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Avatar n tn How can I get treatment in Florida for my depression? I am unemployed and have no insurance. Things are getting very bad.
1874452 tn?1349638377 Put relationships with men on hold because when we are not too good we attract the wrong sort but as you grow and get your confidence back you will be more astute in choosing the right person !! If you feel you need some help with depression try St John's wort or 5HTP it converts to seretonin of a day and melatonin of a night take it for what you need in the morning for depression or of a night to help sleep.
Avatar f tn You just need to initiate the process of getting professional help. Depression is a real can't help the way you feel. It isn't a character flaw, or something you can control, which again is why it requires professional help to get to a manageable place. Cutting is a way of dealing with feelings and emotions you are bottling up...and a way to reduce anxiety. Like I already said...
2025592 tn?1348159619 If it doesn't help you may need medicinal intervention. I myself hit a deep depression around 13weeks, had to be put on prozac, I felt so much better. It was a short term thing dvds I was taken off of it around 26ish weeks and have felt fine ever since (I'm 32wks now). Sometimes we just need a little extra boost. Pregnancy along with everything else can be insanely overwhelming!
172715 tn?1285498090 You could try doing a google search to see if you can find anything.....Feel free to post here as much as you would like we will help all we can.
Avatar m tn Start studying A Course in Miracles.(Free lessons online) One short lesson a Day. In one year you will have completed the entire course. You will most likely no longer be an Atheist, as at present you may be misinformed (no offence) or "blame" your circumstances on the absence of a Higher Being Who would have prevented this, had he existed...
Avatar n tn I also have anxiety/depression that comes and goes. I might feel good for a few days then bad for a day or two. Or it might last a few hours. I have tried to figure it out but I have decided that I never will. I can't really describe how I feel when I feel bad. I just feel bad. I feel hot and flushed and pain all over. Sort of like a full body allergy attack. My stomach also hurts below the sterum (very sore to the touch) when it is at its worst.
Avatar m tn Do what you have to do for this - online support groups, offline support groups, someone to talk to online and offline - it could be a pastor or a friend or just... anyone who can be a good listener! (It's fully possible that the guy who runs a pub at the other side of the street would be a great listener as well as a man with high education and high rates pr 10-minute counseling session). I hope you find some great contacts here. Good luck!
338963 tn?1253664422 a pamphleted Depression After Delivery to help you determine if you have postpartum blues or need help with deeper feelings. Write to Depression After Delivery, Box 278, Belle Mead, NJ 08502 or 1-800-944-4773 You're A New Parent! Guide from Prudential Insurance 1-800-843-7625 ext. 3076 Your Baby's Development, a color booklet about child development from birth to 18 months. 1-888-344-BABY Miscellaneous: 1-800-547-9400 Carnation "Special Delivery Club", for expectant parents.
Avatar m tn What was your blood test at 25? TSH? My TSH looked 'normal' but I ended up having Hashimoto's Thyroiditis. Yes, your symptoms could be hypothyroid/hashimotos. I have your symptoms, too. But we won't know for sure unless you get the bloodwork. Don't rely on the TSH test to paint the entire picture. My TSH was a 2.74. The lab said anything over a 4.5 means hypo, so my doc just sent me home with Tylenol. To many in this forum, anything over a 2.5 deserves a second look.
Avatar m tn If you are having trouble still, get a good psychologist that teaches CBT. You can also join a support group thru NAMI. Online or in person. It's free! Stay calm.
Avatar n tn and ive been doing some research into supplements (vitamins) Ive read that gingko biloba can help with depression. My question is..does anyone know if you take the gingko ..will it counteract with my wellbutrin or cause any side affects?? I also recently found out my cholesterol is high, 231...and flaxseed oil (a source of omega 3s)can help to bring the cholesterol down. I do not eat any fish (cant stand it) so i would really like to take the flaxseed...
Avatar m tn Lastly, and most importantly, while online groups can certainly help us in some ways, and even give us a sense of support, it should NEVER be your only source of help or support and should NEVER be used in place of real, in person support or help. There's no substitution for that in person connection you will have with other people, the eye contact, physical touch, etc.
Avatar f tn I supplement with Nordic Naturals Algae Omega,it's mercury free. You can check out his website online. Hope it helps. Take care, God loves you and cares for you!
