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Avatar f tn It comes in a bottle and I'd squirt it on her toe pads and in between her toes twice a day for 3 days. Fungus gone. It also immediately got rid of the nasty smell, and since she didn't like the taste, she stopped chewing. Of course, during the hot summer months, the fungus would come back in about 6 weeks, but at least I could recognize the signs and immediately treat it. It got to where she'd see the blue bottle appear and willing stand still for treatment.
Avatar f tn Is this fungus a bug and does it bite as it feels like something is crawling between toes and biting sensations,.. Whe I take off my socks in the morning, sometimes I see black specs all over my toe area...what is that..someone said dead fungus.... thank you.. Can you shed some light on this type of fungus.... Thank you...
Avatar m tn hello i have a problem about a year ago i got a foot fungus beetween my little toes on both feet i tryed all the creams i t would get better then come back after i ran out of cream then about 4 months ago it went on my groin and rear end area i went to the doctor they gave clomtral fungus cream and it didnt work then i went back he gave a steroid cream and claratin and that didnt work its now on my ears and eyes its very itchy and when i itch it at night after fluid leaks from the skin i tryed
Avatar n tn But the feeling is like all of a sudden someone is putting a feather in between my toes, all on that particular foot at one... all spaces in between the toes come on at the same time... but on the one foot. Sometimes left foot, sometimes right foot, but rarely both feet at the same time. I have tried wearing just sandels around the house to keep air flow. I wear those rubber shoes at work with the holes for air flow. I change my socks like 3 times a day.
564644 tn?1216371963 Hi, This could be a fungal infection of the skin folds in between the toes called Athlete's foot. It is a common name given to a fungus infection of the skin that predominately occurs in between toes but can occur anywhere on the foot. The skin involved may be red, swollen and may contain sticky fluid. Patients may also experience a scaly dry rash on the bottom and sides of feet. Cracks or "fissures" can occur between the toes, sometimes with a accompanied soft white scale.
Avatar n tn I have athletes foot and this afternoon my foot was itching a lot between my toes, I scratched it and now I have a hard painful swollen area between my toes, it itches and burns at the same time. I have put some antiseptic cream on it but it is painful to walk on. It looks like a large blister between my toes. I also have noticed discoloration to all of my toenails, my big toenails are falling off and are painful with pressure too. How should I treat this?
Avatar n tn So I was using an athlete's foot spray and it helped clear up some fungus I had in between my toes. However on my second toe I had a small red bump and thought it was the fungus manifesting itself again. I kept using the spray especially on the toe. Well the bump got bigger and now is about the width of my toe. Thing thing is, is that it looks like a blister. It's not firm, yet it won't pop, and when I bend my toe the texture becomes bumpy.
Avatar f tn Should I worry about it being spread to others in the house via the shower? Is 1% clotrimazole sufficient? Is there a difference between the generic store brand, and a name brand like Lotrimin?
Avatar f tn Apply antifungal powder to soles of feet and in between toes. Because toenail fungus usually comes from going barefoot in moist public places or from sharing shoes, the best way to avoid this problem is through practicing good hygiene. 1. Wear cotton or wool socks, which will stay drier and air out more easily. And change them frequently throughout the day—at least two or three times a day. 2. Air out your shoes whenever you take them off.
Avatar f tn I clipped the nails all the way back (getting rid of all the discoloration), I file the entire surface everyday with a disposable nail file, and soak in apple cider vinegar and scrub with a foot brush (about ten to thirty min.), after I apply hand sanitizer to each affected nail and between my toes as well as the bottom of my feet, then lavender essential oil all over my feet, followed by an anti fungal aerosol spray. I also spray this in my shoes.
Avatar m tn My children have had recurring blisters between their toes for the last several months. We've been to several dermatologists but no one can explain what these are. They are not itchy and they tend to get better and worse over the course of several weeks. Also, they start as pinhead sized blisters that can grow to involve the entire toe (or multiple small blisters that grow together). Lamasil seemed to help after the initial outbreak, but does nothing now. Cultures have come back negative.
Avatar n tn It has an odor to it i think, or maybe its just from the baby powder i put on it. It looks red and dry, like athletes foot almost, but in a different spot, and i think it maybe spreading. I haven't had sex in a few months, but could it still be an std? Could it be thrush? Should i put like cortizone on it to make it not so dry and sore?
Avatar n tn thanks everybody for the replies but this is isn't athlete's foot. Athlete's foot isn't red spots, AF is the tiny wound in between the toes. this are red spots on my toes, spots I have NEVER ever had before and I have been under extreme stress in many other conditions. I just found this on the CDC site in regards to syphilis. "Secondary Stage Skin rash and mucous membrane lesions characterize the secondary stage.
Avatar n tn I know it's not athlete's foot because #1 it didn't start in between my toes but more all over and not visible and #2 because my nails haven't had much effect taken on them.... So about a month and a half ago one night the middle and "index" toe on both of my feet had swollen up and because unbearably itchy... I went to the doctor, and this guy says "Oh my wife had the same thing pretty much but on her fingers....
