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Avatar f tn Idk if its related to the pregnancy but ive never had foot cramps this bad. Its unbearable and ive stretched it tried a warm cloth and tried massaging it but its been 30 minutes and im still crying it hurts so bad. Is this normal? What else can i try to make this go away?
Avatar f tn Anyone have foot cramps in early pregnancy? I've had a bunch of them the last 3 days and I never get foot cramps. There is a first time for everything, I guess...
Avatar f tn Does anybody else get those crazy calf cramps that tighten up like crazy? And it just hurts sooo bad. Ughhh !!!
Avatar f tn Foot cream rubbed on the back of my calves helped. So did soaks in hot water and showers. Get hubby to give you a leg rub. Heating pad on the legs where it hurts or a warm water bottle. Exercise helps to keep the blood flowing. Wooden massage tool. Hop something helps soon! I feel your pain! I'm going through the exact same thing right now!!
Avatar f tn I have found that the Internet has some great sights to a dress early pregnancy symptoms. I like baby bump and what to expect when you're expecting. Be Blessed.
Avatar f tn So All Day Today In My Left Foot I Fell Like Little Charlie Horse Cramps In My Foot Is That Normal ?
Avatar f tn My first question is about foot cramps. I have read a little about pregnant women getting cramps in their legs, and I had one last week. But I have been struggling w/ really BAD foot cramps..I woke up the other night and I was almost in tears because I could not get the cramp out...Is foot cramping common as well? I think I read leg cramps could come from a lack of calcium, could that be the case w/ foot cramps as well? I am taking a horse of a prenatal vitamin, lol!
1844086 tn?1324012799 lol have you had the baby do a fulll 360 degree turn yet and elbow you in the ribs and kick you when stretching so that you can see the whole shape of his/her foot ? Does your whole belly jolt when your baby gets hiccoughs ?? Lol you think the stretching burning feeling is bad now wait till you are about to burst at two weeks late lol Don't worry it's all perfectly normal !!!! lol don't you just hate it when they wriggle about all night when you are trying to get some sleep??
Avatar n tn Hi ladies, is anyone suffering from leg/foot cramps. I'm 25 weeks pregnant and they've started coming on badly in the evenings and during the night in the last few weeks. I'm trying to drink lots of water and have a topical magnesium cream but nothing helps. So painful and causing really disturbed sleep. Any ideas?
Avatar n tn My docter had prescribed me to aviane 28 about 3 almost 4 years ago because my periods were so bad like my cramps would be so bad that I would faint and I would be off school for a couple of days. I am 17 years old and I have NEVER had unprotected sex. But just 3 weeks ago I did. I have no symtoms dont think that I am pregnant. I am just worried that I may be.
12216401 tn?1424141736 Heck yeah. When you get one or feel it coming, flatten your foot. Against a bed, wall, the floor, or in the air. Make it flat like you're standing on it and it should stop the cramp.
Avatar f tn When it starts, press your foot against the wall or bed or something. Anything to make your foot flat. I couldn't stand up with mine, they were bad. But making your foot flat will relieve it QUICK.
Avatar f tn It's normal, legs cramping is common in pregnancy. In my last pregnancy I would get them so bad it was like a lingering charley horse. This pregnancy I've had them a trick I've found to help is if you push your heal down like flexing foot flat. Don't point that toe, for me my leg would charley horse and spasm.
Avatar f tn Have a glass of tonic water before bed i had really bad cramp fron 30'weeks n my midwife told me to have a glass ov tonic water before bed n its amazing its helped me im 39 weeks now n if i dnt have atleast 1 glass of tonic water i get cramp in my legs in my foot everywhere! I no its awful to drink but u just gotta down it!
Avatar m tn I have been getting horrible leg cramps at night that go away but if I put my foot on a certain position or are standing it comes back just not as pain full. Any advice?
Avatar f tn Go to CVS or a health food store, the is a product by Hylands called leg cramps. Its homeopathic and safe during pregnancy. I highly recommend it! Works for back cramps too. Also you can take a magnesium supplement that does wonders as well. I take both. Good luck.
1123420 tn?1350564758 is it normal to get charlie horses so much at the end of pregnancy. I swear i have one-three a night now for that last couple weeks, and now my lower leg in the back hurts really bad, like out of the blue. I just took a warm bath, and now i have slight cramping.
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Avatar f tn Made me jump outa bed real quick. My whole lower leg and foot. I get them every pregnancy and dont know how to stop them. Interested in remedies as well!
Avatar f tn I get foot cramps with this pregnancy, and I usually drink water and use a heat pad on my foot for 5 mins until it relaxes. Hope this helps.
Avatar f tn I am 37 weeks. For the last 3 days I have been experiencing Charlie horse like cramps on both legs, upper thighs/inner thighs. I thought maybe dehydration but it's consistent every night at the same time. What's going on?
Avatar f tn Does anyone else have calf cramps at night that leave a sore spot on your calf muscle the next day?
Avatar f tn I'm 31+3 wks and I've been getting these bad leg cramps. I have tried everything from elevating my legs, warm baths, heating pads, but nothing seems to work. If anybody is experiencing these pains can you please give me advice on what to do I'm starting not to sleep at night.
Avatar f tn It happens at night for me and I have to get out of bed and like jump around for it to stop. It hurts so so bad in my calves. I know its common during pregnancy but geez it hurts so bad.
4029710 tn?1349319980 I know leg craps are normal for pregnancy, I will be 8 weeks tomorrow and my leg is a horable amount of pain. Has anyone else had leg craps this early? If she how did you get rid of them? I tried a warm bath and not so much help.
4591205 tn?1410608774 what can I do about my legs cramping up. I know it comes with pregnancy but last night it was so bad I woke up 5 dif times with cramps in one or the other leg and once it was my calf and my whole foot and I had to get up and waddle around to get it to stop then when I laid back down it started up again and the other leg was cramping up too at the same time.
Avatar f tn My doctor told me leg cramps are usually from being dehydrated! Try drinking a glass of water before bed.
Avatar f tn I am 24 weeks pregnant and I wake up in the middle of the night screaming in pain. I have right lower leg cramps. Someone told me to stand up against the wall barefoot on a cold floor which actually worked for me. Also, drink the juice of olives in the can or pickles. I haven't tried that but I heard it works fast.