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498948 tn?1253059441 A couple of people have mentioned the use of quinine enriched water to help ward off leg and foot cramps but when I google quinine its actually a malaria drug that is contra-indicated with other drugs. I don't want to mess up my treatment as I've just passed the half way mark. Does anyone have any advice or experiences they want to relate?
Avatar m tn I am having constant foot cramps. Do you have any ideas on what might be causing this?
203342 tn?1328740807 I've been having cramps in my foot off and on for awhile. Last night I had a bad cramp in my calf. Usually this is at night, but not always. Like right now I have a cramp in my foot. Last night I had such a bad cramp in my leg I had to hop out of bed and hobble around for quite awhile before it finally went away. Could this be a sign of dehydration? What else could it be?
Avatar m tn As mentioned a magnesium gluconats supplement helps. The specific drug that relieves these cramps is quinine sulfate, which was sold for 150 years in the U.S. over the counter until the FDA reported several deaths from patients gobbling the pills like candy. They now require a prescription. If you don't have a cardiac history your physician may prescribe them. They are available from a Canadian pharmacy for $23. Rite-Aid charges $234 for thwe same prescription!
Avatar f tn have leg and foot sensations mostly in my feet it is almost like cramps when I try to relax so have to stand to try to stop the cramping sensations in my feet
159271 tn?1342964251 Okay, I know that everyone gets an occassional cramp here and there in their lives, but this is driving crazy. If I sit for too long, I get cramps, if I stand for too long, I get cramps, if I walk for too long, I get cramps....I even get them while laying down on my bed trying not to panic that my legs are trying to own me. I honestly can't take it anymore. Alot of people may look at my legs and say...
Avatar m tn As far as I know I am not diabetic but for the past three or so years I've been getting these lower leg foot and toe cramps while I sleep. Sometimes I can do an opposite stretch while still in bed and that will make the cramp go away and other times I have to get up and walk around the bedroom. The toe cramps are the worst. My big toe will spread away from the other toes and then go back toward my shins and I have to use my hand to push it back to position.
Avatar f tn FYI I just read about tonic water remembering it had quinine for leg cramps ,and stumbled onto this interesting fact. It can actually lower platelets. I def need to stay away from that .many others here might also have platelets issues . Better safe than sorry☺️Thanks for the info .
Avatar f tn Drink tonic water.
Avatar n tn The leg part sucks! I used over the counter drug called quinine leg cramps with club soda or water. I was so desperate I asked the pharmacists, I told him the truth and he says he swears it works good. It did, might as well try it. Any drug store has at least two-three brands at about $3-7. Hang in there! I have been in your shoes. Your in my prayers!!!
808544 tn?1248690019 nygirl swears by drinking tonic (quinine) water, lots of it. I've only had it happen once since starting tx, and I tried it, but since my episodes are sporadic at best, I am not the best judge of it's effectiveness. Certainly worth a try, cheaper than potassium supplement, which I have used in the past. I'm not a big banana person.
Avatar n tn Go to mayo clinic and type in leg cramps. There are many different things that can cause leg cramps or it could be nothing at all. You need to be evaluated for the cause.
Avatar f tn The foot doctor told me to drink quinine too........i found that gatorade, quinine water, potassium and magnesium are all helpful to get rid of them and I had them for many many yaers. Just lately has coconut water been mentioned I am curious to read more about it but until then gatarade is so cheap I"ll keep on chugging that.
Avatar f tn Have you had a biopsy to determine how much liver damage you have? I've never really heard of foot pain before and I've been here a long time. Leg cramps yes, is that what you mean? If so try drinking tonic water - believe it or not it helped me greatly with the leg cramps.
1068422 tn?1293687853 I get cramps in my right foot,, sometimes one toe will pull over the top of the one next to it; can't pull it back, or massage it out; hurts so bad! That happened in my water exercise class yesterday. My toe cramps seem to happen more often when my feet are cold.
179856 tn?1333550962 but nope still get those foot cramps and charlie horses. I finally had to break down and go to a specialist. Well he told me to take a glass of Tonic Water every night. It contains "quinine" and it should help and then go to physical therapy. Iv'e been too busy for the PT but I started drinking that tonic water. You know what - not ONE toe cramp or charlie horse since I did it! I just keep the bottle by my bed and chug it down before I go to sleep and it WORKS.
Avatar f tn I am having reverse cramps in my right foot. I have been really suseptible to charlie horse type cramps in 2 different areas of my feet for years. Since last night, my foot cramp under the two littlest toes has been going off like crazy and when I try to pull my toes up to release the cramp, the other cramp under my big toes goes off. WTF am I supposed to do with that one???
