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1550026 tn?1299339682 Hi Jennifer, I have Hashimoto's but have also gotten into Insulin Resisitance and Metabolic syndrome. I am an RN so I tried the traditional medical path first. After 3 Endocrinologists, I finally found a "functional medicine" doc. She is an M.D. but medical and surgical solutions are not her first choice for treatment. I did the micronutrient testing and discovered extremely low Bioitin levels which accounted for massive hair loss.
2186126 tn?1384961026 Thanks - I've heard about muscular problems, seizures and other things that happen to Cushings dogs and would appreciate hearing others' stories for what to watch out for as he approaches his 15th birthday.
393685 tn?1425816122 Just a note, I went gluten free for two months this past summer. Not only was it an expensive way of life, especially when you have 3 kids and a husband and then need to make separate meals for yourself and them but also did not one bit alter my TSH, nor did I lose any additional weight. I have done the no sugar diet also; this also didn't do anything to my TSH as well as didn't assist in losing weight.
Avatar n tn Good luck and take care of yourself!
3060903 tn?1398568723 My favourite Doctor has aired on Dr. Oz Sept. 18, 2012 I've been looking for recipes from this Doctor and finally I've managed to get some on this program. Good luck with your nutritional goals. This has helped me tremendously.
Avatar n tn i'm actually transferring to berkeley as a art history and art practice major. so, i was wondering how severe it is for a diabetic to stay up all night, u know for studying. will it dramatically raise my sugar level if i go all nighters like 3 or 4 days in a row? well, thank u for ur time and i hope to hear from u soon.
Avatar n tn I have only been married for 11 months, but my husband and I dated nine years prior to marriage and lived together for one. He has never said one negative word about how I look. He has always been very affectionate with me but not now. I got pregnant shortly after I started planning our wedding and we had a veautiful little girl three months ago. I weigh more now than I did when I was nine months pregnant. I feel my husband pulling away from me and I don't blame him.
Avatar n tn I will learn to like coffee with no sugar and a dairy substitute and I am finding wheat free recipes.......go for protein and leafy vegetables. I WILL. giving up sugar and ice cream is worth it. GO and have a biopsy taken. I suffered for a year thinking that I was allergic to products and not knowing what I was doing.....its not going to be a walk in the park but at least I am informed now. And I dont want to end up diabetic anyway!
Avatar n tn His program and lifestyle way of eating is based on the american dietetic association diet and the american diabetic association diet. He has weekly menus, recipes, and all kinds of wonderful tips. I personally have been on weight watchers 3 different times over the many years, gaining weight each time. The last time, I gained 13 lbs in 8 weeks. And, starting a child on over the counter medications will mess up her growing process and metabolism.
649848 tn?1534637300 One of my doctors has advised me to be gluten, dairy, sugar, and soy free because it's better for thyroid patients. I'm not totally sold on it for thyroid, but being gluten-free also means I'm not eating the things made from refined flour I'd normally be eating, such as bread, pasta, the muffins, cakes, cookies and other things. This does seem to help with my digestion and some other issues, if not necessarily with weight loss. Of course, cutting the sugar helps with all of it...
544292 tn?1268886268 I stick with it because I remember how the T-train caused INCREASED pain all over my body, in places I never imagined I could have pain. I stick with it because I can remember what it was like to be in the FOG of TRAM, to walk into a room, and forget why I was there, I stick with it because I would rather not get killed on my motorcycle from being too fogged to care what I was doing.
Avatar m tn IF you are trying to reduce iron uptake from cookware you might also consider pyrex. I've owned one for a few years and are kind of possessive with it. I don't prefer to let the kids use it since if you run water onto a hot skillet you might cause it to shatter. Obviously, with pyrex you will have zero iron pickup. I actually don't think that you are being too cautious since something that one may do for days or weeks or years can have a cumulative effect.
544292 tn?1268886268 Another difference is length of acute withdrawall period; 4-6 days for opiates, 5-9 days for tramadol. Secondary withdrawall varied widely, but though a matter of weeks or months, symptoms DO resolve and successfull recoverers report that in retrospect this period was "more a matter of patience, rather than the teeth grinding endurance" of the first week.
Avatar m tn I want to continue this medication and get better. For help with this medication.. you can go to and get this medication for free if you qualify. My husband is retired army so I only only pay 9.00 a month for it.If I can encourge anyone to do anthing...Dont give up................hang in there... This too shall pass.
Avatar f tn So, sad news to all of us who spent all that money on HCG, we could of starved ourselves for free. However, in our (my) defense, I don't think I would have been able to loose the initial 20 lbs without the VLCD/HCG program. So, I guess I really did need that "placebo" to get started. In January 20010, I started at 201 lbs. After 2 (4 weeks each) rounds of VLCD with HCG, I lost about 30 lbs (gaining 5 lbs back after each round).
Avatar n tn I feel better after eating and have gained weight. That is something I can't find info about. I am not diabetic and have been treated for ulcers. The gastr emptying test confirmed the disorder but I seem unable to find much on this except as it relates to diabetes. I am very interested in finding info on why I have gained so much weight.
Avatar n tn Just ordered first dose. 53 yrs old, 5'9" 240lbs. Just wanna be around for my kids, not looking to be "spiffy in my speedos". Know I need to take off at least 80 lbs to be considered "normal". GOD be with us all !
Avatar n tn Does anyone have experience with this medication for children who are not diabetic and have been given Metformin for weight loss? We are concerned about the possible side-effects of this medication.
Avatar n tn In the past 10 years I have lost nearly 30 lbs from adult onsset allergies. I nearly went nuts from hunger and near fainting spells and paranoia.
Avatar n tn I don't know, everything seems so confusing. I did search the Davita meal plan -- they had one for regular patients and one for diabetic patients -- but I was shocked that there was so much refined foods---even for the diabetic plan. My husband isn't diabetic but has a metabolic disorder that could lead him there if he doesn't watch his intake of sugar and processed foods. Right now I want to have him to eat plenty of vegetables and fruits with limited grains and protein.
251922 tn?1193786078 But like I said I have it for 5000 iu I'll post when I get back need to run an errand and get kids from school...
Avatar n tn you must decide for your- self if the clinic route is the way to go. for every good thing said about methadone, there is something bad to say. PLEASE examine all of your options, the pros and cons before you make a decision that could well affect the rest of your life.
620923 tn?1452919248 ) shrimp (check though some sea food isn't good ) tilapia no tuna (processing) I followed a gluten free diet for cilac patients at first until I found a good mix for me and let me tell you. With in a week. I lost about a dozen symptoms. : ). No fried foods no oils at all. (extra virgin olive oil to cook with is okay just don't use slot. I think I use 2 Tbls. Hope that helps.
Avatar f tn There were others, but these were the only ones I had at home. I take these four vitamins everyday and have been problem free for about 4 months. It only took about 2 days to start seeing results and I had normal skin within a week. Warning... you must take these everyday, if you miss just a couple of days, the patchy skin will return with a vengeance, trust me, I know. Good luck.
Avatar n tn that's why IM looking into B-12 injections, I've taking EPHEDRA for over 13 don't even work that good for me no more..I still take it prob 3-5 x a week..this is long.. once again good luck to safe ps read about HCG from a non-related source..I can send you many if you chose...have a good night..
Avatar n tn If you are like me and cant reach it (when its in my shoulder blades), then ask someone to put pressure on it for you to try to work it out. My boyfriend does this for me and he uses his nuckles. It will hurt and seem like its not worth it, but if you are able to loosen up the knot it feels alot better. One thing I do suggest though is that if you have fibromyalgia, study up on it.