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Avatar n tn I used to exercise regularly, even running marathons (Honolulu 2003), but slowed down a lot a few years ago due to the work load. Now I am starting to exercise more again. Could this be related to something in our environment? or diet? Please let me know if you learn anything more.
Avatar n tn I'm suprised the paramedic didn't tell you to do this? That's a LOT of force to have a car go over your foot and will normally do extensive damage to a persons foot. Better to be safe than sorry in my opinion and go and get checked out. Let us know what you decide. I hope you are ok and the pain subsides soon.
Avatar f tn Yes, any injury close to the ankle can cause injury to the foot and insertion of tibialis posterior tendon due to forces acting in certain directions. However, whether this particular base ball injury caused the foot injury and tendon tear or not cannot be said. Post injury, if your son fell and twisted his foot or lunged forward and tried to stop himself, then also he could have injured himself in a similar manner.
Avatar f tn I just want to know if it's worth taking her to the vet, and if it's not, what to do with the foot.
Avatar n tn What I was trying to find out was if the nerve damage in my hand due to an IV sticking in to a nerve while I was in the hospital was going to go away by itself or if I should see someone? Do you know that?
Avatar n tn Hi I have just been reading this thread, I have what my pain clinic Dr/Consultant calls sever true sciatic for 9 months now which has caused me to be unable to continue as a proper independent person and in this time I have also been diagnosed with no thyroid which causes me to fall asleep at the drop of a hat and in the last 5 months a very peculiar occurrence has happened to me, my left foot and ankle has swollen to the size of a blown up rubber glove leaving just these flailing toes at the e
Avatar f tn It will allow you to walk, run hike as far as you want without any risk of rubbing injuries due to the brace. You can see it in action on Youtube... Website: Video: I can assure you that the comfort of our new external brace have nothing in common with any conventional internal brace. Hope it will help everybody afflicted by drop foot to recover their full level of activity. Visit us and feel free to leave us comments.
Avatar f tn She is still a little bit wobbly at times and obviously hasn't got all of her vision back yet hard to know how much she does have but she can see a foot or two in front of her, she runs over to her toys to play with them, happy running around jumping on and off the sofa etc. I am hoping that she will continue to improve over the coming days weeks and months but if we grind to a halt I won't be disappointed with the incredible recovery she has made.
572651 tn?1333939396 We haven’t had a good old mystery diagnosis lately so I thought I would offer up my case history and get your feedback. This is not MS related because it is not a CN problem Pt history: MS Left foot Bunionectomy April 2012 Pulmonary embolism August 2012 Hammer toe – left foot developed 2013 Sx (that’s for symptoms and not sex)- Pain in left foot – got orthotics for relief from hammertoe – helped temporarily but then started to worsen over past six months.
Avatar n tn As much as I was relieved to find an answer to the issue with the foot, I knew this was going to be hard as I just had my 2nd child the end of 2006 and my husband works 2 jobs. They did not instruct me to stay out of work - they simply said rest it as much as possible. I elected to stay out of work for 2 days and then return after that in an effort to get the swelling down.
Avatar m tn My mind is racing from the time I get up. I multitask all day long due to the fact that I am a single mother (my kids whole lives) finishing up my masters degree. I would try to ignore the ticks. Perhaps, wrap an ace bandage around the area to lessen the feeling of them. I would ask to try a low dose beta blocker as long as your BP is ok. The Lorazepam works wonders - but shouldn't be taken daily (my opinion). I think in the long run, this should help with your panic attacks and twitching.
Avatar f tn In my 20's and until late 30's I became an avid runner, at that time without the benefit of great runing shoes for that purpose because correct shoes were not yet manufactured and recommended to runners. The reason I quit running was back pain, sciatica, and migranes. When that occured, I sought health care via my family dr. who recommended chiropractor for musculo-skeletal pain and a neurologist for migraines.
Avatar f tn I actually went for a run today but I didn't manage very well due to heaps of blisters on my foot. I think I might have to re-evaluate what I'm going to do. My mum wants to phone my sister now so need to go. Will write again tomorrow.
Avatar n tn -) I didn't begin using again because of it though. It wasn't till I had another operation that I started using pain meds again. I'll probably tell her, what she probably already knows and move forward....I do get scared though of both telling her and quiting. Hell...I'm trying to quit smoking after 30 years but even that I can't kick, even using chewing tobacco while inside at work. This much I know...
1415174 tn?1453246703 I think he followed the instability my mother had and I went the other way luckily. I went to college and was sick all the time probably due to stress and finally got better in the end. So I found my sweet husband who is an angel. His family are all stabile and geniouses seriously. Three years ago though his brother died of a brain tumor ( we became his caregiver for a while) and my husbands dad died of Parkinsons around the same time too.
