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Avatar n tn I'm sure that the outside HIV testing labs will not file insurance and I'll have a tough time explaing to my wife why I am going for a test on my own. What a mess!!!! Your knowledge has helped me, kekelow, so please keep hearing me till this is done and I can know one way or the other. This is much, much worse than the 19 months that I spent in Viet Nam. These last 5 weeks have been as slow and agonizing as anything I have ever imagined that could ever happen in my life.
1507381 tn?1293426896 Blood donations are the way the Red Cross makes their money. They send out blood everyday with HIV, HCV, mad cow disease and anything you can imagine. They send it out and then recall it but by the time they do, it has already been distributed. It makes me mad that they put children's lives at risk. It would shock you to know how bad it really is. If you are interested go to
Avatar m tn Also looking for another LLMD that might have some thoughts on whether I have ACA with Lyme Disease or something else is causing major fat loss throughout body and face. Went to Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville to eliminate other "things" this could be. All the doctors told me was I have lipodystrophy, but they didn't give a reason for it. And, of course, the infectious disease doctor deeply explained how I couldn't have Lyme Disease, based on CDC standards.
Avatar n tn Seem to live retty stress free and happy life have a wonderful kid wife and amazing daughter of 5 years.
1647691 tn?1363727302 I told her that the internet disagrees as they dont have a controlling body for testing. She didn't like me much. I love the world wide web hehe haven't touched the green teas. Have to say don't like them. Feeling sick about tomorrows appointment. The sleepless nights still continue after that 2ww.
Avatar n tn it hurt for 2-3 days...Monday or Tuesday i was pain free for 3 days...then i started to get a uncomfortable pressure like pain in my left nut and at times a sharp shooting is the 23rd and every time i stand up i need to do it slow and hunched over...walking is not a good idea...sitting hurts...but when i pee its kind or pleasant ...feels like if u don't pee for a long time and all of a sudden go all out...i HATE doctors and refuse 2 go...
Avatar n tn He prior to this last couple weeks he would eat ( the salt free low protein diet ) like a man twice his size. The last two weeks he can not or does not eat at all. Maybe jello and yogurt but that is all. The Dr increased his enulose and his spirolactone last week, but either that or somthing has just made him throw up all the time, all yesterday and all night last night. He tells me he wants to do things ( sometimes ) but says he just cant get up to do it.