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Avatar f tn I am sure one of our members can help with locating a good thyroid MD in the Chicago area, What part of Chicago are you in, I am from Chicago also, moved out in 98. Your labs do indicate Hypothyroid, and just because he said your labs did not justify the antibody test alone indicates you need to find another MD, besides he failed to do the most important test of Free T3, and the Uptake for what that is worth is even low. Did he even prescribe a thyroid medication?
1098999 tn?1276790867 Hi Sheila, Many of us have had these disappointing dr visits...more so when the dr is not a chiari specialist..... I am sorry, but please refresh my memory...what size herniation do u have? And size is not the main criteria for chairi to cause issues...overcrowding and CSF blockage is. Re-read Dr Oror's will help u get that fighting spirit back....keep pushing,...u know ur body and what is going on...keep going until u get a dr that is well informed and listens.
Avatar m tn I would like to use it pre and during. If am aloud. I can get it free from my work so thats another perk. Thanks Chevy... Hey did you read what I wrote you to clarafy( I dont think that is spelled write, but anyway), the animals and Hep c? Am glad I bring a little laughter, it is what keeps us young.
Avatar n tn I should be able to continue to get them legally because of my back issues and I have noticed no 'come down' issues when the pills wear off. I do worry that they will not help me reach my goal of becoming anxiety/depression free (and actually may hinder that). But I need to live right now in the present. And finally my last worry is that I will just be addicted eventually to the meds that the psychitrist prescribes.
139792 tn?1498589250 This doesn't help people who are suffering from depression or any other ailment, believe fervently in God, and still don't get better. It just makes them feel God must hate them for something. And, you know, the therapy we use for these conditions comes in great part from Buddhism, Hinduism and Taoism -- the breathing techniques, meditation, visualization, stretching, all the things therapists use to help people deal come from these traditions, two of which don't believe in a deity.
Avatar f tn Joint and muscle pain, unexplained fevers, migraines, on some occasions weird rashes, clumsiness (and I bruise easily), been diagnosed with depression - anxiety/panic disorder - ptsd - suicide, swelling of joints, bone pain, major fatigue but also insomnia because of the pain, numbness in feet and hands (this was the first symptom that led to get a checkup), increase in allergic reactions to antibiotics and allergy meds. What really bothers me is that I have had recent problems with numbers...
Avatar m tn Barnes Basal Temperature Test on your own, again as a screen, before going to your doctor to get Free T3, Free T4 and Reverse T3 tests-insist on these, as they also indicate Type 2 which is more prevalent than Type 1 . Standard tests miss Type 2 entirely. The thickening of the skin might be myxedema - a hallmark characteristic of hypothyroidism and also one of the original medical terms coined for hypothyroidism.
Avatar n tn Back to his sleep, he is not getting enough so all day he is snappy, cranky and yells at everyone and has multiple meltdowns a day. He is very over emotional. I feel like I am losing my mind, can someone please help me???
Avatar f tn B4 u stress out get a CINE MRI and rule out all the related issues.....find a Dr that is well experienced with chiari to help guide u. As for passing this condition on to a future child, it is possible., and it is possible that u may not. I had surgery 3 yrs ago and I did not have those negative effects, as long as u get the right testing and find the right Dr u should be ok, keeping in mind there r risks with all major surgeries....
489867 tn?1209210894 (A look through other threads here will see just how much we all share with others---- for knowing some details can help us help you, to the extent of our abilities.) For instance in your case some of your problems seem to be mechanical in nature----- like scoliosis for instance, But on the other hand some problems could be related to Lyme (emphasis on COULD) because Lyme is also known as the Great Imitator.
Avatar n tn Ok, I'm here to help you. Yes, everything you describe is anxiety, especially if you've been tested for heart issues, which you have/had to do just in case (that's why this disease stinks). This is what happens to me with an anxiety attack (JUST LIKE YOU): I get very clammy; I get lightheaded; I feel like I'm dying; my bowels go haywire and I get diarhea; I get very jittery; I feel extremely wierd also; and no, your heart rate does not necessary go up - it just feels that way b/c it's racing.
1399250 tn?1436946897 If you are feeling like you don't have the energy to seek out another doctor or to make changes that might help then that is another subject. Depression can be paralyzing. If you are feeling depressed and helpless and that is what you mean then you need to get professional help right away. Depression is a serious chemical imbalance and you can't make decisions easily when you are overwhelmed by negative feelings.
Avatar n tn Well I just wanted to ask if anyone knew of a good doctor in the chicago area that may be able to help me...and I kind of turned this into a pity party. I hope there is someone out there that can point me in the right the very least there have to be people that understand what i am feeling and dealing with. I just want somebody to tell me that I am gonna be myself again eventually. I am scared to death that these changes are permanent. Anything, any info would be appreciated.
3060903 tn?1398568723 ~ ~ ~ We cannot change the nature of the addict or addiction. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ We can help to change the old lie ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Once an addict, always an addict,” ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ by striving to make recovery more available.~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ God, help us to remember this difference.