Avatar n tn You know, I live in Boise, Id and it is REALLY dry here. So much so, I get nosebleeds and have to take guifenesen and evoxac to keep eyes in tears and nose moist enough, yet still have terrible pain. You could visit an area for a few weeks to see if your pain improves before moving there. Where are you? Warm does sound good right now. We actually have snow on the ground. I've lived in Tucson and it is a very big city, has some nice parts, and probably isn't as pricey as SD.
Avatar f tn What I had known all along (that I was having a strong reaction to the vac itself) was confirmed. In my heart I knew that my decline into ill health was due to getting the H1N1 jab. (My daughter calls it the 'Hi Knee' or Hiney, however you would like to pronounce it:) We have been calling my saga the 'Hiney aftermath' and I also was hit the hardest just after the holidays (Dec 27th) The whole thing is a blur actually.
700223 tn?1318169294 More and more professional sports teams have put acupuncturists on their medical staff to accelerate healing and to resolve stubborn injuries. .Acupuncture remains one of the primary means of quick healing for the martial arts. Specific acupuncture styles and techniques were developed to stop pain and dramatically increase recovery time. This tradition continues today and its use has expanded into competitive athletic and sports that result in every type of injury.
Avatar f tn I was 60days into my recovery but due to severe spinal injuries I had extreme pain and broke down and took an oxy. I completely agree with my friend IBKleen You do not need to apologize to anyone. I was in the same boat as you I found that acupuncture worked for me. It took a while but it eventually helped. I also started taking herbs and spices such as turmeric and cinnamon helped reduced inflammation which is a huge factor generating pain.
356518 tn?1322267242 Within three weeks it moved down to my foot and up my left side. It is now something I live with 24/7. This burning feels like I have a bad sun burn and someone is slapping it. Ever had that happen? They have run many tests and have found nothing. I think they where mostly testing to see that they had not done anything during the surgery I could sue them for. They say they have checked for everything and can find nothing it must be in my head. One doctor told me it was Diabetic Neuropathy.
Avatar f tn Im pregnant also im 8wks and have been taking hydros for the past year due to frequent meningitus i decided to quit because i knew my body was getting addicted i want my baby safe and healthy im only on day 2 of no pills it feels like im dying but i refuse to take anymore period!
Avatar n tn I've had chronic pain since 1999 with multiple surgeries on my knees, foot, back...herniated and ruptured disc, all due to prednisone causing my connective tissue to rip apart.. Years of pain and depression followed from trying to find a doctor who would believe the level of pain I was in and only getting a few lortab or percocet nearly took away my will to live.
Avatar n tn He had over 10,000 posts here and after TX he had to resort to voice recognition software due to the severe tendenitis. Jim also cataloged an area within Medhelp where threads and symptoms such as these were archived. Jim got his SVR but it was not without a price. Lauri also got her SVR and she has also some post TX issues. Keep in mind; as a genotype 2 she did lower dose and a shorter treatment time.
Avatar n tn After getting very little sleep last night due to this condition, I decided to check online to see if anyone else has experienced the same symptoms.
Avatar f tn I then had a sleep study done and it showed i was unable to go past stage 2 sleep, no REM and no Deep Sleep due to the pain. I know the Drs at first saw me as drug seeking and that i am faking it but then when i came in after 2 weeks of barely any sleep (prob 5-10hrs TOTAL) my doc saw me and i looked like death and then they finally believed me. But that happened througout the first year and it took an awesome Neuro.
335728 tn?1331418012 and could hardly stand on my right foot due to the pain in my ankle and it's back this afternoon...I guess I shouldn't have talked myself into believing that it was gone and it wouldn't be back eh??? Then I got a call from my friend Rose last night to find out her one daughter was in an accident yesterday a.m. on the freeway...
Avatar n tn For those of you already living with your girlfriends, for those of you who already have kids with a woman, for those of you who are engaged, FINISH THE JOB. I don't understand this one-foot-in and one-foot-out approach to relationships and I would like it explained to me. The cool, amazing woman in your life is doing her best to compromise what she really wants so you can each have some of what you want. She's trying to equalize the balance of power, not *****-whip you.
10070887 tn?1407621210 At first look the doctor believed I had a flare up of gout due to the edema, color change, and the lack of any trauma or injuries, but he ordered x-rays to be thorough. Much to our surprise, my foot was fractured in two places; the sesimoid bone was in two pieces and the other one was a stress fracture near my inside ankle bone. The doctor explained to me even though I had to fractures he still believed I had gout and I should follow up with podiatrist for a more accurate diagnosis.
580352 tn?1218555987 I have 3 plates and 16 screws in my right foot due to an accident It has crippled me for the time and yes I still not have accepted it but I do not want to die.. There is still a life out there you just have to find it but WD first.. You can do this it is hard but so worth it.. At this time in your life it sounds like you have to rebuild and you will want to do that straight.. I wish you well on your journey and I'm sorry that this has happened to you..