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Avatar m tn antibacterial...and antiviral.....You can smear it on your dogs feet.....and give him some to eat...! My dogs love it...! If he is a big dog...give him a tablespoon to eat daily. And if you rub some on his don't have to worry about him licking it off, it won't hurt him at all.....! Speaking of his feet, if he is willing to wear socks, you can cover his feet with cotton sure you keep the socks dry, and change them daily.
Avatar n tn There are also sprays - homemade and from the vet - that can help to keep him from licking his feet.
Avatar n tn We had yeast problems in a puppy's ears and tresaderm (available from vet) took care of that problem in short order. Some dogs with fungus problems need to be put on a special diet, so ask your vet about dietary issues. Some fungal infections can take quite a while to get rid of, so don't expect overnight results.
Avatar f tn Prior to this I got what I thought to be athletes foot on my left foot. It itches and peels reveling red sensitive skin. And Now I have developed a sore throat. I live with my mom who has a few months ago developed a bumpy rash on her arms. And now that has started showing up on me. I also have three dogs. One of them is a 9 week old puppy who’s rescue thought might have Parvo …. But I did have the foot thing before her.
Avatar f tn ( There are about four or five dime and nickle size spots on each back foot) He's up to date on all his vaccinations and he seems just fine, he's eating, drinking, and just as active as ever. We just got back from visiting my inlaws a few days ago. I do not remember seeing those bare red spots before or during our visit. I actually think the first time I noticed was the day after we got back.
Avatar n tn This happens more often in dogs with thick, or thick AND hairy toe pads. The fungus itches, so they lick, which makes the area moist and even more prone to harbor fungus. Quite the vicious circle! A little tresaderm or dermachlor flush plus should take care of it after 2 or 3 days. These products are cheap and available from your vet.
Avatar n tn I have one dog who gets doggy athlete's foot - fungus. She has really thick toe pads with lots of hair, so moisture tends to hang around in her feet, and dogs have sweat glands in their feet too. Once the fungus gets going, it irritates the skin, so she licks contantly. That brings on a vicious cycle of dampness and continuing the great environment for the fungus. Since it's only her feet involved, I squirt Dermachlor Flush Plus on them and rub it in between her toes.
Avatar n tn Wet paws set up the ideal conditions for fungus to grow. Your vet can provide a liquid solution to stop the fungus-foot. To keep her from licking in the future, some people have success using an over-the-counter spray of bitter apple, available at most pet supply stores. Some dogs hate it so much they'll leave the area alone; others just ignore it and go right on licking.
Avatar f tn Soft cheese and premade supermarket salad. They may contain a fungus that causes miscarriage.
Avatar n tn I had a dog whose foot odor permeated every room she was in. It always happened in the summer, and usually went away for a while with a simple bath. Then one summer it got worse and worse and she was obviously uncomfortable because she kept licking her feet, so it was off to the vet. Turned out to be a yeast infection that was cheaply and easily treated with Dermachlor Flush Plus. It's a simple antibacterial and antifungal solution in a bottle.
Avatar f tn Vaseline isn't the best bet for this area. It's not water soluble and can trap bacteria underneath it. Expressing impacted anal glands is kind of like popping a zit. It's going to be irritated for a few days, and of course, the dog is going to lick any irritated area. I've found Dermachlor Flush Plus (available from the vet) to be a great antiseptic and antifungal rinse that also prevents most dogs from licking an injury.
Avatar n tn I got some liquid medicine from the vet to use on my dog's feet when she gets the old athlete's fungus foot going. It only happens 2 or 3 times a year, and the treatment only takes a few days, but you'll notice an immediate improvement.
Avatar n tn Our old dog Chica got fungus foot every summer in her last few years. My husband always tied her up in knots trying to get the Dermachlor rubbed into her pads, so I banned him from foot duty. (Smart guy, huh? Just like wrecking the delicates load of the laundry on purpose...) What worked with Chica was to go at her feet as if she were a horse. I'd let her stand, run one hand down a leg and gently push her balance off.
Avatar n tn Ringworm is not actually a visible worm you would see (it's a fungus similar to athlete's foot). If it's a tapeworm, your cat will need to be dewormed with something like "Droncit" or "Drontal." More importantly, tapeworm is transmitted by FLEAS, so it's important that your cat (especially if he's outdoor) that he be on a flea preventative as mentioned above (like Advantage, Frontline, etc.).
