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Avatar f tn You can still use those hotline numbers to get some help okay? We can't substitute here for help that you do need. Check out the links okay?
1339257 tn?1276835010 If depression goes on for more than a few weeks, there is a chemical imbalance that starts to take place in the brain and you need medicine to correct that imbalance. Many places have free mental clinics to help people so check that option out. The ups and downs you describle sound like you have Bi-Polor problems, get help. Call a hotline as they can often times put you in touch with the right people.
Avatar f tn Call 911, sweetie. They'll come and help you. At least call a hotline and talk to someone.
Avatar f tn School is really stressful and if you can't sleep it can become pretty awful, but if you visit a doctor they can give you things to help you sleep and make you feel better, they also would probably recommend someone to talk to which I think would help you a lot. Please get help, feel free to message me if you wanna talk.
Avatar m tn I want to die but I don't want to abandon my pets or hurt my family. But I want to die and be free from the pain of this life. I want so much to cease to exist and not feel the way I do. My family is two thousand miles away and his family only cares about him. I don't have anyone I can talk to and I really need somone to talk to. He is mad at me for being depressed and it just makes him more abusive and me more depressed. Its a catch 22 and I only see one way out.
5330867 tn?1366529933 I know if you find the right teacher, he or she will help you. Your Principal or Asst. Principal also might be able to help you. If you have strong feelings of commiting suicide, please call this nationwide suicide prevention hotline, SAVE-Suicide Awareness Voices of Education, it is 1-800-273-8255. They can talk with you as long as you want when you are in a bad situation. If you are being abused at home, you can call 911, and the police can come and help you.
237500 tn?1189759431 the ultram SERIOUSLY messed with my seratonin levels and i almost called the suicide hotline sunday night. monday was just as bad. yesterday i talked to my reg. doctor and we decided to up my effexor due to my HUGE increase in panic attacks and serious depression and suicidal thoughts. so, i double up on the effexor last night and i wake up this morning feeling really good and pretty stable. up until an hour ago, i had made it since 5 pm last night without a panic attack.
Avatar m tn My family was almost out the door because of my depression, lack of wanting to help myself, and miscellaneous ways of "self medication". When the $hit hit the fan, I knew I had to go on. I knew I wasn't done and I knew I was not the giant $hit bag I was turning myself into. There is help out there and of course there is a cost. There are hundreds of places across this country that offer help for lesser cost, and some work on a sliding scale.
Avatar m tn If you find yourself in a desperate situation, I would call 1-800-SUICIDE for their hotline. They can even help get you to the right help that you need. They all have connections and work together for your health. Don't despair, things will get better now that you are taking the right steps.
Avatar m tn When I first started experiencing the symptoms of my depression I really wanted to get help, but I was so afrade that people would think I was defective, stupid, or crazy. Because of this fear I kept myself from getting help for a few months until it got way out of control and I couldn't even work and was planning my suicide. One night just before I was going to shoot myself in the head with my 45, I had picked up the phone and called a suicide hotline that was listed in the phone book.
Avatar f tn so now that you know some of my story please help me before i do something that i will regeat later. thank you!!!!
1831528 tn?1317987979 I have been a active addict for 12 years if you include alcohol and mariguana (starting at the age of 14 and I am now 26) I also was first started on antidepressents (SSRI's) I went from being diagnosised with just depression to said to have manic depression. My drug use progressed extremely rapidly. I don't even want to think of all the heroin, meth and coke I have shot up, it is disgusting.
Avatar f tn The symptoms of anxiety can be controlled with medication and therapy is extremely helpful. Therapy alone can help us break free of the anxiety, but not always and this is why medication is needed. For now while waiting to see the Neurologist, try working on the anxiety aspect. Exercise, do deep breathing exercises....slow deep breaths in through your nose and out of your mouth...keep busy physically and most importantly mentally.
521840 tn?1348844371 For urgent matters, try a crisis hotline. Even if you are not in immediate danger of harming yourself, they can still help. The people who answer the phone will have lists of places you can go where you can be seen as quickly as possible, even if you can not pay. 5. Ask your child’s school guidance counselor or school psychologist. Part of that person’s job is to refer students and families to local mental health care services. 6. Contact your local division of social services.
Avatar n tn Hi guys, I am having a really bad day. As you may remember, I am on day 11 of no percs. Yesterday, I came down w/ strep throat, and the pain has been horrible. I have not been through the flu, or strep, or even a cold w/out my happy pills! I almost went to a walk in clinic today. Rationalizing the whole thing! I thought that I was over the worse, and now this. Also, w/ this struggle came back that old familiar depression. Also, my dh has been really good up until now, but he now feels like...O.
