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7758733 tn?1402593020 I don't come on here for drama or vent, I just really need advice, please message me if you have any knowledge on Texas law regarding family violence and custody rights I would surely appreciate you taking the time out to help me better understand my rights and best actions to take. Please and thank you.
Avatar n tn I get a very red and unbearably itchy vagina with a thick white discharge or sumtimes a clear stringy one, ive been checked for Std's and have none but im just at a loss and could really use some advice im slowly going insane!! Feel free to send me an e-mail aswell if you'd like parso_85***@**** thankyou in advance!
Avatar m tn The feeling of being loved and nurtured makes me uncomfortable. My parents got a divorce when I was 2 (messy divorce) and my dad got custody so I only saw my mom every other weekend The first time I did see her I didnt know who she was. There was never really enough time for her to properly nurture and to it was kinda going against the damage that was already being done. I can totally relate to your ex.
Avatar n tn Want2bhappy, I apologize that your post seems to be turning into a debate thread. We're supposed to be here to support you and give you helpful advice about a divorce from an abusive relationship, not get caught up in whether or not Christianity is worth your time or anyone else's. As a Christian, I posted my support for you and advice to you as a fellow believer, and it was not directed at anyone but you. I hope you found it helpful and encouraging. I had no intention of sparking a debate.
Avatar n tn I am single and have been in 1 relationship since my divorce and that ended horribley bad. My ex husband is a pretty good father but when it comes to doing things extra for our daughter he is terrible. Rather then taking out daughter to pick out a Christmas present for me he just picks me up somthing from her, while I take her let her pick something out for him. My mother is an alcoholic and I can't stand being around her.
Avatar n tn The first partner was 3 yrs. after the divorce and I had protected vaginal intercourse with him approx. 2-3 times in addition to oral sex. Six months later I became involved with a man (on and off for the last year and a half) who I've engaged in unprotected sex with. This past January, when we were not invovled, I was with a man who penetrated me for approx. a min., unprotected, but I stopped the interlude. I then became involved with the second man again.
1401949 tn?1296047324 Also any general support group or counseling wouldn't be a bad idea either. Open up the yellow pages and look for the toll free support lines. They're usually in the front or back of the yellow pages. There's numbers for a lot of different issues... you might not find anything specific to you but there will be a general depression hotline there. Try calling it. From experience I can tell you that the operators are very helpful.
6815927 tn?1395515025 I am a legal Secretary and worked with my husband from 1993 and he was a divorce atty. Please call an atty, do not accept legal advice from anyone other than an atty in your state. I did a brief search because every state has their divorce code on line. Read. You have rights. I don't know your state but if I can I will walk you through what documents are and the basics. It will be ok.. Oh, I'm getting over the same drugs you are. I'm on day 14...
Avatar n tn You need to find courage and strength and think about the prospects of a healthy future, free from abuse and sadness. There is happiness and life on the other side of all of this but only you can make that happen. You would not believe all of the opportunities you have! Imagine having friends, freedom, reasons to smile and a life you feel is worth living again. It might be unfamiliar territory at first but so worth it.
599170 tn?1300977493 any advice..i walk on egg shells and Im sick of that....yet I do think if I could get him medicated we might be ok,,I am so confused Please Help me.
1251592 tn?1328228502 Alls I can tell ya is to take their advice. Not only is it good, but its more importantly very effective. I struggled hard with the emotional crap that came when my mind got defogged. It got down right nasty for me. I dropped out of life for a few days. Thankfully, I b4 dropping out, i had posted my true feelings and got answers that somehow i managed to follow and have come thru better than.
Avatar n tn I'm an intelligent woman who is educated (9 hours shy of MS degree in human services/counseling - had to quit grad school when going through divorce and raising two children under age 5, while working full time) I quit a 14 year career in casework/counseling and went back to waiting tables - less stress and money was comparable, and I wasn't spending hours upon hours updating casenotes and working until 9 at night trying to complete required home visits.