Avatar n tn I am 70 years old and take calcium supplements for osteoporosis and awhile after I started, I began to have leg (actually foot) cramps at night. Then I found out that calcium needs to be balanced with magnesium, and if the magnesium is low, it can cause leg cramps. I added one magnesium tablet (about130 mg) per day to my 500mg calcium three times daily and the foot cramps went away. (Clear it with her doctor, though, as magnesium can interact with some medications.
Avatar n tn In the past month, I've had 3 episodes of incredibly severe bilateral muscle cramping in the calves, thighs, and buttocks. I've had your normal foot or calf cramps many times in the past, but this is way beyond that. Twice I've ended up on the floor, unable to do anything except cry out for help. The spasms simultaneously affect both calves, the back and sides of both thighs, and both buttocks.
Avatar f tn I'm 35+1 and almost every day I get woken up by leg cramps. My right leg isn't too bad, but my left leg for some reason I get two bad cramps. Right after the other! It wouldn't be bad if this happened at around 8am, but I always cramp up around 3 am everyday. Also, I feel like my right leg is coming out it's socket when I walk. Anyone else experiencing this? What do you think it could be that's causing this?
Avatar m tn She takes any support that comes her way like a door, table or window, she shakes and you can feel that she is shivering and is in pain, and when her toe knuckles click she slowly feels ease and puts her foot down. It is strange as the intervals of these cramps can sometimes be every 3 minutes. She has a phobia of sitting in soft or low chairs, getting out of the car, or going to dance or socialize.
Avatar n tn I am a Type 1 diabetic who has recently been suffering from leg, foot, toe, ankle, thigh, and even hand cramps so bad that I can hardly stand it. I get the foot and leg and ankle cramps usually in the middle of the night, and then can't sleep. It is almost a nightly occurance. My ankle sort of keeps cramping up, and then it spreads to my toes and calf. It is absolutely unbearable. I am wondering if ANYONE can tell me where to start to find out what is causing this.
Avatar f tn I have had my share of leg and foot cramps but nothing compares to the pain caused by the inner thigh cramps. For several months I was having them twice a week. I was to the point that I feared going to bed. I tried everything but nothing worked. THEN someone told me about soaking in Epsom Salt. IT WORKS!!! I soak in a hot tub, half full of water,with 4 cups of Epsom salt, usually once a week. It has stopped the foot, calf, back of thigh,and inner thigh cramps.
Avatar m tn Im not potassium deficient and I eat plenty of calcium a day. Eat lots of bananas. Any other suggestions. My foot starts to tilt up ... thats how the cramp starts. Thank you.
Avatar n tn I get muscle cramps in my legs, toes and sometimes in my jaw all the time. Just today after a long walk, my legs, the arch of my feet and my toes, wanted to cramp up. When I would stop, they became worse,so I had to keep walking with few stops. My doctor gave me Quinine pills 325mg. and they did help for a little while.
Avatar m tn I take a 1/2 of a low dose zinc supplement when the cramps are acting up. Also, tonic water-it has the quinine in it and that is known to help with leg cramps. Also, agree with not making your top sheet fit tightly, it restricts your feet and lower legs. I also do another old wives tale.., putting a bar of Ivory soap under the fitted sheet between it and the mattress pad/cover at the bottom of the bed, near where your feet would be.
Avatar n tn I need an answer for severe night time inner thigh cramps. sometimes traveling up and down the leg to the groin area. and down to the foot. usually in the thigh. i have tried using a product called "leg cramps" and it is quinine but it really hasn't helped. it is the worse pain i have ever had .. I have read that others have the same pain and wonder if anyone has found an answer for it.
Avatar n tn I added one magnesium tablet (about 130mg) per day to my 500mg calcium three times daily and the foot cramps went away. (Be aware that magnesium can interact with some medications.) Another person posted a response to a question about leg cramps and I've taken the liberty of copying and pasting an excerpt from that post that you may find interesting: Here is the excerpt from the other's post: "...
529159 tn?1224994626 To my extreme delight, doing this immediately cut down on my night-time leg and foot cramps by about 95% and, with the other 5%, the cramps were either milder or began gradually enough that I had time to deal with them before they intensified. Twice over the last two weeks, when I've been rudely awakened by severe leg cramps, I discovered each time that I had forgotten to put the bar of soap under the covers before I went to bed.