11720453 tn?1436346710 I have been suffering from severe anxiety and depression since June 2014 after I was raped by a police officer right outside of my door to my home. I haven't been to a therapist or a psychologist or a psychiatrist or anything like that yet for an evaluation or for medicine to help with my symptoms. But, I am making an appointment this week, finally, after building up the courage to tell a doctor about my problems. (Due to the fact that I've been so embarrassed about what happened to me).
Avatar m tn ) After you become stabilized, you should have ongoing outpt tx to provide emotional support, enhancement of coping skills, and help with problem solving. The depression and mental heath support communities on this site could provide additional support, since there are people visiting them around the clock. Another resource is the Suicide Hotline, 1-800-273-8255. By the way, the old saw that "people who talk about it don't do it" is wrong.
Avatar f tn It comes to the point where I have to say that I love him too much to help him hurt himself and I will only help him to help himself. I believe he has gone as far down as he cares to go and I am so excited about that-you can't even imagine the weight that has been lifted from me right now. So anyway, he is planning on going off the meds completely on Monday. He does not want to wean off, he thinks he will get Methadone and use that for a few days to get him over the initial hump.
Avatar f tn I'm assuming it's as pleasant to overcome as severe depression, which I have had experience with. For me it took lots of help, support, and hard work. I saw a counselor for over a year, was on medication for 8 months to help regulate me back to normal, and had lots of support from family and friends. Eating disorders, from what I read, are usually tied back to a dysfunctional idea of what you look like (aka, you're not skinny enough, you don't have enough muscles, you're not that fat, etc.).
Avatar n tn your threw most of the phyical part but it is unrealistic to think you will be fine in a few days it just dont work that way as addicts we want it and want it now it is a big part of our disease yuo dident become addicted over night and recovery is no different you just got to be ok without being ok for a wile you do get better with time but depression and the energy crash take a wile to get over the last thing you need to do is get another 100 of them that will make what you have done wort
Avatar f tn Help!!!! What makes it easier to get thru day one to everyday after? I've been doing pills (vicodin percocet) for three years I wanna get clean because I hate waking up without it I hate even thinking about being without it of course when I have no money I'm without but I always find a way i never can get past day 2 and of course I got too stop and I have too want to which I do I'm just literally scares shirtless.
Avatar f tn oh and i was negative for type 1, sorry but i am freaking out right now!!!
Avatar n tn last night I called kids help phone, they told me I need to seek professianol help ... they gave me some mental health clinics, & programs ... I went to my school guidence counciler this morning ...tomorow, we are going to tell my parents what is going on ... they have no idea ... I'm so terrified of what they will do ... anyway ... I was just wondering ... what is wrong with me the guidence counciler says she doesn't like diagnosing ppl ... so I don't know what is wrong with me ...
246923 tn?1249157900 I do think your questions on the board are in poor taste especially with people who are coming to this board for help with their pain and how they get help so they can get better.We dont need to see this kind of thing here.
Avatar f tn I do know that if I am ever pregnant again, (which we have agreed to spend this year saving for our own place and future together) I am keeping it and my partner agrees xx I understand everyone has their view but please no godswad speechs, I am going to hell, this is hard enough for me and my partner to deal with without that. I believe everything happens for a reason, I just want help to deal with it from help from outsiders.
Avatar f tn It is true that I have been treated for anxiety, depression, a mood disorder, and probable a.d.d. I have terrible problems focusing at times in conversation, depending on the topic. I also have a terrible memory and do tend to forget things if I don't write them down or set reminders. Being a quiet person by nature I don't begin a lot of the conversations, he does. I have never had a problem being quiet myself and sitting and letting other people do most of the talking.
Avatar n tn I could manage until 21yrs then everything went downhill from there i took depression anxiety meds for years. Didn't get any help, I have been to a neorologist and a psychiatrist the meds made me sleep all day. Then one day I fdound out about spiritual warfare and after fasting and prayer i remembered being involved in witchcraft when I was around twelve. Iprayed alot to Jesus and got prayed for too. The improvement is unbelievable my sister is 100% okay and iam like 85% okay.
Avatar n tn I will back off about counseling, job or course. I will heed your advice. Thanks again. Feel free to write to me any time. I hope I can be of help to you if you need any advice or just to bounce ideas off of me for any reason. God bless you.
Avatar n tn Thank you for your responses i need them, and they do help. I was given a list from the doctor today of some help groups and she called in a referral for a hospital near me for post pardum.