Avatar f tn There may be others that have actually gone through something similar on this forum so hopefully they can give you more advice. Good luck and I will be praying for you. What types of meds did you call in ( I am assuming vicoden or something similar because oxys and the like can not be called in)? How much were you taking a day? What did you mean by end it all? I hope and pray that you meant getting off the drugs.
1408944 tn?1282144738 If you cannot afford it, there is probably some low cost or free alternatives. Try the woman's abuse hotline if you need help with counseling. They can also answer the "when is it rape?" question, come to think of it. My suggestion is twisting his arm to get him into couple's therapy. Have you ever ever heard of a famous Greek comedy called Lysistrata? She organizes all the women of Athens and Sparta to end a war. How?
Avatar f tn first let me say am so sorry its all on you . am in the same boat. you need to get help now before you end up hating your mother because belive me it can happen. my dad is still alive they both live with me. i keep my mom when he works 3 days a week and its really getting to me. not sure how much i can take. but i can tell you .you can not do it all by yourself. my mom can no longer be by herself, if your mom is scared than . she needs someone there . i would not leave her anymore .
368044 tn?1238269242 We have a website at or you can call our toll free 24/7 HOTLINE at 1-800-550-4900. They'll be able to give you a lot more help. I am so sorry that happened to you. I have never been in that situation, but I will pray that your family will be supportive and help you. When you become pregnant, your emotions are intensified GREATLY. But you also went through a traumatic experience and you need more help than we can offer you here.
Avatar f tn like domestic violence or a messy divorce. I'm not insinuating that this is the case with you. I guess what I am trying to get at is...sometimes a child's behavior is more of a symptom (of something else going on) than it is the actual problem. I wish you the best. You seem really dedicated. Keep us posted.
Avatar f tn I have only been married for one year and am already afraid our marriage will end in a divorce because of all the problems we have.
Avatar n tn the first 3 days are the hardest, but all the advice that is offered here is extremely helpful. Do not underestimate the power of hot baths. They work wonders! I have one more supply of norco coming on Tuesday. Hopefully this will be my last.
Avatar m tn i told her last night that she was a bird and that if i just killed her boyfriend it would set her free allowing her to continue her life in total happiness with her kids. i see now after reading these posts that maybe if i do that i will wake up to a jail cell. i've had feelings i could never ever describe in my life. like the feeling of being able to walk into a store, put the store in my pocket, then walk right back out.
Avatar m tn I think I know the root cause, chronic stress and divorce. But it wasn't until I started having physical manifestations that I realised something is very wrong with me. 3 years searching why I'm so sick, and doctors cant find a diagnosis. Granted after numerous visit to my cardio doc, he told me I have a mild condition of MVP (mitral valve prolapse) and that it's stable and not the cause of any of my symptoms.
Avatar f tn If you feel the need to hurt yourself, please call your local suicide hotline immediately and talk to someone! herpes is an infection. it says absolutely nothing about you as a person or a parent!! Don't confuse that ever! It's no different from if you had a cold or the flu just it stays with you for life instead of running its course and being gone from your body.
Avatar n tn And now I can say now I'm afraid to be tapered off it now after being on it for 3 years. Any advice?
Avatar n tn even if it means jumping up and dancing or phoning someone up a comedic hotline or something that will literally completely take your mind off it because you will be like "why the hell did I just do that".....sounds very very weird but I use my own shock method to get through very very bad attacks.....I literally try to shock myself....and shock the Panic Monster......
Avatar f tn I actually never knew stress until I started dealing with Doctors. Oh, I had the stress of life like others, a divorce when young, the death of a father, a brother, ect., but none caused my body to go into pain. Usually it a patient complains about pain and the Doctors keep saying it's psycosomatic pain they will send you to a psyco/neuro therapist. This person is trained to determine if the pain is real or psycosomatic and most are good.
Avatar n tn I got the IUD on 3/21/06 and loved it ! Insertion was painful but not terrible. I loved not having to worry about pills, patches, condoms whatever. Well about 1 month after getting it I developed acne. It wasnt terrible but I never had acne before. I figured it was from the hormone in the IUD. I could deal with that. In mid - July I developed a yeast infection that would not go away.