Foot cramps when walking

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1388357 tn?1280193093 I still get the vibration and cramps in my always seemed to happen when I changed my style to another..... I am still having this issue...tho not like b4 as that is the case with many of my symptoms...but I had a month or more of the vibrating, now I have had a few nights of cramps in the arch of my feet. My hands tend to cramp when I hold something too long.....
Avatar f tn I have had this perpetual cramp in my foot/leg for about 15 minutes straight and it ***** bc I have to use the bathroom but the cramp worsens if I stop walking on it (I'm pacing to keep the pain under control). Stupid cramps! It happened when I stuck my foot outside the door to kiss my husband and I even have socks AND houseshoes on.
Avatar n tn I do not understand this site. Anyway, Sometimes when I am walking, (and that can really hurt) or just lying down, my toes nd feet cramp to deforminty and it is painful and sometimes my arches cramp and the pain is terrific; the only way I get relief when this happens is to immediately jump or stand on my feet..Do you know what causes this?
Avatar m tn Most of the time it happens when I'm resting but has also happened when I am sitting or walking. Once the spasms are over I still have a hard time walking for several days due to the arch of my feet being so sore. What could be causing this to happen?
Avatar f tn for those of you who suffer from severe foot and leg cramps: -i've notice that when i stand/or walk for long periods, it brings on the cramps. this is very limiting when i want to do some activities (going almost anywhere involves standing and/or walking). i was wondering how others handled this? -and a very simple question: i've never been diagnosed with fibromyalgia. i'd like to know what type of specialist to see? i can't even get a doctor to treat me for the foot and leg cramps.
Avatar f tn Sharon, have you had an injury to your foot recently? When I broke my toe last year, I got the worst cramps in my calf muscle. I would definitely call the neurologist, as this is a neurological symptom. It usually means that there's some damage to the spinal cord. I think they usually prescribe baclofen for spasticity and spasms. My neuro prescribed flexaril for me, which is a cheap muscle relaxer - it's mild enough that I can take one at work if I need it.
Avatar f tn I have Fibromyalgia. I get excruciating cramps (charlie horses) in my calfs, toes, arch of feet, top of feet, inner right thigh, sides of calfs from the outside knee down to ankle. When I walk outside my home such as going to get groceries I am sure to have these cramps at night. They may also come during the daytime. My fingers and hands spasm also. My fingers on my right hand will pull in toward the center or my hand.. I became very ill about 2 years ago.
Avatar f tn I have shooting pain in both my legs, tingling sentations, and muscle spams, aching and numbness in my feet but when i feel them they are not numb to touch. But my main concern is my walking. When i walk the only way i can describe it is: when i walk and put weight on my leg it snaps back at the knee, like i have no spring for it to relax back. I have had a mri scan of my lower back and NCS and EMG test but the mri scan no results back as yet and the NCS and EMG showed nothing.
Avatar n tn i am 47 i dont have diabetes toe pain is strange numbness, and wierd lump under pinky and next toe on left foot walking mostly, but worse when i stand up chest pain and shortness of breath, sometimes bad lower back pain, butt pain down to knee and deep painful calf knots. I also have lumpy knots under shoulder blade on my right upper back, very painful. any insights or redirection is much appreciated.
Avatar f tn have leg and foot sensations mostly in my feet it is almost like cramps when I try to relax so have to stand to try to stop the cramping sensations in my feet
Avatar n tn I to have vibrations and from my chest to my feet but mosly in my feet,I have mvp and this only started when i went on the med cartizem for my bp and hr but my doc just looked at me like i was crazy when i told him anyways now i know im not crazy and others have these vibrations to but im pretty sure the cartizem is causing mine,I dont feel them as much when im walking mostly when im still.
Avatar n tn well i sleep in very awkward positions in work on downtime and also do alot of walking at home.i never stretch and should but i have cramping that is in my ankle,back of leg,feet,shin ect and the muscle is tender. i dont smoke nor drink so when i sleep at night it seems gone but when i wake up the pain is there and more painful under my toes which leaves but then the chronic pain starts.
Avatar f tn I have worst weakness in my thighs and biceps. The Right leg which is the weakest has affected my walking at times. It feels like my knee (the issue is not the knee itself) is locked and hyper extended when I walk at times. it causes muscle pain in my posterior mid leg when the leg acts up due to tightening of the muscles and how it affects my walk. This comes and goes without much warning. The faster I work, the worst it gets and the slower my speed the easier it gets.
Avatar f tn Im sure i was a sight to see (if it wasn't the middle of the night) when i was walking around with my foot stuck pointing down, so i was walking on my toes on only one foot, half asleep, in awkward pain. Lol. Hurts more now with my sore muscles!
