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1388357 tn?1280193093 Hi Lisa, I wasn't sure if my foot cramps were related and why they were happening, but now you have me thinking. I noticed it a lot when we were in California recently especially after I would get out of the water from swimming. Very painful. During this time, the same foot was full of pins and needles the entire time we were on vacation. Since we've come home, I have not had this issue. I thought maybe it was the drastic temperature change.
Avatar f tn Rest cramps: Cramps at rest are very common, especially in older adults, but may be experienced at any age, including childhood. Rest cramps often occur during the night. While not life-threatening, night cramps (commonly known as nocturnal cramps) can be painful, disruptive of sleep, and they can recur frequently (that is, many times a night, and/or many nights each week). The actual cause of night cramps is unknown.
Avatar m tn I'm 19 weeks and for the past few days have woken in the morning with very painful foot or lower leg cramps. I have to wake my husband to get him to stretch my leg. Anybody had the same problem? Any suggestions?
Avatar f tn Sharon, have you had an injury to your foot recently? When I broke my toe last year, I got the worst cramps in my calf muscle. I would definitely call the neurologist, as this is a neurological symptom. It usually means that there's some damage to the spinal cord. I think they usually prescribe baclofen for spasticity and spasms. My neuro prescribed flexaril for me, which is a cheap muscle relaxer - it's mild enough that I can take one at work if I need it.
Avatar m tn I have had cramps on my left foot after i did some running a little over a week ago. I stopped working out and it seems like it was getting better although it was painful to walk. But then, i woke up this morning with a swollen left foot and was wondering what that means. I can't hardly walk now and the pain "cramps" was initially in the middle top side of my left foot.
8727253 tn?1400198161 Drink more water and eat food high in potassium.I had a terrible charlie horse one morning and decided to walk it off. Bad idea! My leg hurt for a good 3-4 days afterwards!
Avatar n tn Just this morning this strange vibration started in my RIGHT foot only. I have had plantar fasciitis since last June and finally got orthopedic inserts for my shoes. The plantar fasciitis which is an inflammation of the ligaments in the foot and heel has gotten much better but now I have this bizarre vibration. Like many of you have reported it is like a pulse: a few seconds on a few seconds off. Its comforting to know that I am not the only one.
Avatar f tn Every morning i wake up while stretching. I always get super bad calf cramps. Is there any ways to prevent the cramps every single morning?
Avatar f tn Does anyone else have calf cramps at night that leave a sore spot on your calf muscle the next day?
Avatar f tn Is there anyone suffering from leg cramps? I had one the other day and this morning. I get leg cramps only in my left leg. I don't understand! I'm scared to even sleep in bed because I was told it happens when your leg is relaxed. Please help!
5365989 tn?1394396390 I get severe cramps in my calves so I talked to my doctor about it and he said it sounds like a combination of a calcium,potassium, and magnesium deficiency. I would bring it up next time you see your doctor.
Avatar f tn Ugh had a terrible one yesterday morning. Made me jump outa bed real quick. My whole lower leg and foot. I get them every pregnancy and dont know how to stop them. Interested in remedies as well!
Avatar n tn I keep getting small cramps this morning. Hope these pills are ok cause I want to get some sleep tonight. Tired and cranky.
3211536 tn?1359389169 I had the leg/foot/toe cramps while on tx, and yes, the pain was horrendous!! I've had 2 kidney stones and I swear the cramps were almost worse! My "noise level" was no where near as difficult to control with the stones. Follow OrphanedHawks advice on how to get out of the bed (as hard as that is!) and get to a wall to do the following....I swear, if you can get to the wall, this does work! Stand at arm's length from a wall with hands on the wall.
Avatar f tn Im 25 weeks and ive been having the worst leg cramps to the point where i cant move my leg or foot it hurts so bad i cry. Iasted for about 15 minuts this morning. Ive never felt anything like it befor :'( its awfull. Any tips is this normal what can i do to make it stop or prevent them from happening?????
274858 tn?1267753512 Every night I have cramps in my left foot, its like it stiffens right up. Is this dehyation? Should I call the doc. about this? Any helpful ways to stop this?
963268 tn?1312903915 I get foot cramps, especially if I'm doing something with the foot. Unfortunately I have so many problems with my legs that it's not safe for me to drive.
721523 tn?1331585402 Hi all, I was up all night with horrid leg pain. The muscles in my right foot and then my right calf started the fun. The worst was by far my left shin muscle. I have verry muscular legs due to the way that I walk. I have never had any MS problems with my legs. I was in teh French Quarter in NO last night. I did some walking with my family. I did not do more or faster than normal. Any ideas what would cause this? It was almost solid pain for 4 hours.
Avatar f tn I woke up last night having the worst leg cramps. It did get better to the point where I could go back to sleep. My leg has hurt all day today still feeling like it's cramping a little bit. I've heard leg cramps could be more painful during pregnancy. Is it normal for your leg to still be this sore so long after it first started to cramp? Is is anything to worry about?
Avatar n tn I have had the foot and hand tingling problem for 10 years. Finally I went through every possible test at two famous medical centers, and all doctors could conclude is that I had "small-fiber neuropathy" that was likely the result of a mild virus. One of the nation's leading specialists in neuropathy told me to start taking 600 mg. of the amino acid "alpha lipoic acid" in divided doses (I take 300 mg., twice a day), which I buy at GNC vitamin stores.
175662 tn?1282217256 So far this morning, it seems to have stopped. I slept with a heating pad on medium heat on/under/around it all night and so far so good today. Thank you for the advice!!!
Avatar f tn Yeh ingot leg and foot cramps while asleep today also (night shift worker), I'd read about them being a symptom but didn't think I'd ever get them!
Avatar f tn My fiance and I finally get intimate after a week or So and I start cramping up in my calves just as things were heating up. I was mortified. I never had cramps at all during this pregnancy and It's my first. As I got bigger we would only have sex in the spoon position, boring after a while but comfortable. Then yesterday morning we try missionary because I miss it and my calves start going haywire. We had to stop. I had to massage my calves; he tried to help.
Avatar f tn Anyone else? I stretched when I woke up this morning and both my legs went into fire like Charlie horses for about 5 minutes. I was so close to tears. ..of course this app even says leg cramps for week 23. Are these here for rest of pregnancy? ?
723685 tn?1267050295 I was woken up this morning with cramping in my calves. Which is new. I am drinking lots of Gatorade, and taking a potassium supplement daily. I do not go anywhere out side of my home, with fear that I may have a cramp. I have noticed that when my feet get cold that is when the cramping begins. I am a 53 year old female, that has low potassium levels, that is why I take a supplement and (I am also Hypoglycemic). As far as my potassium levels, they have dropped to 3.
Avatar m tn I have trouble standing still and sitting in certain positions because I get a real painfull ache in my hamstring. I have lost some feeling in my 3 small toes on my right foot and they are tingling. Also to top it all off I get woken up in the early hours of the morning with severe hamstring cramp on my right side which forces me out of bed, it takes ages for it to relax and even then its not relaxed completely.
2026433 tn?1337654433 30am I've had pretty uncomfortable lower back pain, once I was up for a while and drove my hubs to work I started getting cramps that almost felt like I was gonna start a heavy period. I rested about 2 hours then started doing errands, where I noticed it hurts just to drive now, everytime I had to pick up my foot to either stop my car or gas it, my hips hurt!