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Avatar f tn But the baby had the legs and feet curled up in between so it could have been the leg or foot bone. I honestly think it looked like a foot bone. I looked up pics of the girl anatomy and none of the pics I seen looked anything like what she showed us. Idk she's the tech I guess but now I gotta wait and see if my doctor will want to take out the ultrasound machine at my next appointment and see if she can get our little love to open his/her legs.
Avatar n tn Right before the memorial day holiday I got up from the desk in our home office and noticed my left foot was really hurting me. I was limping around as I got the kids to bed and thought perhaps when I was sitting at the desk that maybe I overstretched the foot and it needed to just calm down. By 4AM the next morning I made the decision to go to the ER as it was hurting that bad. Because I had not recalled falling or tripping, no xray was done and I was told I had plantar fascitis (sp?).
Avatar f tn Later that year I made an appointment with the only other neurologist at the clinic about my left foot, the draggy foot, which was now getting numb in a predictable pattern, with the numbness level rising slowly with the passing weeks. Dr. N. did a nerve conduction test, but clearly didn't believe me from day one.
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Avatar f tn Pcp said the face thing had something to do with the trigeminal nerve . Looking at an anatomy chart it does appear to follow this route but I don't have any more answers than that . Any one now what this face thing is about..... just 'stuff ' for us Limbo Landers. Shouldn't we have our own dx.
1917408 tn?1421955640 It's odd to me Val. All my chart notes listed other things as the diagnosis until I actually had my MS diagnosis. They were ---- Optic Neuritis, Hearing flucturations, Nystagmus, Double vision, Myoclonus, Muscle Fasciculation, etc. Everything BUT MS...
299260 tn?1304219705 BFP!!! - 28 weeks with Peyton!!! 2nd Anatomy Scan Tuesday & Glucose test Thursday Looloo: BFP!!! 28 Weeks! Mommyin10: BFP!!! 22 Weeks with our twins! (2nd Anatomy Scan 12/9, u/s & glucose test 12/16) sbumblebeeo: BFP!!! 22 Weeks with Shelby Rachel!!! (appt 12/7) kmcarino: BFP!!! 11 weeks (cvs results in 1 1/2 weeks) ad_06: BFP!!! u/s Thursday!!! Rachjas: Started Lupron & Estrace (Friday!) Egg retrieval 12/9!
680296 tn?1229624581 Although, the neuro that I see was not there to look at my results, so another read through my chart quickly and decided to do the QSART test. I'm just getting to the point where I need to know what this is. It's been a while ... And, I do know that the dx may never come. My neuro told me it may take a long time to figure this out, and we may never find out. That was hard to take. But, as I told my husband ... it's time to move on to someone who maybe has new ideas.
299260 tn?1304219705 BFP!!! 15 Weeks! (appt 10/19) (anatomy scan 11/16?) kmcarino: BFP (u/s 10/20) Scripps: Has a new doc!!! Waiting for AF... Guesito: HSG in 1 1/2 weeks!!! rachjas: CD4 (lap 10/27) Keyan: CD5 jmh2005: CD12 mrspace: CD12 Lina: CD16 (IUI TODAY!) pyar: 16 ad_06: CD16 (come on, +opk!
299260 tn?1304219705 Hannah- Congrats on finally getting some answers and how cool that you'll be able to start clomid in a couple months! :) Ya know, I had one of those dye tests done and got pregnant the same month!! Because even if your tubes aren't blocked, it still clears out any "cobwebs" that could be there and it's a smooth ride for the sperm to your tubes! ;) Congrats on trying on a wedding dress today! How fun!! When's the big day, do you know yet? Looloo- Thanks for the sweet note!
299260 tn?1304219705 BFP!!! 28 weeks with Adalynn!!! =) (anatomy scan 10/12!) (us 10/20) Dnikkki: BFP!!! - 20 weeks with Peyton!!! Looloo: BFP!!! 20 Weeks! Mommyin10: BFP!!! 14 Weeks with our twins! (appt 10/21!) (anatomy scan 11/11) sbumblebeeo: BFP!!! 14 Weeks! (appt 10/19) Scripps: Has a new doc!!! Waiting for AF... Keyan: Lupron is just about out of her system & she can ttc again!!! =) Guesito: HSG in 2 weeks!!! Lina: CD6 pyar: CD6 ad_06: CD6 (almost finished w/Femara! Getting ready for iui!