Avatar m tn I was always in the mind set that none or nothing could take me away from me, I was the leader of my destiny and took responsibility for my actions and made the nessassary changes when needed so myself, my family and all who were in contact with me would receive positive and valuable feedback and have a sense of security knowing I was around. This all went great while I was free of these horrible pills. Once I started taking them everything went wrong, I just didn't see it until about year ago.
Avatar n tn My main symptoms are constant exhaustion, both physical and mental (not restored by any amount of sleep), brain fog (constant), gastrointestinal (constant pain, bloating, nausea, etc), ataxia (poor balance and coordination), neck, shoulder and lower-back stiffness, increasing depression and anxiety, waning and waxing body numbness, and on, and on, and on... So, here's my question: Do I have Lyme? I was recently diagnosed by an LLMD, so the answer may seem obvious.
Avatar n tn It is slow but my ear stays open more often and I am hearing better. I still use the sprays to help move the fluid down my throat.I live in chicago and my doctor is at the Mid West Sinus Center University Head and Neck Associates. Jay M. utton M.D. I am just blessed and happy that my ear is open. I went through all of the above and for a while I though I was going crazy because the doctors said they saw nothing they kept looking for ear infection when in fact it was a sinus problem.
982333 tn?1305792489 he would tell me things and I would forget 2 min later.. I could hardly keep up with the kids. I thought maybe it was some sort of depression ( eventho i was happy, LOL) I went to a psychiatrist and he gave me Antidepressants and Ritalin for ADD. The fatigue and ADD symptoms continued and then came the physical problems... It started with widespread joint pain all over my body. I was tested for Lyme, RA, and Lupus with a CBC and Antibody test and they were all negetive.
Avatar f tn I'm mostly online when my insomnia hits, but here is a number I had contacted for help that may help you with information and for assistance in your area, "The American Psychological Association" in DC (202) 336-5500 or 1 (800) 374-2721. Best to tell them everything or ask to send the appropriate person an email, so someone can guide you better. Your son's story is 90% my son's story and my son has been in all of the treatment faculties and on more medication than I can name.
Avatar n tn I am curious if anyone knows anything about lipoflavinoids or any other supplements that will help with the ringing and dizziness. I am worried about losing my friend to this disease. It is taking over his life.
Avatar n tn Three of my four children were delivered by midwives, not at home because that was still a no no when my kids were born, but at an alternative birthing center in Chicago for the first and two at a free standing birth center in Kansas. The fourth was in hospital so I could stay for a few days and get a break from the other kiddos. . . :), but my doc from the birth center delivered her. I worked at the birth center during my second and third babies in the office and bookkeeping.
Avatar n tn I had severe headaches, loss of appetite, depression, sore muscles, hair lost, night sweats, memory loss. The doctors said i should get used to it but it got worse and worse. I was one of their first patients that they treated so I think I was their guinea pig. I was put on antidepressants pro-critand a host of other drugs. I lost 20 lbs (I was 130 to start with) My thyroid is destroyed forever.
Avatar m tn Congrats on making the decision to live the clean life. feel free to post here...its' helped helps will most def. help you! good idea to say you coming down with flu...that's exactly what it's like. also, may want to look over to the right side of this page...down a big for The Thomas's been doing wonders for me the past 7 days. don't forget to get some immodium and drink plenty of liquids! Glad you're here!
Avatar n tn Did the epideral injections, brought on diabetes, did physical therapy, tried a chyropractor(sp), he admitted he couldn't help, also recevied a tez unit . I don't for see any other treatments left for me. Right now I take enough oxycodone, and other type drugs, that it's effecting my personality,bouts of depression, anxiety, paramoid, and making me act like a teenager(I'm 37) also, and after surgery, they have to ween me off them. It also effecting my job. They think I'm drunk, NOT!
Avatar n tn It's time to look at the cause of that depression and deal with it with the help of a therapist. There are plenty of pain psychologists available who can help you through this. I do suggest you look for a psychologist who specializes in pain because they understand the pros and cons of opiate therapy and addiction. You can also learn other ways of coping with the pain besides reaching for a pill bottle.
Avatar m tn Still i feel no anxiety or depression. I wish i could go to chicago every week lol. I should mention i was getting hives this past winter. the hives would go away once i broke a sweat. I had the hives but didnt have any inflammation or rash. Just a 3 minute itch attack..... Now the itch feeling is 24-7. Thanks for your help.
Avatar n tn He can go to the Health Department, or a free clinic for treatment. He definitely should seek treatment for both his liver disease and his depression.
Avatar n tn I am currently being treated for depression, so many symptoms of depression also resemble hypo symptoms. It's impossible to tell them apart.
514494 tn?1376514748 Could there be a relationship between hypertension, insomnia, and other health problems? There appears to be a strong possibility, and the Chicago Hypertension Clinic study mentioned above supports this idea. Share this article with your doctor if you’re suffering from insomnia or high blood pressure in case they’re unaware of George Bakris, M.D.'s study. A wonderful learning resource exists for additional patient education at I look forward to your thoughts and opinions.