Avatar m tn Therapy is recommended, and if you want to help yourself faster with or without therapy I have two self help online programs that could get you going in the right direction...first go to then go to
Avatar n tn I wish I could take it now for the depression but it does not work for me. It may help you though just remember it won't make you feel better immediatly give it a few weeks and you will probably notice a difference, just don't give up! Man do I have a bad head ache actually for the last couple of days and I can't take anything for it that stinks!
Avatar f tn These are some wonderful testimonials on magnesium, found on posts online: "Help for your ANXIETY?? First of all, I'm not staying that all those treatments before mentioned don't work, but for me, I stumbled across something I'd like to share with you all who are suffering from anxiety. Thank God for this mineral!! I have suffered with severe anxiety symptoms for about 20 years.
Avatar m tn Hopefully she will realize that she doesn't need to separate from you in order to deal with her depression. It's great that she's decided to get help, now I hope she follows up on it. No one can help her if she doesn't try to help herself. One thing I want to ask, just to put it out there. Do you think she ever uses her depression as kind of an excuse to either behave in certain ways, to NOT do things she may not want to do?
4622451 tn?1360598855 Anxiety treatment will help you so much with your addiction issues too, and vice versa. Treating one will help the other, no doubt. Feel free to PM me if you ever have any anxiety questions, or need something. Hope you feel better soon!
Avatar n tn First my sympathies to you and your son for all he and your family has had to go thru. Is he in counseling? a good therapist/psychiatrist combo that deals with patients with chronic diseases can help a lot. they can help get him out of "crisis" mode and begin working on coping techniques, relaxation methods and things like that.
Avatar n tn My past was not good. I have much more to say can’t recall in a proper order. In past I suffered of depression many times. I have taken medical help but couldn’t continue due to financial problem. I heard that meditation & kundalini yoga can help to cure on such problem, I request to suggest me some good natural remedy to overcome of my situation. I also need someone to analyze my whole situation, skills & advice me accordingly.
Avatar f tn I've been effectively treated, but haven't been symptom free for longer than a few months. It just keeps coming back; over and over and over again. I have always felt like there was something MORE here. I've always known that I love too much, I fear abandonment too much, everything about me has always been TOO MUCH. I do too much of things that are bad for me even though I KNOW they're bad for me.
Avatar f tn Plus most people in my situation have no help and peice of craps ex's and thats just not the case for me his dad is great we just wern't ment to be together. Anyways his dad 4hours from me so its not easy to see my son the way I need to. I have custody im just trying to do whats best and fair everyone but its making me 100x's more depressed than I ever have been. I don't want to be selfish and take him back because its killing me, I mean thats my job as a mom to make sacrifices for him.
929504 tn?1332589534 Due to controversy from quite a few posters on this site, i have decided to contact my endo and request free t3 testing on my next labs (april). To make a long story short. TT on 12/17/09, 1st set of labs in jan resulted in TSH- 3rd generation @ 39.51 (0.40-4.50) Free t4 @0.3 (0.8-1.8) Total T4 @ 2.5 (4.5-12.5) T3 uptake @ 25 (22-35) Free t4 Calc @ 0.6 (1.4-3.8) Feb labs resulted in: TSH- 3rd generation @13.76 (0.40-4.50) Free T4 @ 0.9 (0.8-1.8) Total T4 @ 7.2 (4.5-12.
Avatar n tn But I know there are resources out there everywhere and it wasn't just for teens. Search online for your area and put pregnancy help or pregnancy crisis center. The people who run these organizations will not look down on you. They are there because they care about what happens to you and your baby. And we are here for you anytime.
Avatar m tn My son is 19 years old and spends all, and I mean all, of his free time on the computer playing games and chatting with friends, all who happen to be male. My son, over the past 5 years or so has become very withdrawn and doesn't seem to have much self esteem. 2 nights ago he came to me and announced that he was "gay". After the initial shock I asked if he was in fact gay or thought he was gay. He stated he was gay, although he had never had sexual contact with another male.
Avatar m tn The day after that i felt pretty much completely back to normal. Since then i've kinda of self diagnosed myself with anxiety/depression from what i've read online. fast forward to last night. I was eating sushi with my girlfriend and her friend that is visiting and i just kind of got dizzy all of a sudden. I stood up, went to the bathroom and washed my face. I can't believe this is happening again.
680303 tn?1239988440 Also i think there is something in the thomas recipe that helps deal with depression. or as suggested you can go to you doctor and he can give you a script for something to help. take care, keep fighting the fight. know I am here to support and help you anyway I can.