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Avatar f tn I think the difference is that an abdominal X-ray would expose the fetus to X-rays directly...I'm assuming your abdomen was shielded in your foot X-rays because you knew you were pregnant. I had a chest X-ray to check my lungs late in the second trimester, but they double-shielded me, and yeah the baby seems fine. My X-ray tech said she worked there while she was pregnant, but always shielded herself from X-rays and her son was healthy and strong.
Avatar f tn The dentist was shocked by this and said he would not have believed it possible with teeth like my daughters if he had not seen it on 2 different x-rays. Is it possible her cavity (which cannot be seen except on x-ray?) could be in any way linked to her bone strength etc. It seems unlikely to me that she could end up with a cavity when the tooth has only been in her mouth for a few months. I am obsessive about keeping her teeth healthy and clean. The shock from the dentist shows that.
Avatar f tn 1) Bone fragment may have come during the present surgery or a chip of the old injury but I doubt if it is old as it would have been easily detected in the old X-ray. Sometimes sesamoid bones develop in tendons. 2) Check your old shoes and compare with the new ones: Shoe evaluation should be done and according to I would be copying you the exact way to evaluate and compare by seeing your shoes if you had flat feet.
744962 tn?1270945638 Are you hypo or hyper thyroid? You need to see a foot doctor as there are 26 bones in one foot and many tendons that could also be inflamed.
492898 tn?1222247198 (I had an ultrasound to rule out blood clots and an x-ray, and both were negative) Last night, I just got up from a chair and my right leg sort of crumbled, or deflated, and I fell from the weakness. I have since not been able to walk at all; I cannot put any weight on the leg, and it felt like it was broken/braking. (this is now better) pretty severe pain, and especially in the back of the knee. Some swelling.
Avatar f tn i had a fractured metarsal in may never fully recovered but now foot is swelling again and dr thinks the same occurence, l am not active, 49 years of age have felt off colour all year diagnosed with high blood pressure following first frature, had x ray and gp left message for me to call him urgently on monday re result, could this be cancer of the foot bones l am worried like mad as have not been too well this year in case this is the tumour showing as a secondary tahk you
Avatar n tn Hello, I ran a marathon today for the first time, and I can't put wait on my right foot without excruciating pain in the bones on the outside of the arch of my foot. It feels like it might be a stress fracture; it is extremely painful, but I'm not sure what it is. Any thoughts? Thanks!
Avatar n tn I would suggest that you consult your orthopedist who can do an X-ray and evaluate your condition to determine if the foot is healing properly. He/she will also be able to determine when you would most likely be able to do those things you mentioned based on the clinical evaluation. Hope this answers your queries.
Avatar f tn It sounds like you may have either had a serious sprain or broken some of those tiny bones that are in the foot. You definitely should see your doctor and he will probably order an X-ray. That sounds painful. I twisted mine before by missing a step, and the hospital put on a cast and this relieved the pressure on my foot and made it feel a lot better. Mine was just a sprain.
Avatar m tn It can be a fracture, callous, ligament tear or some tendon sprain or strain. Go for an X-ray, and get yourself examined by an orthopedician. You ice packs presently for the pain and also take NSAIDs intermittently. Limit excessive movements till you are properly diagnosed. Take care!
Avatar n tn Please rest the foot, apply ice pack on foot, take non-steroidal anti-inflammatory such as tylenol, ibuprofen, or naproxen, do not bear weight on foot, and keep the leg raised on a stool or sit on the bed with leg popped on 2 pillows. Meanwhile set up an appointment with your doctor. You will probably need X-ray or MRI. There may be a ligament tear or minor fracture or arthritis that has got aggravated. Please consult your doctor regarding this. Take care!
Avatar n tn I just think there should have been an X ray done, and I was wondering if its routine *not* to do an x ray for a broken foot (the doctor said the treatment/prognosis wouldnt change with or without an xray, which is why my gf didnt want to pay to do it). Just seemed werid to me, especially considering that there is obviously a bone that is broken or dislocated and I was hoping another doctor or podiatrist patrols the boards and would mind giving a second opinion on that.
Avatar m tn First thing you need to do is get an X-Ray to make sure you haven't broken any bones. Once that is done, a determination can be done as to the treatment course.
Avatar f tn Six months later I was diagnosed with fractures in both heels and have been in two casts, crutches and another walking boot. I am still in pain! I just had an MRI that shows Marrow Edema in four bones of my foot. What does this mean? I do not see the Dr. again for two weeks! I can't be on my feet for any length of time with suffering excruciating pain!
Avatar n tn So I immediately went to the hospital. Where they did do an x-ray and was told that I did not have any broken bones. My foot was red and would change colors, especially when I put weight on it. I was referred to an orthopedic who then ordered a bone scan but did not find anything however he did put my foot in a cast to see if it helped with the pain and swelling. 3 weeks later my foot was still the same and the cast was taken off.
