Foot cramps while sleeping

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Avatar n tn every once in awhile i get these "spasms" or aches in my leg while i am sleeping and they are so painful they wake me up out of a dead sleep and i will scream for about ten min. while i try to make the pain go away and i cant move my leg or flex my foot without increasing the pain. its very painful and then when i wake up the next morning my lef is full of knots and sore for the rest of the day sometimes longer... i have no idea why this happens. i have been told by dr.
Avatar n tn I had started having calf cramp on one leg while sleeping a year prior to dx, Only one leg seem to be the problem. I have not gotten any since finishing tx.
Avatar n tn i also sometimes vibrate or get a sudden jolt through my body and feel like i suddenly slipped in black darkness while i m sleeping...i also get short of breath while sleeping and feel like someone is strangling me and when i say Allah help me and God is Great then that force lets loose...
250155 tn?1485299539 and last pregnancy i had a pillow (that i still have but can't use b/c of co-sleeping issues w/ dd) that prevented me from sleeping in awkward positions. does this happen to anyone else?
8727253 tn?1400198161 It happens to me while Im trying to sleep.. I ususlly move my foot with my hands bc you cant move it yourself ..slowly so its not so painful and then when I regain my foot control I massage the back calf musscle. Seems to work for me..5mins and Im back to sleep.
Avatar f tn I only get leg cramps when I stretch while I am sleeping. These are very painful,sometimes makes me yell out. But if I stretch while awake, nothing happens. Anyone know why this is?
Avatar n tn every once in awhile, while i am sleeping i will feel the beginning of my toes or ankle in only one foot begnning to cramp up. the pain last for about 1-2 min. and then it completely is gone with no mafter affects., What causes this.Sometimese it's 2-3 nights in a row and then nothing for months.
Avatar n tn It would be under my right foot, always in the same area, then in a different area for a while, and now sometimes in my ankle too. It's not getting worse, it just comes and goes on a regular basis. I had a slipped disc in the past, so sciatica may be a possibility, although this feels very different (does not seem to be related to time of day, or position of my back, and not pain involved).
Avatar n tn I did some research on foot cramps and can tell you what I have found out. I do not know your age, but cramps in the feet while sleeping at night is apparently fairly common as people grow older. It is believed that this is sometimes caused by poor circulation in the feet, and is more common in diabetics than in other people. If you are younger than the middle years, then perhaps it could be a result of damage to blood vessels because of diabetes not properly controlled.
3211536 tn?1359389169 I had the leg/foot/toe cramps while on tx, and yes, the pain was horrendous!! I've had 2 kidney stones and I swear the cramps were almost worse! My "noise level" was no where near as difficult to control with the stones. Follow OrphanedHawks advice on how to get out of the bed (as hard as that is!) and get to a wall to do the following....I swear, if you can get to the wall, this does work! Stand at arm's length from a wall with hands on the wall.
Avatar f tn I used to have them alot while sleeping. Some1 advised me eating a banana b4 going to bed believe me it really worked.
Avatar f tn My foot hurt real bad for a while then got stiff. Everytime I point my foot it cramps. If I point my big toe it locks into place with excruciating pain in my foot. It slowly comes back up like My big toe is pointed up. But good news is it's getting better and doesn't lock up anymore. Only took 2 years, woohoo.
Avatar n tn Symptons started over 3 weeks ago with severe leg (mostly calfs) cramps while sleeping. This progressed to constant twitching in both legs (especially at rest although even when I am sitting in a chair the calves and hamstrings twitch). I also have spasms in my left foot area that make my foot move by itself when I am lying down. I saw a Neuro two weeks back and he gave me an office exam and then had me go for an immediate emg and nerve conductivity test along with an MRI of my lower spine.
Avatar m tn I have had Ostio arthritis confirmed after retiring from a lifetime of the heavy work of construction by two x rays taken 6 months apart, the expert commented it is mild/moderate and from the x rays said it was stable but if it progresses further I will be looking at some surgery so I do go to great length to check out any changes such as the night foot cramps I have noted which while infrequent have come on more often the past year.
Avatar f tn I had one while i was sleeping a few days ago and i woke up and started crying and made my fiance get up and rub my calf, my calf still hurts. I knew leg cramps were common in pregnancy, so i stretch my calfs muscles, and try to stay hydrated but sometimes you just can not avoid them.
1068422 tn?1293687853 I get cramps in my right foot,, sometimes one toe will pull over the top of the one next to it; can't pull it back, or massage it out; hurts so bad! That happened in my water exercise class yesterday. My toe cramps seem to happen more often when my feet are cold.
