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Avatar f tn My foot cramps too because I curly toes when it's really good and the after climaxing I relax and sometimes get a major foot cramp haha no big deal. If he had an electrolyte imbalance the cramps wouldn't only occur after sex.
1388357 tn?1280193093 Hi Lisa, I wasn't sure if my foot cramps were related and why they were happening, but now you have me thinking. I noticed it a lot when we were in California recently especially after I would get out of the water from swimming. Very painful. During this time, the same foot was full of pins and needles the entire time we were on vacation. Since we've come home, I have not had this issue. I thought maybe it was the drastic temperature change.
723685 tn?1267050295 0 several times a year, and not once did I experience cramping in my feet, toes or calves. That is why I'm concerned at this time, why I am experiencing daily cramps and a heaviness in my legs? If anyone has experienced the same problems and has an idea what the problem could be, I'd appreciate hearing from you. Thank You!
Avatar f tn I have very severe foot cramps toes curl and twist around and the pain is terrible.I was told its a symptom of ms.But i would ask your doctor as i am going to also.I cant do any standing or walking for night when i relax its worse.or if i stand on my tip toes or bend them they go into cramp mode real fast.i cry every time.
Avatar m tn Hi there, Your question has landed in the MS community but foot cramps are basically caused by many different things not necessarily a medical causation and foot cramps are not very suggestive of MS. I would suggest you consider due to your age group, that you bring this to the attention of your doctor but keep in mind that it could actually be an issue with your foot ware not supporting your arch appropriately and orthotic inserts might help.
723685 tn?1267050295 l have been experiencing severe foot cramps for two weeks now. It starts in my toes, then moves along the sides of my foot. It seems when ever my feet are in a cool damp or cold floor, that sets off a cramp. I'm not sure if my feet are becoming cold first, then being in a cool area aggravates the condition more. The attacks are being more frequent, and limiting my quality of life. I have problems with potassium (I take a potassium supplements) and I have Spinal Steno sis.
498948 tn?1253059441 A couple of people have mentioned the use of quinine enriched water to help ward off leg and foot cramps but when I google quinine its actually a malaria drug that is contra-indicated with other drugs. I don't want to mess up my treatment as I've just passed the half way mark. Does anyone have any advice or experiences they want to relate?
Avatar n tn I have a question and would like to know if any of you out there ever experienced (pre tx) cramps like in the legs, feet and even hands. I seem to get this alot sometimes waking up in the middle of the night with a leg cram. You all know how it is before starting tx that any little thing you pannic thinking oh my god this is from the hep? Starting treatment soon but just would like to know if anyone had this problem.
Avatar f tn I have Fibromyalgia. I get excruciating cramps (charlie horses) in my calfs, toes, arch of feet, top of feet, inner right thigh, sides of calfs from the outside knee down to ankle. When I walk outside my home such as going to get groceries I am sure to have these cramps at night. They may also come during the daytime. My fingers and hands spasm also. My fingers on my right hand will pull in toward the center or my hand.. I became very ill about 2 years ago.
Avatar m tn Hello- When I bend my toes, my foot tightens and stays this way until I unbend them or sometimes, I have to walk it off. It is a very excruciating pain and it even causes my toes to separate even more. What is going on?
Avatar n tn If there has been no contracture (meaning the toes aren't permanently stuck that way) or bony abnormality causing her toes to do that, then I would speculate that it's neurological. Cramps can have many causes such as thyroid abnormalities, medication side effects, electrolyte abnormalities, peripheral neuropathies (stinging sensations?) and sometimes feet cramps are associated with parkinson's disease and its treatment.
Avatar n tn For im only 16 yrs old. in the past 4/5 months i have been getting random cramps in my toes. it mostly happens when iam walking why is this happening? This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/294917'>Cramping Toes</a>.
Avatar f tn For the past few months I've noticed my middle #3 toe (#1 being the big toe), on my left foot seems to be growing apart from # 2 toe. It coincides with excrutiating cramps when same #3 toe looks like it's trying to point towards the pinky/#5 toe & the knuckle of same #3 toe feels like it's trying to drop lower than the surrounding #2 & #4 toes. There's now a space between #2 & #3 toes, almost as if I'd been wearing the tong of flip-flops there for many years !
