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Avatar n tn Good afternoon, On my foot I have a blister with a red ring round it. It is slightly swollen. Do you know what it might be?
Avatar n tn In June, I was at Elitches in Denver and I felt a bug bite my foot, and when I looked down it was immediately swollen to a little larger than a mosquito bite. It hurt a little during that day, but after that I didn't feel anything. It still looks exactly the same today, four months later. It feels firm. As of a couple days ago, a vein near it also looks swollen. If veins swell. Is this something I need to get medicated? What could it be?
Avatar f tn I even took her to the pediatrician today, he said its just mosquito bites. I told him that its unlikely that a mosquito could bite her in the same location monthly. I told him to think like a doctor, think back to what he learned in medical school and not just tell me what looks obvious. He was surprised by my tone and is sending her to see a ped. Deramtologist. He said it possibly could be Mastocytosis? However spelled. Its unexplained over-active histamine reactions.
Avatar f tn Another night as she slept at her dads house a very old home by the way she was bit over 10 times on both feet/toes. Both feet and toes were swollen so bad even had red lines moving up her foot. We didnt and couldn't count the bites until over a week passed due to the swelling and redness. She couldn't walk or wear shoes to go to school. Each time she has to take antibiotics cuz some of the reds line running from a few of the bites, so dangerous and pretty scary..
Avatar m tn One more things at the same time I got another bite in my neck i don't know if it's mosquito or another insect bite. The bite got bigger and red dish had a one dot mark. The bite of centipede got two dot. I'm wondering if i'ts the cause of combining bite of that 2 insect result of very fast allergic reaction it's that normal doctor?
Avatar n tn and noticed a black and blue big mark on left foot. examined right foot, no swelling, left foot very swollen , but mostly in one spot in the middle of the like bruise a high point . like a bite. ! and painful to the touch. ! this like bruise mark coveres about half of my foot on the top. I inmediatly rubbed on VicksVaporub. That is all I had. ! im sure it was a bite of some kind, but didn't feel anything when bitten. ! swelling has gone down a litte. has not progessed. !
Avatar n tn but certain parts became itchy and red- under toes, sides of feet, a little on top- no ankle swelling or redness. These itchy red areas become hard and painful to walk, the outbreaks last about 24-48 hours. The first time this to both feet and I passed it off to wearing new and cheap high heals for over 13 hours the day before (I teach). That day I also had some trouble with a family member who was staying with me- so I felt stress may have been a contributor?
Avatar n tn The fact is there are a variety of potential reasons for a single swollen foot/leg, especially for a 25 year old. This is unusual. You appear to be describing what is called "pitting edema". Very usual at age 25. You need a dopplar scan of both legs to rule out vascular issues. Your physician is prudent in examining the heart. She is looking for a venous preload proble, which is unlikely at your age. You also need to cut down on salt.
Avatar n tn that may have relieved itching but resulted in the welt getting bigger and then spreading out~ thats when I went to a Dr. In the past when I mistakenly put cortisone cream on a spider or mosquito bite, it ended up being a problem bc it drives it to do even weirder stuff. If I had known it was a spider bite I wouldn't have used steroid cream. Anyhow i used Blue Chamomile essential oil to bring down the inflammation and it did work.
Avatar n tn Not wasp or bee stings which I have never had. In August I got a bite on my leg which made all my leg and foot swell up and it took antibiotics and various creams etc to make it go away. It hurt very badly, not itchy, and it took almost 2 months for the bite to go away completely although I still have the mark on my leg. Do you think it is possible that the poison is still in my system and that any further bites will make matters worse.
Avatar n tn It just appeared out of nowhere one day - and I thought it was just a bad mosquito bite. Has anyone ever experienced these symptoms and if so, what course of treatment/diagnosis did you go through? I was on the antiobiotic, Bactrum, for 3 weeks before the doctors told me to stop as the medication was not working. Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Avatar n tn I have the same problem as this red swollen itchy eyelids. Don't have allergies like this. I do wear contacts--why would they cause this? I haven't been wearing the contacts for days now....
Avatar f tn As for the groin, it could also be a nerve or the tech might have found a swollen gland. Do you have any bites on your body anywhere? Even a mosquito bite can cause a swollen gland in the groin. You might want to take some Probiotics to ease the pain. Yeah, acidophilus.. If there are any "bugs" in your system, it should take care of them. I personally don't recommend yogurt as many of them are pasturized and no longer contain live bacteria.
Avatar f tn It began a bit over a week ago, and I thought they were mosquito bites at first, but I kept getting more and never noticed a single mosquito. After a few days the bumps turn into small blisters that slowly grow until they're a 1-3 mm (not sure yet what happens later), or if they break they just dry up and leave a little mark. In the blister stage they only itch occasionally, and I have to wear shoes, for example, the itch is at first really strong and then gets milder.
Avatar m tn This is exactly what I'm experiencing! I was outside with friends last night for less than an hour. I thought I had mosquito bites because my left leg started itching REALLY bad. When I got home, I was getting ready to take a shower and noticed weird red "bites" (a little swollen like it had just been a mosquito bite) on the back of my upper arm, almost alarm pit. I thought it was just a lot of mosquitos, took a shower and went to bed.