Avatar f tn Do your sons complain his pain in his all of his fingers and toes, or just a few of them. My son explains the pain is in all of his 10 fingers and 10 toes. He never has an episode when he is having a lot of fun though. It seems like the extreme pain happens when he has some time alone or he is frustrated. Do your sons have any problem going to school at all?
Avatar n tn Lately it has gotten worse and is not only between most toes, it is at the bottom of each toe and on the top of my foot. I have seen images for the diagnosis 'Tinea Pedis' on the web and several of them really look like what I have but I have no discoloration or problems with my toenails. This problem has been ongoing for several years and generally did not impair my mobility until now.
Avatar f tn Athletes foot is a fungal infection. With athletes foot you will feel sore in between the toes, sometimes itching. The skin will peel and the skin can crack in between the toes. An antifungal cream specially for athletes foot will help and also medicated talcum powder for athletes foot. Make sure your toes are dry after a bath or shower. Wear cotton socks, don't wear other people's footwear. Althletes foot fungus likes warm, dark and humid conditions.
Avatar n tn I figured that it was not a case of Athlete's Foot because the region between my toes was not affected, though it had spread slightly to the two neihboring toes. Hoping speed along self-recovery, I picked away the dry, hardened skin, though it would return nonetheless. Last week I developed unusual skin peeling on my hand, beginning with the palm side part of my thumb, across to my index and middle finger on one hand. Within a few days the same occured on my left.
Avatar m tn It works for athlete's foot which is also a fungus. This is what my doctor told me to use when I got the itches between my toes. It works.
Avatar f tn In theory yes you can get a fungal type infection under nail varnish but you would have to be pretty negligent to the state of your fingers to do so. If you are wearing several layers of varnish and it starts lifting instead of just flaking off it would be a prime site for an infection, most peoples varnish just flakes off and even if it did start lifting most people would just strip off the whole varnish. So the chances are pretty rare.
Avatar m tn Later that night I got my phone out and I saw that there was a dry cracked spot near my anus on the opposite side of my Gentiles, the side closest to the back, and freaked out. It reminded me of cracked skin in between toes on the foot. It didn't really hurt it just was irritating.
Avatar n tn The cracks sometimes bleed. It is all over her feet not just between her toes it is all over her feet. Do you think that it could be some sort of Fungus other than athletes foot? If so what she we do to treat it.
Avatar f tn I had that fungus on my feet when I lived in the tropics. The Dr. prescribed an anti-fungal and I put Vicks and socks on at night. It took a while, but it finally got better.
Avatar f tn Hello, I cannot confirm a diagnosis without examination, but it can be foot blisters or fibromas. When a foot is hot and sweaty, the sock sticks to the foot. The sock and foot then rub against each other and the inside of the shoe causing blisters to appear. Plantar fibromas are firm, nodular masses which occur as a single mass or in clusters on the arches of the foot. Wear shoes that fit properly and keep feet as dry as possible.
Avatar n tn I dont know it this is associated with the allergy I had a week prior to noticing that my feet itch. No signs of flakes in my soles or in between toes but my hands are drying and skin peels off, at first it was in just on finger... then spreads to the other. What am I dealing with? Do i need to dilute my hands and feet to water with vinegar and take extra precautions by visiting a derma? PLS HELP ME! thanks in advance.
Avatar n tn Hi, Athlete's foot, or tinea pedis, is a common skin infection that is caused by a fungus. It may present with bumps on the feet; cracked, blistered, or peeling areas, often between the toes; redness and scaling on the soles of the feet; skin between the toes may have an unpleasant odor; or a rash that spreads to the instep Diagnosis is through a skin scraping evaluated under the microscope. Treatment is with antifungal medications.
Avatar m tn This could be due to an infection, dermatitis or irritation. In particular, Athlete's foot or tinea pedis is a fungal infection in the foot. This is a very common infection and often caused by a combination of fungi and bacteria. Fungus can cause rashes with a variety of different appearances. Some are red, scaly and itchy, whereas others can produce a fine scale similar to dry skin. The fungus may infect just one area of the body, or there may be several infected areas.
Avatar n tn Itching and peeling underneath the toes or in between the toes, usually is Athletes foot. This is a fungal infection, that is usualy caught walking bare footed where someone else with althletes foot has trod. For example in showers in the swimming pool, or trying on shoes that some one with althletes foot has tried on. You can get creams and powders for althletes foot from your pharmacist or a superstore. It is important to keep the feet clean and dry in between the toes.
Avatar f tn The next day I washed her feet in a highly diluted clorox (with water). The sodium carbonate in the bleach will kill the fungus growing if its athletes foot. At night I let her play in the tub while soaking in Aveeno soothing bath treatment. Then I coat her feet with some spray and gel before bed. I may give her a small dosage of benedryl liquid to help her sleep and will block antigens if it is allergy related, but contact pharmacist for dosing.Just to give you some comfort.
Avatar f tn You need to keep the foot clean, apply the cream as directed by your doctor (I understand that Flamazine is only available on prescription), only wear cotton socks and sandals to avoid any moisture. Althlete's Foot is mainly in between the toes and just underneath the toe. You should keep applying the cream the doctor prescribed for you and as directed.