Foot bones will not heal

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Avatar f tn It is probably too late to do anything even if I did break something....will it heal?? I stand on my feet for my work (yes, I worked after this happened). I do try to keep it "up" when I can...hurts to dangle. Any suggestions?? S.S.
Avatar f tn With increase in age the healing takes longer and as the whole weight of the body is on your foot, it take longer for foot bones. Foot cast will help you for faster recovery, as your movements are immobilised and this will aid the bone healing. Take care!
Avatar f tn There's a chance it may heal on its own although not properly. Or there's the chance the bones may never align properly and it will be permanently damaged. I can't tell without seeing it. As for splinting, a foot or leg splint should be done by someone who knows how to wrap it properly. It's a bit difficult to explain here on the forum. I hope you can find some way to take the bird to a vet for an overall checkup to see if it picked up any parasites while it was fluttering around loose.
Avatar n tn can some annular tears just take a bit longer to heal? Also I have been diagnosed with a tarlov cyst 1.3cm at S2. I was wondering what pain is caused by what. My left lower back muscle and left glut muscle twinge and feel like they are going to spasm. When they do spasm the pain is quite bad but the aftermath of the spasm can take weeks to feel better. Also can you exercise with annular tears? I was swimming but the rotation of freestyle caused another spasm.
Avatar n tn he didnt even bother xraying it or anything. it looks like there is an indentation on the top of her foot (its in the bone, not just from the swelling) and you can clearly feel a bone that is lower on the ball of one of her toes directly under "the dent.
Avatar m tn the ice thing worked and my swelling has gone.only some bruises are there which i know will heal. TAHNK YOU for ur support.
Avatar f tn I am glad that you found us but sorry to hear about your foot pain and limitations. You are young. Younger bones tend to heal more quickly and completely. I too wonder if your physician ordered and you completed physical therapy? How long ago was the fracture? If it was fairly recent it is not too late for additional physical therapy. Actually it's rarely if ever too late.
Avatar m tn I went to the doctor they took x-rays and said there were no broken bones or anything out of the ordinary and that I should be fine with an air splint ice and stretches. It was a pretty painful sprain nonetheless. My left foot bent inward farther than it should and I rolled on top of it as I fell backwards. I admit that I did not Ice as much as I should have, but I did wear the air splint and regularly walked to work, but for the most part I didn't do anything too strenuous.
Avatar n tn I just googled "the ball of my foot is vibrating" and found this site - I'm glad to see I'm not alone. Just yesterday I was sitting at my desk - I'm 25, in very good shape, not on medications and no health conditions beside a slipped disc in my back 3 years ago - my right foot started "buzzing", in the ball of my foot closest to my big toe. I thought I was stepping on a cord that was vibrating at first, but quickly realized it was just my foot itself.
Avatar f tn There is probably no joint involvement. Hence, I do not think there will be any problem in bending the foot as you used to do earlier. The best part of all this is that you are getting the proper treatment which you were entitled to immediately after the accident. Wish you good luck.
Avatar n tn my concern is that he has a severe wound that will not heal. They doctors tried the wound vac but they took it off today becuase it was causing the wound to get worse..... ugh.... i am at a loss for my brother and any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Avatar n tn Hi my foot was crushed under a 10 x20 ft canapy and right foot Big toe was pointed at 2-3 o'clock. I straighter the foot and knew the foot was broken. Phy. ***. In Ed said I couldn't have straighten it and just rayed the angle. She said it was a bad Spain. I than repeated how it was and the bones were broke in the foot. Bone doc found the big toe and angle frac. I than tod him again how it was . 8 weeks toes pinky and next one still didn't move and than he listened and got. A cat scan.
Avatar f tn Imagine if you had a nasty scrape on your foot. You would probably favor it and not use it as much. Just keep a close eye on her foot for the next few days. Watch for any break through bleeding again, swelling, etc. If it looks like it's getting worse at all, take her in to the vet. It's hard to say without seeing it for myself but the little scrapes I've seen over the past 19 years heal up well on their own after being cleaned.
Avatar n tn Have to wear AFO from drop foot..Dr has recommended ankle foot fusion which would aleviate wearing AFO..I am healthy,heal quickly but would like pros and cons on this operation, is there anyone who is happy that they had this procedure done, if not why?
Avatar m tn It seem to be getting worse i have been to the ER twice and they said its not infected it will just go away after a while., It still looks very bruised and painful where the hard lump is Is there any advise you can give me to help with this? should i find a Dermatologist?
Avatar f tn its true u can go for muscles stimulation given by phsios.Initially your foot will not respond to stimulation but eventually u wll feel the difference.All u need to hav is patience.Along with that u can also opt for few muscles strenthening exercises.Hope my post had made some differnece to your state of mind.If you need any further help feel free to ask me...will always respond you....take care...