Avatar f tn I do understand how that can make you feel the way you do. I have had cramps in my foot like you mention, and found some relief from taking magnesium supplements (under my neurologist's advice) and wearing sock to bed. My roommate has severe leg cramps, tried many treatments, then found that wearing pajama pants & socks to bed keeps her from cramping up. Lack of sleep can add to so many problems! I know it makes my pain, MS symptoms, foggy thinking, & emotions all worse.
Avatar n tn There is a small flexor muscle in the bottom of the foot (most likely the Flexor Digitorum Brevis) that can contract and pull those toes (2nd-5th) down. I have different muscle in my foot that gets spastic in a similar way. In my case it is an erroneous signal telling the muscle to contract.
Avatar n tn rRght foot toes dont bend. If I try hard there is pain in toes and calf. I have been having cramps while sleeping in my right calf very often.
Avatar n tn Why do I get cramp in my toes? It is very painful and my foot stiffens like wood. This mostly happens when I am lying down.
Avatar m tn As far as I know I am not diabetic but for the past three or so years I've been getting these lower leg foot and toe cramps while I sleep. Sometimes I can do an opposite stretch while still in bed and that will make the cramp go away and other times I have to get up and walk around the bedroom. The toe cramps are the worst. My big toe will spread away from the other toes and then go back toward my shins and I have to use my hand to push it back to position.
Avatar n tn In addition, I often have severe leg cramps in my lower/left back of leg that shoot down and freeze my foot into a weird position. I went to a podiatrist when it was just the toe numbness. He thought it might be a neuroma. I got a shot of cortizone. Didn't help. I gave up on it and figured I'll just deal with it. But now the lump feeling and the cramp is just driving me crazy. Any suggestions what it may be, or what kind of DR I should see. Should I get an MRI. X-rays really do show much.
Avatar f tn The cramps are either very strong or weak but repeated (I can have cramps on both legs at the same time). Foot cramps can get to 15 cramps on a row. L-carnitine had effect for one or two weeks but then came back to the same.Is this a muscle metabolic disorder? Should I look for other causes?
Avatar f tn My Mom is 73 years old and for the last 4 years her left foot has slowly had the skin to get tighter and toes gradually curl under. This has recently moved to her right foot. She is still able to walk about 1-2 miles per day, but it is getting more painful to straighten her toes out. She says it is like an electric current goes through her feet when she straightens her toes. The Dr.
Avatar f tn My first question is about foot cramps. I have read a little about pregnant women getting cramps in their legs, and I had one last week. But I have been struggling w/ really BAD foot cramps..I woke up the other night and I was almost in tears because I could not get the cramp out...Is foot cramping common as well? I think I read leg cramps could come from a lack of calcium, could that be the case w/ foot cramps as well? I am taking a horse of a prenatal vitamin, lol!
Avatar f tn For the past few months I've noticed my middle #3 toe (#1 being the big toe), on my left foot seems to be growing apart from # 2 toe. It coincides with excrutiating cramps when same #3 toe looks like it's trying to point towards the pinky/#5 toe & the knuckle of same #3 toe feels like it's trying to drop lower than the surrounding #2 & #4 toes. There's now a space between #2 & #3 toes, almost as if I'd been wearing the tong of flip-flops there for many years !
7050533 tn?1403195761 that i've ever heard of and definitely sounds to me like you've potentially got a physical cause in what is happening to you. Apart from foot cramps, sorry i've not experienced my toes curling but i have experienced a few times now, this painful stab in the middle of my right arm and then one of my fingers (middle) will bend and lock tight in a weird position but i haven't had it checked out because it's not happened often enough.
Avatar m tn Hi. I have also been diagnosed with HCv and currently m in third week of my tx. Before starting the treatment , me too used to have cramps especially in feet and near knee area. Sometime i feel that some has injected a pin in arm or thigh or a sometime when i stodd up after sitting a while, i feel a sudden pain in m anckle that i cant put weight on that foot.