Avatar f tn Is there anyone suffering from leg cramps? I had one the other day and this morning. I get leg cramps only in my left leg. I don't understand! I'm scared to even sleep in bed because I was told it happens when your leg is relaxed. Please help!
Avatar n tn My drop foot symptoms started appearing very suttle over the last year in the right foot only. I now remember tripping occaisionally when walking and tripping going up stairs. I have had problems with swallowing for a year now and i have been choking on my saliva and liquids real easily especially over the past 6 months. In addition i have noticed increased saliva when I talk to the piont of spiting while talking and my upper lip has been twitching. Agian this has been over the past 6 months.
Avatar f tn I was diagnosed, after a year of taking many falls, with foot drop, in my left foot. I have been fitted with a foot brace, but it does not seem to be helping. About 10 months ago, I started experiencing terrible muscle cramps in my right leg and toes on both feet. I have seen a neurologist and tests indicate that I have muscle damage in both legs. My legs are so weak, that it is hard to do much walking without getting absolutely exhausted.
800427 tn?1324949319 i have the worst leg cramps of my LIFE!! im so frusterated....they are here even while awake and in the middle of the freaking day...i couldnt even get a nap because of them and oddly enough i also have the same type cramps in my arms...i am so restless and uncomfortable i could cry! i know about how to stretch my legs out...which way to point my toes and ive tried walking and taking a bath blah blah blah....does anyone know of any weird old wives tale methods or homeopathic things to do?!
3211536 tn?1359389169 I would scream also, and I would be trapped on the bed, with the leg cramps, but when I tried to get up off the bed, it turned into an abdomen cramp. Also, my fingers would cramp up, and stick in weird positions. You should try to take it easy, so the muscles dont get strained, so sorry you are having this pain.
808544 tn?1248690019 But too much potassium is not good either so I only take it when I have the cramps not as a daily supplement. I eat 1/2 banana most mornings (with my protein drink). Another small comfort is to try to keep your hands and feet warm. When your hands cramp put them in warm water up to your wrists, and concentrate on relaxing.
Avatar f tn Have muscle twitches and jerks, muscle spasms and cramps especially when trying to rest or sleep. Tingly or creepy crawly sensations. Sometimes muscles in lower legs and feet spasm so hard that feels like toes will break. Muscles spasm across my right side & feel like is hurting my ribs. Have trouble concentrating. Have trouble getting to the bathroom without peeing on myself. Sometimes get choked on my own saliva.
Avatar f tn My husband calls it my werewolf feet I've been getting them for a couple years but now I also get the cramping and spasm in the front of my shin bone ,the top of my foot and the arc under my foot. I remember my mom complains about the same things when I was younger.
Avatar f tn Bananas can help because they are high in potassium. Which is Polley the biggest cause of ur cramps not getting enough I use to get them a lot when I played sports and that was the cause of them.
721523 tn?1331585402 Did you injure your foot or leg in some way? 100% of the time when I hurt my foot, the calf muscle starts cramping. Hmmm... if you're having cramping all over, that indicates something different - check with your neuro, you may be going into a flare.
Avatar f tn I used to get them when I would wake up in the middle of the night and point my feet/toes to stretch. Now I make sure when I stretch I only flex my foot back. If I feel one coming on I flex my foot really quickly, I haven't had one since. There's something about the shortening in the muscle when you put your foot down that triggers it.
Avatar f tn I also started having extreme foot pain 2 years ago, cannot exercise like I have always done. The pain in my hips in legs while trying to sleep at night has been horrible. All I take is ibubrofren and a half of Percocet when I am desperate. I don't want to get addicted to pain medication. Is there a pain med. that helps but is a lot less non addictive?
326590 tn?1296066049 I'm 25w4d today and for about a week, I have had difficulty walking if I've been sitting for a while or laying down. Once I get to moving, soon the pain sets pack in. For example, when I go to Walmart, I'm fine until halfway through my grocery shopping my "ya know" starts hurting like someone kicked me in the crotch, like it's brusied or something. I'm just wondering if anyone else has that feeling at the stage of pregnancy.
1218873 tn?1300094816 hi yes i get the cramp and tightening on the top of my left foot!! but mine only comes when or after walking for a while. i have a functional foot drop on my left side so i think mine is down to spacticity .?????? and it is sooooo uncomfortable when it hapens. and sometimes i have had it while driving.
Avatar f tn That technique also works great for an inner-arch foot cramp. You can achieve the same calf stretch when standing. Place the balls of your feet on a board or even a door threshhold. You only need a couple inches of height, and the higher the object is that you stand on, the more of a stretch you'll get. Balance yourself on the balls of your feet and slowly lower your heels to the ground. Maintain for a few seconds until the cramp stops.