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Avatar n tn now I can feel what I suspect to be the pinched nerve going down the outside of my leg all the way to the foot, yet that is not nearly as painful as the buttock. I do have a terrible listing gait and limp, like a drunken sailor, which is quite upsetting to me. There are no bruises, and also no's a bit sensitive to the touch in the cocyx region. When I first fell, I felt a lot of pain in the bottom of my pelvis...
Avatar f tn I've had this searing pain in my arch, shooting from the back of my foot down through the middle and into my toes, I thought okay this is kind of a weird spot for my plantar fasciitis because it's not the same as my left foot pain. Today, standing at the bus stop, I get this pain that shoots all the way down from the outside of my hip, down my leg, and into my doc said it's not sciatica, that goes down your I'm thinking okay, it's got to be the peroneal nerve.
Avatar m tn Lastly, I use to sit in computer chair with my left foot propped up on the chair and/or sitting in a computer chair with left foot under my right knee (making a '4' shape with my legs). I have full range of motion with my knee and do not get any other pain other than the sharp pain out of no where (usually lasting 5-10 seconds). im 30, M and 5'11 165 and pretty active.
Avatar n tn I just had this feeling on my left foot, like a warming sensation for a few seconds and then it passes, no pain or discomfort. I was googling trying to find any info about it when I stumbled upon this thread. So many feel the same! Anyone has any idea what that is?
Avatar n tn I have bone deterioration in my left foot and slight scolisis which makes me walk foot doc said that I am not aligned. After reading everyone's posts and evaluated my issues, I am going to take a guess that this inner thigh pain has something to do with the hip/lower back. I think an MRI would help show if anything is going on....perhaps starting with an Xray. If something is really screwed up, an Xray often can tell, as was the case with my neck.
Avatar n tn As I was reading through some the posts what I found in common is that my hyoid bones moves way too easily, or atleast I think so, I feel like there is a pill stuck in the back of my throat constantly, I was diagnosed with Acid Reflux about a year ago while I was working as a missionary. However I haven't had any big problems with heartburn or acid reflux since coming home almost a year ago.
Avatar n tn also with my last comment, its a hard lump, like its a bone and connected to everything. kind of like the one on the inside of your foot, but smaller.
Avatar m tn Whether or not the short-term use of antibiotics actually works against sinus infection is still open to debate. The sinuses are holes in the bones of the face, and bones don’t have much blood going through them, and the blood circulation through the mucus membranes in the sinuses is not great, so it’s extremely difficult for antibiotics, which travel though the bloodstream, to reach the sinuses to fight the bacteria.
Avatar n tn The iliacus is the shelf of muscle that runs along the upper process of the hip bones and down into the pelvis. If these muscles get tight, low back pain, especially around the lower lumbar and S/I joint where the spine connects to the pelvis, results. Getting the psoas to release any spasm/contraction or to lengthen will definitely help.
604197 tn?1292308636 i had my helmet on and i hemmoraged my brain in the right occpical lobe and left frontal lobe and the falax and teritenium top of head. i shattered my right radial head and fracture my humurs head, broke six bones in right ankle and fractured my L5 vertabrea. due to many injuries some pains were worse then others as they lessend the others flared up. after many meds and problems i had to find other ways. i lost all memories of my life.
Avatar n tn On January 31, 2008. 4:55pm, I made a move that has caused me pain from ab muscle spasms every day of my life. I work at a desk in a blue cube. I made that last minute run to the bathroom, trying to finish before they locked me in the building. When I stood up, I felt my back kinda lock up. I felt as if my rib cage buckled into my waist. I think it snapped. The pain was excruciating. I could barely drive home.
Avatar n tn I have to take several supplements a day in order to function. I'm going through peri menapause and what a trip!! My muscles are overly flexable and bones are very tiny. I bruise super easy. Played catch with a football and my arms are so bruised that I look like a junky!! I'm out of breath frequently but register at 100 % for oxygen level testing. It takes me forever to get over illnesses normally.
Avatar n tn The damage I have suffered extends to my thyroid, my blood pressure has been lowered (to an unsafe level - it was healthy before), my balance has been damaged - I don't know where my right foot is in space, I've had insomnia, my symptoms are too lengthy to list here. The fatigue that I have been experiencing for the past several months has started to lift now that I've stopped taking the medication, but it is still profound...another hallmark symptom of b6 poisoning.
Avatar f tn After looking at yalls posts and reading the symptoms of costchondritis, it all fits perfectly, and Im thankful to all of you for sharing your experiences and for speaking of that costochondritis, youve really saved one person from some of their panic! Especially looking at the diagram showing exactly where your ribcage meets your chest area, it is exactly where my pain, and most of yalls is. Though thats not to say everyone has this, but we know were not alone!
Avatar n tn I thought I would continue to post--I am about 37 days post vaccine Mostly completely better. Yesterday I twisted my ankle so I got tingling in my foot 9but both) but I am also 27 weeks pregnant and they say that is common too otherwise doing well all my neuro tests were normal I hope this is something that passes for all of us docs say it will that the immune system will just correct itself I had burning/crawling/prickly/tingling sensations--very bad benadryl helped a bit.
Avatar n tn I have an unbelieveable amount of pain in my neck, chest and shoulders if I walk to far or bend over a lot. It is like a combination of a spasm and something heavy crushing the bones of my upper back and chest. When it happens I cannot lay down or the pain increases, the only position that helps is straight up in a chair with my neck supported.