Avatar m tn -) I had a dog that got fungus foot every summer. It finally got so bad that her bedding and even the carpet in her favorite spots just got rank. My husband never even noticed the stink, but I insisted on having the vet take a look - or have a sniff in this case. Sure enough, it was yeast. It was well treated with a product from the vet called Dermachlor Flush Plus.
174483 tn?1327629077 basically, you can pick it up as easily as athlete's foot (similar fungus). if it's eczema, a thick moisturizer like eucerin would help soothe it. if it's ringworm, then on otc cream would work- lamisil or generic is fine. (same treatment cream as is used for athlete's foot and jock itch, if you're wondering where in the store to find it). i don't think you mention your dd's age... obviously read packaging to make sure it's ok for her age, but it should be OK.
Avatar n tn Dogs that have thick or hairy toe pads tend to get the fungus foot, so keep a bottle of DermaChlor handy and use it as soon as you notice odor or obsessive licking.
Avatar n tn I had a dog who got doggy athlete's foot (yeast infection) every time I turned around - usually in the summer when she was swimming a lot and had wet feet. I just squirted the Dermachlor in between her toes and rubbed it in quickly for a day or two, and that was all she needed. Dermachlor is just a mild antibiotic, anti-fungal wash that is inexpensive and also prevents dogs from licking the affected area. You could use it on any infection, wound, fungus, whatever, and it's perfectly safe.
Avatar n tn Cotton underwear breathes better than underwear made of polyester or nylon, and can also help reduce yeast growth. Here's some info on dogs; yeast can be normal in dogs mouths so it could be contaminating the underwear. We can also have yeast in our mouths in low numbers too (normally). Yeast infections are not sexually transmitted but can be associated with oral sex. So you could actually transmit them to her that way and then infect yourself. So this is a complicated question.
Avatar n tn This is a harmless problem that's closely related to athlete's foot. It's caused by a fungus that's relatively simple to get rid of. First, what causes it? Well, as I said it's a fungus. Now there are three things that fungi really, really love - warmth, moisture and darkness. Anywhere you have these three things it's a perfect environment to grow. Let's think about your toes for a minute. It's dark (they spend most of their time in shoes and socks), it's warm, and there's moisture (sweat).
Avatar f tn It will grow mildew, it will grow fungus from athletes foot, to fungus that grows on feces. Also severely overwet carpet from shoddy cleanings will also leak into the padding and into the sub flooring that's made from amalgamated wood bonded by a sugar, based glue. Now you have hidden black mold. Here's what a good carpet cleaner should do. Use only natural final rinse agents, make them show you what they're using, its actually required by law in all 50 states.
1424786 tn?1282731524 I could have have some rash before, I am not really not sure, but about three days after the bites, I was traveling back home with this rash that looked like pimples with little white heads and with red bite marks all over my foot. Now that I am thinking about it, I might have had some of the other rash before, not sure. While traveling home, which was an eight hour drive, I was stinging and burning from head to toe, feeling like I was being bitten and I was stinging from head to toe.
Avatar n tn Where is the odor coming from? Most likely it is something fungal athleste foot, fock itch, or maybe something regularly in his diet.
Avatar m tn The nail thing sounds like a nail infection....Could also be a Fungus....Either way, it needs to be treated.....The problem w/nail infections, is that the Bone is very close to the area and can also become infected......These infections are harder to treat and sometimes require weeks of Antibiotics.....However, you must stay on top of this before it has a chance to reach the bone..... A Fungal Infection can create the nail rot and very itchy like Ahtletic's Foot....
765775 tn?1366028291 The more she licked, the worse it got. Her foot odor could drive you out of a room. We used a liquid called Dermachlor Flush Plus for a few days and the problem was gone. It's a gentle antibacterial and antifungal liquid. Another great benefit was that it immediately got rid of the terrible foot odor. Dermachlor comes in a bottle, so you can apply it directly to the feet with the nozzle, or suck some up into a smaller syringe if it's easier to handle that way.
Avatar m tn My problem stems from staying on a small but very busy Cambodian island at the end of high season (when there was no rain to wash away bacteria also from my understanding the sewage systems is very poor/non-existant), also I stayed in a Resort with 3 big dogs which were well looked after although one of which had a problem with its skin and was loosing fur and scratching a lot, there were no roads on the island with only jungle paths and beac
Avatar f tn Humans CAN get worms (roundworms and hookworms) from cats and dogs. The eggs, however, have to be in the enviroment for two weeks before they become able to infect humans, so if you keep any areas that are soiled by the pet clean, and keep your own hands washed (especially under the nails), it's not likely that you will become infected. Children are more prone to becoming infected, since their personal hygiene skills are not usually the greatest.