Avatar n tn 12/29 - sting- treated by soaking in hot water to neutralize venom, took codeine for extreme pain 12/30- went to urgent care clinic- got tetnus shot, antibiotics (10 days) and steroid pack Back in Tennesse, 1/3- went to podiatrist due to pain in walking- she took x-rays and said the barb was not stuck in my foot, that the bones were okay but assumed that a tendon was probably damaged from the puncture- she suggested staying off of it for 4 more days 1/8 I'd retruned to work on the 7th, foot was
Avatar f tn I am sorry that you continue to have foot pain. An x-ray is a good tool to view bones but doesn't provide a detailed look at ligaments and tendons... or other soft tissues. It would be my guess that you may have injured those structures. An MRI will provide you with a better look at the effected foot. Discuss this with your physician. After three years it may be too late to do any surgical repair but I am far from an expert. Ppl with true Chronic Pain rarely become addicted to opiates.
Avatar n tn A few days ago I had a sensation of the floor vibrating under one foot. Since then I have realized it is my foot. It is felt in bloth feet, one at a time. Never both at the same time. I feel it when I am standing r walking. It is like an intermittent buzzing sensation. It comes in short bursts on after the other then stops. It will happen when walking and I will feel it with every third or fourth step. What could be the cause?
Avatar m tn Hello! You should get the right treatment to be symptom free. You should consider an X-ray scan and a proper examination near an orthopedician for diagnosis. Till then take pain killers, apply ice packs and wear comfortable footwear and if possible do not exert yourself and do not run or walk on hard and uneven surfaces. Take care!
Avatar f tn First doctors thought it was Plantar Fasciitis, then I had another x-Ray and Bone scan six months later and was told I had fractures in both of my heels. After 7 months of casts, crutches and Cam walker boots, the pain does not seem to be any better. New MRI shows Marrow Edema in four different bones in my left foot! I have not gotten any info from my doctor yet, but I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts.
Avatar n tn 12/29 - sting- treated by soaking in hot water to neutralize venom, took codeine for extreme pain 12/30- went to urgent care clinic- got tetnus shot, antibiotics (10 days) and steroid pack Back in Tennesse, 1/3- went to podiatrist due to pain in walking- she took x-rays and said the barb was not stuck in my foot, that the bones were okay but assumed that a tendon was probably damaged from the puncture- she suggested staying off of it for 4 more days 1/8 I'd retruned to work on the 7th, foot was
Avatar n tn I did an x-ray of my right foot ankle and the results says calcification seen. what does it mean?
Avatar n tn Do you have any tingling and numbness in your little toe? I think you need to get an X-ray initially to see what the reason for pain is. If there is no fracture on x-ray, then you can go ahead and do nerve conduction study to see for motor function of the involved nerve. If this turns out to be inconclusive then you can try for imaging as MRI to see for involved soft tissue pathology. I recommend you to see another orthopaedician to re-look at your disease pathology.
Avatar n tn Hello! I would suggest you to go for an X-ray and check if there is any problem with the talus bone which is present on top of the arch of your foot. As there is very little soft tissue to protect the top of the foot, bone injuries are common. The second, third and fourth Metatarsals are the most commonly injured bones due to something falling on your foot. Without any fracture you would need physiotherapy and anti inflammatory medications to decrease the pain and inflammation.
999780 tn?1263675571 a few weeks ago he had an annual x-ray done for his legs.he has flat feet.His ortho Dr noticed that all 4 of his leg bones are different sizes.He does have a leg length discrepancy of 6mm which is not such a big deal right now.He also had a bone age study done and they saw that some of the bones in his hand were measuring at 2years and 6 months and some at 4years and 8 months.He is 3years and 6 months old.He does have leg,ankle and foot pain.
Avatar f tn In all probability there has been injury to either ligaments or tendons holding the small bones of foot or there has been a minor fracture in a small bone. An X-ray of foot should be done. Apply crepe or pressure bandage, after soaking feet in warm saline water. You can apply any pain removing gel too. Avoid putting too much pressure on the foot while it heals. However, it would be best to consult a doctor once. Take care!
Avatar n tn You have to rule out fractures by going for present day X-ray scans. If you have fractures then you have to consider a POP cast and if your orthopedician gives a go ahead for boot then continue. Fractures of small bones are hard to heal and you may require surgery, explore all options. Take care!
Avatar n tn If there is no relief in pain, you should consult an orthopedician for proper examination and x-ray for diagnosis.
Avatar f tn You have probably suffered a tendon or a muscle or a ligament injury (sprain) or suffered a crack in the bone. It is difficult to say what it is without an X-ray. Hence please get one immediately (maybe from an ER). . Apply this ice several times a day for 5-10 minutes for about 72 hours after injury. Also apply compression bandage. All the time rest your legs as much as possible and keep them elevated. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs can also be taken.