Avatar n tn My reactions to insects have grown quite extreme the last few years (my doctor looked at a mosquito bite on my arm that was so inflamed it didn't itch, it hurt!). I had a similar skeeter bite on my thigh (where he did see a puncture), and he thought it was possible the red bumps might be system reactions to the bites elsewhere on my body???
Avatar f tn Usually just one bite at a time, and they don't look like typical bed bug bites (based on pictures i've seen) - mine look like mosquito bites, sometimes get quite swollen, and last for a week. How did you finally determine you had bed bugs? Thanks!
Avatar m tn Little circles of dead skin would pop up and then the skin would peel. on my back today i also noticed that there is a welt that feels like a mosquito bite but does not itch, i have also been getting an occasional boil on my lower back, and sometimes on the middle part of my back. Maybe 1 or 2 a week. When i wake up, I feel ok until about 20 minutes after i am awake, and i am tired for about 5 hours, and then i feel fine for the rest of the day.
Avatar n tn 2 IGM – POISITIVE I have this unexplained rash on my body. Rash looks like small (2mm-5mm) red mosquito bite like bumps, Itches a lot when they swell. Normally comes in 2-4 bumps in one area(3 squre inch area). But there are also individual ones. Stay swelled like 1-2 days. Itches time to time. No liquid/crush or anything. Stays redish for the swollen period. Some bumps completely go away after 2-3 days. But some stay like a small pimple without puss. Some rashes leave a blac mark on skin.
Avatar f tn When I first noticed them there was definitely a sign of a bite, and spread out from the bite was what looked like a rash or burn. My wife said it was the zip line harness, because it looked like a burn. but I am 100% sure it was a bite. It was alittle itchy, but I continued my vacation. No fever. When I returned home the rash did not go away. I got a sore throat and decided to take some antibiotics that were from a previous sore throat infection.
Avatar n tn Usually the welts follow the same course of my scratch, so I end up with streaks of welts (raised bumps or lines, somewhat like mosquito bites only not so firm) wherever I had scratched. However, the rash that develops isn't dry, leathery, scaly, or filled with pus. It has the same texture as the rest of my skin, only more swollen.
Avatar n tn Rash looks like small (2mm-5mm) red mosquito bite like bumps, Itches a lot when they swell. Normally comes in 2-4 bumps in one area(3 squre inch area). But there are also individual ones. Stay swelled like 1-2 days. Itches time to time. No liquid/crush or anything. Stays redish for the swollen period. Some bumps completely go away after 2-3 days. some bumps swell back again in the same place when i scratch like they were being there under the skin unnoticed.
Avatar n tn Ya, i have been getting these like mosquito bite size itchy red spots for a few months, but some months i get no icthyness and other i get it. its really weird, like now i have those mosquito ithcy bites on my arms, stomach, feet,wrist elbows, i get it in one spot for a day then its completely gone the next few hours. then it comes back in like my arm or some where different. i hate it what do u guys recommend???
Avatar n tn After two weeks of the apperence of the rash I started getting HIVES, one or two small mosquito bite type of bumps which will appear and then disappear in an hour or so. HERE ARE MY QUESTIONS. 1. DO MY SYMPTOMS SOUND LIKE ARS? 2. DOES MY RASH FIT IN THE CATAGORY OF ARS?
Avatar f tn I get what i thought was an insect bite atarts like a mosquito bite and then swells 3 to 4 times the sizeof a mosquito. Terribly itchy. Went to the doctor they really have no clue, lol. The first time i went in they said blepheritis, my eye was swollen shut. The worse incident my right arm looked like popeyes arm. I awoke this morning with a lump on my left arm. My wife and i aleep in the same bed she doesnt het bit and the kids dont get bit. I sprayed and bombed 2weeks ago.
Avatar m tn Recently i'm having a skin rash. It's rarely things on the skin which looks like a mosquito bite. It's itchy when i'm at home, more at nights and it's not itchy at school or somewhere else. I don't know why. It's on th left shoulder, both legs, more on the left one, and on both foots/legs... the thing (place) which is when you get your shoe on your foot and the boot is up to something... Up from the bone from the inside of your foots. Sorry for that, just don't know in english how it's called.
420469 tn?1217650963 Oh my goodness, that IS a nasty looking bite. I swell up and get a huge red ring around mosquito and spider bites, but it's never this large. I would also suggest running her to the doc's, or maybe call them first and talk to a nurse, just to be on the safe side. Also, regarding the hematuria, my 9 yo DD has had both gross and microscopic hematuria (she's had micro as long as I can remember). She's had a CT scan and they found 2 renal cysts.
Avatar n tn I woke up on Tuesday morning completely covered from my ankels to my chest in these mosquito like bumps as well as patches of swollen itchy spots (I guess they are called welts). I called the doctor right away and he was hesitant to say I had an allergic reaction to the Wellbutrin. The benedryl did not subside my symptoms so he prescribed some type of steriod for the reaction. Then he stated that in 1 week I should start taking it again to see what happens.
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Avatar n tn I live in Arkansas, so I thought when I got my first bite near my elbow 10 days ago that it was just a mosquito bite because they're out already. But usually my mosquito bites stop itching and go away after 2 or 3 days. The itching persisted for a week, and spread as well. It started on my left elbow and went all the way down to my wrist. Also got one on my right hip, then on the leftside of my chest.