Avatar f tn The tech should have left to let you change and given you some kind of cover up, and the Dr should have told you more as well, especially about what you read in the chart. I'm not sure why they want to do the gd test so early. I'm high risk and won't have it until later. Maybe call the hospital you want to deliver at and see what other Dr's deliver there and then call them to see if they take your insurance. Sometimes they do but aren't on the insurance website or in the book. Good luck to you.
Avatar n tn , are typical of a problem with that level. If you look at a dermatome chart it will reflect what she is speaking of as far as her hands and arms go. Also, in reference to the pelvis. Orginally, I was diagnosed with a weak pelvic floor. I, too, could not lie on my hips, my legs were weak and in pain. I went through PT to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles.
Avatar n tn Signs of canal stynosis - as I have pins and needles in my left foot and calf muscle consistantly. I get severe Glutenal cramping from walking so awkwardly to lessen the impact as sitting and walking seems to aggravate sciatic nerve due to added pressure on the disc. Lying down relieves leg pain. Acupuncture and physio can not relieve my pain more than temporaraly. Physio has given me exercises and also tape strapping to keep me standing straight, not crouching.
Avatar n tn I just had this feeling on my left foot, like a warming sensation for a few seconds and then it passes, no pain or discomfort. I was googling trying to find any info about it when I stumbled upon this thread. So many feel the same! Anyone has any idea what that is?
Avatar m tn org/posts/Eye-Care/my-Symfony-IOL-results-after-cataract-surgery/show/2425258 which is likely too long for many to wade through by now, partly with details of some visual glitches that seem to be due to back luck with my eye anatomy after surgery (like iridodonesis and/or phacodonesis) and nothing to do with the Symfony lens, which I think was a good choice.
1542088 tn?1314652780 Yes, I never got the flu shot, but I am rarely sick. I have decided to get one and the preservative free one is the one recommended by my gyno. I don't like the idea but the benefits outweigh the risks. Looking forward to chatting with everyone!
1165284 tn?1323459076 Try this chart for Beta Levels.
Avatar n tn hi all I am new to this forum I was using google to find out if anything was out there that can help me with this pain that I have behind my bellybutton, I am 44 years old and a mom of 4 there all almost adults now, I have had this pain since I was maybe give or take 16 years old, I was too scared of doctors so I never told anyone till I got really sick when I was 21 I went to the emergency room and they admitted me right away cuz I was dehydrated, they just called it a stomach virus gave me fl
Avatar n tn I have bone deterioration in my left foot and slight scolisis which makes me walk foot doc said that I am not aligned. After reading everyone's posts and evaluated my issues, I am going to take a guess that this inner thigh pain has something to do with the hip/lower back. I think an MRI would help show if anything is going on....perhaps starting with an Xray. If something is really screwed up, an Xray often can tell, as was the case with my neck.
449498 tn?1338775639 ) Any volunteers?
Avatar m tn I'm a 49 year old man who last month (at 48) was diagnosed with a cataract in my left eye. My right eye is still healthy and I can read 20/20 on the chart with it. I went to a surgical consult and was advised to go with a mono vision approach with a monofocal replacement lens. I was also told that the odds of my healthy eye going within the next 5 years was greater then 50%.
Avatar n tn Oops... They stripped out my links to the anatomy illustrations! I don't see any help items about how to include links. Maybe I can disguise them? The first one was reference gray subjects subject 45 You can add the http prefix, and the slashes in place of spaces, or Google that phrase and edit the first result to end with "45". For the second one, Google FIG. 1019– Extrinsic muscles of the tongue. Left side and it should be the first hit.
Avatar n tn I went to my dr recently and noticed his chart of spine problems. Sway back is a back problem in that the back bone curves in. I thought it was just a build of the body passed down. Well I do have other problems that are causing additional problems of the alignment causing disc problems through most of my back. A therapist told me to put a pillow under my knees at night so my back would be flat against the bed. It would take the pressure off of my back. It does work.
Avatar m tn I also noticed I was having a tingling and pins and needles sensation in my left hamstring down to my foot. Every once in a while, if I'm sitting still, my muscles will twitch. This mostly comes from my legs, but occasionally it is in my arms and chest as well. I went back to the doctor to have another full panel STD check again, including HIV.
Avatar f tn (I'll post excerpts in another response,) but as far as what I experienced, I developed some serious pains in my right foot about 6 or 8 months post op. I never put the two together, but I also noticed my overall recovery was taking quite awhile. Fatigue, light-headedness, weakness and confusion, but the pain in the foot started to spread. It ultimately moved to both feet and now basically my lower limbs are just shot. Just like you, prior to all this I was quite fit and active.