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Avatar m tn I also had a really bad ingrown toenail in the same big toe taken out a few months ago. Well, for a few months now I've been having pain in my foot that's radiating up my leg. More specifically, I'm not showing any physical outside symptoms except that my toe is a little swollen and purplish. All the tests I've had done so far including an x-ray, an mri and an emg and nerve conduction study have came back normal. Except the mri showed I had some edema.
Avatar n tn Within the last month or so when I walk to class the bottom of my left foot and toes go numb. i also have pain going down the back of my leg. This ussualy goes away in about 10 minutes after I sit down. However, within the last two days I have had this pain more constant whether I was walking or sitting down and it doesn't go away as easily. Could this be a problem with the circulation to my leg or is it more likely to be associated with my back or nerves.
Avatar f tn Yes I have leg pain. Burning feet, cramps, shooting pains. Always constant pain. They say I have neuropathy. Take painkillers regularly, can no lnger work. Unable to walk any distance. But still haven't been diagnosed. Started jan 2009. See Rheumatologist Jan 2010. I have to say hang in there, your body will adjust slowly. You learn to do things in a different way and develop a time schedule that suits your physical limitations.
Avatar f tn I have been putting my leg up on two pillows with a heating pad on it.. so the heating pad lies almost up to the top of my thigh and to my knee.. helps alot!! When I have to go out for the day.. I have been getting those knee heating pads and placing them on my thigh with an ace bandage around it. Just some things that have helped me.. so I can get thru the day. By the way how is the WC case going? I'm still waiting for some news from my lawyers office.
Avatar m tn Up until now I have been thinking my pain was mainly in my left testicle, but during the last couple of weeks I got the feeling that the pain was just as much in my left leg/knee and left foot. I guess I look at that as a good thing, since pain in the leg does not sound as scary. Still, it would be nice to get rid of it all, and I do plan to go see the doctor soon, but because of some stupid mix-up I was unable to change my doctor in May-June.
Avatar n tn I went to stand on my couch and as I went up, my left foot got caught under couch and hit a bolt. It was intense pain and now it has been 24 hrs and the pain went up into the back of my calf and now is in my thigh. What is going on and what should I do?
Avatar n tn I wish I knew!! I am having the same problem. My foot, after a full day on it, even starts to hurt up my leg stopping 1/4 way upmy calf and swelling. I did start NIA classes about 3 wks ago. My doctor did not recognize what was going on either. I have an HMO I insurance, so I have to wait 4-8 wks to get an appt with Podiatry! Anyone had this? Take care!!
Avatar f tn I found it quite painful puuting weight on for the rest of the day- due to the pain in my lower leg. On going to bed the pain completely shifted away from my leg to the top part of my foot/ big toe and I noticed I had what looked like a small bit of bone sticking out. I got up early in the night and initially it painful putting weight on my foot, however after a few steps the pain decreased.
807381 tn?1245086711 I have had and still have with no signs of letting up a totally stiff and painful left foot, and ankle. The pain by the end of the day radiates up my leg into my hip. I can stand on it just fine, it doesn't hurt to STAND, it just hurts to move it or to hold it still. Interestingly enough. When I do just lay there and rest it, there is a vibrating sensation in the bottom of my foot, mush like a gentle cell phone ringing along a line.
Avatar f tn Since I have experienced my foot becoming a club foot, my toes seem not connected, foot and leg are numb. If I sit too much they swell causing me to not be able to even urinate. I become groggy and cannot think of my words to speak when this happens and it is getting worse all the time. With walking it swells so bad I can't walk more than 1/2 hour and I have become so overweight I don't think I will ever be able to get it off!!! I need some help on where to go with this.
Avatar m tn I also had a really bad ingrown toenail in the same big toe taken out a few months ago. Well, for a few months now I've been having pain in my foot that's radiating up my leg. More specifically, I'm not showing any physical outside symptoms except that my toe is a little swollen and purplish. All the tests I've had done so far including an x-ray, an mri and an emg and nerve conduction study have came back normal. Except the mri showed I had some edema.
293157 tn?1285877039 Hi there, I'm having a problem with my left foot turning inward and sometimes I hit the ground with my foot. It's like my leg just didn't pick up my foot. I mentioned it to the Neuro who suggested some type of Work Boot. We looks for some and I found them way too heavy for walking etc. just wonder what how a leg brace might help. He said I might need that if the boots don't work out for me. ? anyone have ideas on this?
Avatar n tn also along the botton of the arche, I had a scan done in march which lited up all over my foot. Pain does also raideate up my leg, as far as past the knee. Im so tired of pain... specially when Im on it its worse. Went shopping for 2 hrs and pain is debilitating. haven't worked but maybe 2 weeks since one is helping, what can this be?