Avatar n tn In the past month, I've had 3 episodes of incredibly severe bilateral muscle cramping in the calves, thighs, and buttocks. I've had your normal foot or calf cramps many times in the past, but this is way beyond that. Twice I've ended up on the floor, unable to do anything except cry out for help. The spasms simultaneously affect both calves, the back and sides of both thighs, and both buttocks.
Avatar n tn By X-rays I assume you are talking about the rib cage, but you haven't really described exactly where it is and I am not sure whether you mean a legitimate cramp whereby the muscle flexes uncontrollably or some other sort of pain. The muscles between the ribs (intercostal muscles) rarely cramp and are there mainly to act as a stretchy protective plate which allow the chest to expand.
Avatar n tn Hi Welcome to the MedHelp forum! Cramps in groin and thigh while sleeping can be due to low iron, magnesium,calcium or folate, sleep disorder like restless leg syndrome or due to a pinched superficial nerve. Try decreasing the use of caffeine, alcohol, and tobacco. Take supplements to correct deficiencies in iron, folate, and magnesium. Taking a hot bath and massage the legs with warm oil or a heating pad. Some benefit by using an ice pack. Consult a sleep specialist.
Avatar f tn and it was negative --which honestly was not a surprise b/c I just don't feel like I am at all. (I haven't had any cramps or fluterings for a while and my breasts are just a bit sore -- likely the progesterone though) I'll let you know when all is confirmed though! --I'm still acting somewhat PUPO, but I'm prepared to move forward if my HPT and feelings are confirmed. HOPE EVERYONE IS DOING WELL -- Lot's of baby miracles on their way for all!
8644515 tn?1411142377 i just got my first leg cramp while sleeping last night, and haven't been able to sleep since. Is there anyway anyone knows how to avoid this? Little tips or tricks are appreciated!!! They hurt soooooooo bad!!
359321 tn?1278272490 I am experiencing very bad leg cramps every night until the early morning hours. It causes restlessness and wakes me up a few times a night. Does anyone else have this problem or know what to do? I am already eating a banana everyday for potassium and taking an iron pill for amenia, I have read that it could be a sign of amenia. I am also doing calf stretches because I read that this should also help.
Avatar f tn Anyone else getting cramps from the but down to the foot while sleeping on any particular side? I literally toss and turb every night because one side hurts and i have to roll off to another side. How are any of yo ladies dealing with this pain?
Avatar f tn I feel like I'm losing my mind--the reason I'm typing this is to keep my mind off the pain after a sudden attack of leg and foot cramps tonight. I have a pretty high tolerance for pain, but this is ridiculous. Now that I've gotten all that of my chest, I just want to thank everyone for their comments. My PCP offers no help, just sends me to a pain specialist, and that is worse than no answer at all.
Avatar f tn I got leg cramps and foot cramps and disturbed sleep when my meds were too low. It was amazing how fast the cramps came back when the last stoopid endo lowered my meds because my TSH was too low to suit him ( he thought I shouldn't be on meds at all) ! Seems like both your FREE's are too low, doesn't it ? Now that I've increased my thyroid meds again, the leg cramps are gone and the foot cramps are almost gone. My feet would go into spasm every time I would stretch my legs out on the couch.
Avatar n tn For me, it's a deep-rooted ache that develops in mid-spine area while sleeping that will not allow me to go back to sleep upon half-waking while turning over etc. At that point no position helps- only getting up and moving on with the day- which means I am not well rested and the other parts of the body suffer. In bed, the pain is considerably worse at the end of EXhalation (not breathing in) when the lungs are empty- this is when the pain is BAD.
Avatar m tn I don't know if this is even a legitimate problem area, but I'm having problems with anxiety while driving in my car. It's getting to the point where I'm afraid one day that I won't be able to even get into the thing. My Dr has had me on Prozac and Celexa but I'm now off of both due to the bad side effects I was having. I go back again on the 17th of this month to see what else they'll prescribe. Anyone else have this "phobia"? Thx, Thom.
1084398 tn?1277308410 I called to get into the dr, I finally see the foot dr. today after work. (I think this is an honest foot pain that is fixable with surgery - not MS related). This last week... after I had an episode of head to toe tremors (not the easy to deal with vibrating), but the ones that knock you on your feet you need to lay down and sleep tremors, now my left foot hurts. I don't know what it is. I think it's MS related. I don't know. The top of my left foot hurts towards the left.
Avatar n tn I have recently been having leg cramps while sleeping. On several occasions my calf is actuallly hot to the touch. I have had these nocturnal cramps in both legs, and usually am able to control or ease the severity of the cramp by manipulating my foot to take the pressure off my calf. Last night i was not able to do this. I wasnt able to assume a position that would ease either the pain or the duration of the cramp.