Avatar m tn Broke 3 bones, 3rd, 4th, 5th metatarsals. Its been 8 weeks. Finally in a shoe boot & out of the other cumbersome contraption. The doc said i could gradually walk up to 1 mile/ day. First day after taking off the compression stocking, why is the top of my foot all bruised, similar to when just broken? Does that mean I over did it? Called & the nurse said she doesn't know. Getting some sharp electrical like impulses intermittently in that area of my foot too. She asked if I have diabetes.
Avatar n tn A lot of the symptoms were not identified on the internet web sites. She had a bad case of athletes foot that took two months to heal. About twice a month she would wake up in the middle of the night complaining of a stomache ache. She would throw up and have a bout of diahrea. The next morning she would be so tired she could not go to school. (I thought it was a virus)but it was related to her thyroid. She did complain of itchy skin. She also starting blinking her eyes-like a tic.
Avatar n tn i have been told that i will loose my foot if the hardware is not removed due to the infection in my bones . im so scared .any help would be appreciated .
Avatar f tn The surgeons had to operate and take a small piece of bone from my right hip and placed it between the 2 bones in my right foot to try and rejoin them. Unfortunately I continued to have pain until it eventually became really difficult for me to walk even 100 meters. I went back to the hospital where a scan and X-rays were done. I went through a second operation last year 2010 to remove the pins/metal that was inserted previously.
Avatar n tn It feels like pins and needles and my leg hurts when it swells. My right foot will swell slightly but not bad. I had an echocardiogram that was fine. I am to see a vascular surgeon next week, my MD thinks lymphedema possibly. It is terrible, I feel like I am 100 the way I walk and drag my leg. My leg feels heavy as well. It looks terrible, like an elephant trunk it is quite embarrassing. I need to lose weight but it is hard to walk and I can't even put a sneaker on to exercise.
Avatar f tn Can't see it and I don't think there's any swelling (not that I can see anyway). My other foot doesn't have this bump. Is this worth seeing a doctor over or does it just sound like a bruise?
572651 tn?1333939396 We haven’t had a good old mystery diagnosis lately so I thought I would offer up my case history and get your feedback. This is not MS related because it is not a CN problem Pt history: MS Left foot Bunionectomy April 2012 Pulmonary embolism August 2012 Hammer toe – left foot developed 2013 Sx (that’s for symptoms and not sex)- Pain in left foot – got orthotics for relief from hammertoe – helped temporarily but then started to worsen over past six months.
Avatar f tn No one will probably believe me, because this does not sound probable, but I'm going to say this, anyway. When I was much younger, perhaps 23 years of age, the bones under the base of my tongue shattered for no apparent reason. I could feel these tiny bone fragments moving about, and the pain was tremendous, cutting me from within. Soon, these bones had formed into a pile, so I elected to remove them myself, in order to avoid a trip to the E.R.
Avatar n tn to this week (Thurs) as I felt that having pain at this point wasn't fear is that the foot is not healing for some reason and they will either continue with this boot for more time, put a permanent cast on me or say only surgery can repair.......the last 2 options I really have no inclination to do as it would severly incapacitate me in being able to care for the children. My questions: 1.
Avatar n tn Right under my ankle bone on the outside of my foot. The ankle bone is fine, the ball of the foot is fine and the heel is fine. But I can not put pressure on the foot anywhere to walk anymore. I was able to limp on it yesterday but today way! I have NO idea what I did to injure it and I have no idea what I need to do to fix it. I soaked my foot in espon salt last night and elevated it during the night hoping it would be better today but it is worse.
386457 tn?1201906372 I am sorry but I guess I did not make it clear. It is not my ankle it is my foot. When I fell my foot fell over itself and than it twisted. When it twisted I heard a snap.At first I devoloped a big goose egg on the side of my foot. The swelling was just above my ankel at the widest part of my foot on the outside of my foot up across top of foot. Within minutes,my whole foot was huge. I have never had anything wronge with my foot before.
Avatar f tn Using is not an option. I know broken bones are a b!tch but you will be glad you didnt use once you heal. Stay strong and keep your mind busy.....
Avatar f tn Born 2 months prematurely with club feet and pretty severe scoliosis, to military family. Military drs. corrected club feet as best as they could in the 50's and did nothing about scoliosis [not so sure they could have]. In my 20's and until late 30's I became an avid runner, at that time without the benefit of great runing shoes for that purpose because correct shoes were not yet manufactured and recommended to runners. The reason I quit running was back pain, sciatica, and migranes.