest/stomach area sweat profusely all night long. Only those areas though. Not my face or lower body at all.