Avatar m tn I have been getting bad cramps that really feel like shooting pain down one vein in my arm, leg, and foot. Is this normal? Does anyone get something like that or just cramps in the arches of your feet? I also get cramps in my knee.
Avatar f tn Hi! My foot seizes up when I workout, when I'm done going for a run, or when I try to stretch it. It's been happening for a really long time and it's only ever my left foot. I've tried to do different exercises for my feet and ankles and I've tried different stretches for it, but nothing seems to help. Does anyone have any advice?
1001811 tn?1259865089 This past week, I have had EXTREME and CONSTANT pain my my entire foot that shoots up to my knee. I have tried heat, cold, massaging it, exercising it, walking on it, resting it while elevated and Tylenol. Some of these remedies work part time. The heat feels good for about 15-20 minutes. I called hosp and they told me at labour and delivery to come in - to check for blood clotts. There are none thankfully. My foot and leg are a little swollen but nthing to be concerned about.
Avatar n tn Hi- I myself have never been diagnosed with HSV type 2, but about 7 yrs. ago I noticed burning pain in my right buttocks, back of my leg & especially the foot, mostly the bottom & heel. Someitimes I noticed a nagging pain in the right side of my vagina with inercourse. I just thought I'd tweaked a nerve in my back. I never had, & still have never had, a lesion on my exterior genitalia. These episodes came & went, & I just kept going.
486038 tn?1300066967 and then tests for it, and it always comes back ok. And this foot pain is getting intense this week, it's waking me up. I'm sorry, I just had to tell someone and I hate to complain to my parents or friends,yes I've told them, but I'm not sure how to handle it some days, you can all relate. ;) Rubbing my feet just aren't helping, touching my feet makes me want to just cry, when I lay down at night to sleep the pressure of the bed on my heels makes me want to scream sometimes. Ok, done venting.
Avatar f tn I'm sorry to hear that you are in a lot of pain. I wish I had some answers for you, as I also am having leg pain and don't know what to do about it. I go to see my doctor soon, so hopefully he will have some answers and if so, I will pass the info along. In the meantime I will pray that your pain lessens.
Avatar n tn I now have joint pain, leg pain, some blurred vision, headaches and have very restless sleep. I also have severe acid reflux, meds have never helped. I'm feeling desperate. I feel as though there's something very wrong.
Avatar n tn but when I returned from walking in the morning I started getting a pain in my right leg I can't put pressure it hurts so bad like a leg cramp but it's not specific a leg cramp. I can't even get up or sit in toilet normal I have to do it slowly but with ALOT OF PAIN!! But when I went for my sec walk it went away a lil n now this morning it's worst! What are you guys opinions?
Avatar n tn I took a nap today because the benadryl was still in my system and when I woke up my leg pain seemed to have subsided, and as I write this the leg doesn't hurt anymore either, but I'm deathly afraid of it coming back. I'm a big hypochondriac too because of my anxiety, and I'll think it's some...horrible, big blood clot in the leg artery or something huge to make me panic out of my mind.
1058261 tn?1256061140 If so have a word with a chiropodist (sp), you might need some shoe inserts to correct it. Feet being messed up could explain the leg pains after walking as if you feet are out of alignment it messes up everything else above them. Other thing is you could be having a wave of physical WD symptoms, if the pain is new and goes away within 24 that could be it.
450140 tn?1317950904 Hi there, Man do I know about leg pain, mine swell up so much, and the heat in them is incredible, also, i get these small little bumps, and they start in the bottom of my legs right up to the thigh, and eventually bust into large or small bruises, I showed the doc yesterday, also, my ankles are in a mess, I have been puttin on stuff to help them, and the left one is healed up pretty good, but i have skinny feet if you know what i mean ,and when they swell i barely can walk, and the legs just do
Avatar n tn csue thank you for your responce i went to a chiroprator and he said he couldnt help me also ultra sound didnt show blood clots the severe pain is in my lower back left leg all the way to my foot i have been sleeping with a pillow under my lower leg and it seems to help now i'm thinking it could be a problem with my knee after limping around for about 10 minutes the pain goes away but when i first get up i cannot put any weight on my leg
Avatar f tn I had surgery on my knee, had three tendons of the manicuc repaired. My foot, ankles, leg and knee stays swollen. I soak in epison salt, elevate my leg when sitting and laying. They stay swollen. I also wear suppresion stockings. WHAT CAN I DO? IN PAIN WHEN I SLEEP. I NEED HELP!!!