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Avatar m tn Treating low testosterone levels at this age is crucial. There are many conditions associated with low testosterone levels so it is important to tackle the problem now. The following link may be useful. There are some tips which could actually help you increase testosterone levels naturally. As you can see there are different therapies used in the treatment of low testosterone levels and age makes a difference to determine which is the best treatment for you.
1369218 tn?1282423884 I then had my cortisol checked through saliva testing 4 times in one day. It showed I was high in the morning. It concerned my doctor enough to check my cortisol through my blood and she said it was normal. I have something going on in my body that is causing my body stress. This stress elevates your cortisol. My doctor checked my adrenals and said they were normal. Maybe yours is different. I am not sure. Having hypothyroid and PCOS can really mess up your hormone balance.
Avatar m tn Along with your medical treatment, you can eat food which enhances teststerone. Water melon is considered as the best food. search food to enhance sperm count. pick up few of them. you may google for, male deer exercise, kegel exercise, sat kriya, learn them and practice them regularly.Best of luck.
Avatar m tn Can anyone tell me what causes me to out of the blue once in a while, I get a hot feeling all over, and it is scary, like I think it is is a stroke, but a few minutes later, I am ok again, but scared that it was a bad sign that something is wrong. I asked my doc over the phone after describing the symptoms what it was, only to be told She did not know. Is there anyone here that have had this happen to them? How do I treat it if possible?
Avatar m tn Hi, May be you should first try to improve the testo level naturally before going in for replacement. Your level is low, but possibly you could make it up with some additional efforts. First of all ensure that you get your daily requirements of macro nutrients including ZINC from your daily food. There is FDA recommendation available for the same, you can google and get it. Do also moderate exercise to reduce fat in the body.Avoid all types of junk food and canned beverages.
Avatar m tn t really know for sure if the hot flashes are caused by a drop in testosterone. (Your testosterone might be the same level it has always been.) If you want to test the notion that the low testosterone has caused the hot flashes, take the testosterone for a month, and see if the hot flashes go away.
Avatar m tn Amid lap, I know your question is very old, but I have been traveling the same road recently and here is what I've found. You are correct there is a growing body of evidence and consensus among some vets that the absence of testosterone in castrated or aged male canines has profound adverse health effects. There is a vet in Florida, Dr. David Bieber, who is treating older large breed dogs.
1139187 tn?1355706647 This hormone also naturally drops with age in the 40 to 50 range and can have more symptoms related to it than what people first think off, but obviously, not as severe as thyroid.. There are 3 testosterone tests, all 3 need to be tested consecutive for three months for accuracy, as they vary a lot. Free, total, and bioavailable testosterone are the names.
Avatar f tn Although I am breaking out from sugar and too much processed food, so maybe it has something to do with insulin intolerance? No one in my family has this problem. So what should I do, which doctor to turn to?
Avatar n tn However, if he has excess estrogen (which can also lower the testosterone levels), it may be due to fast food intake combined with irregular athletic exercises. I suppose, in this case, by doing optimal continued exercises, along with a controlled food intake, he must be able to reduce the fat in his body, as well as increase the testosterone levels. Afterall, he is very young and athletic and his body would be flexible enough to adapt inself, given the right environmnt .
Avatar m tn I think it is simply a matter that he is not experienced in sex hormone theapy and especially testosterone treatment in women. So he is simply not comfortable with it so we are getting the "run around". It is reminisant of what we have seen in the past with Dr's who know nothing about thyroid but keep giving excuses over how everything is "normal" while my wife feels like crap.
Avatar f tn In that regard, has he ever had his testosterone level checked? Very low testosterone could easily result in lack of sexual desire, sexual dysfunction & possibly also lack of pleasure from what would normally be very pleasant sexual stimulation. I’d suggest he see his Dr. about this & get his ’T’ levels checked. So - please try to get both nerve function & testosterone checked.
Avatar m tn I guess if it happens today or tomorrow I will see a doctor. I originally suspected food poisoning but no one in my family got sick and we ate the same food.
1970378 tn?1326124598 Some medications can cause weight gain/inability to lose. What medication(s) are you on, that might cause this? Do you have either diabetes or hypothyroidism? Low testosterone can cause a lot of issues. Have you had it tested? If your doctor refuses to test it, plus doesn't help with other issues, it might be time to kick him to the curb and find a new one.
Avatar f tn t easy as you have to give up 99% of fast food and eating in a restaurant will always be complicated and risky, but when a celiac eats gluten it causes progression to autoimmune disease and even cancer, so it's vitally important.
Avatar n tn I recently had a random drug test (urine test) at work and it came back with extremely high T/E Ratios. It states that I have tested positive for steroids due to this elevated testosterone level and now being suspended. I have never taken any type of steroids or drug for that matter. I take Excedrin on a daily basis due to migraines and I do drink alcohol in the evenings, but that is all I do and have ever done.
Avatar m tn I have been having difficulty in getting and maintaining erection for the past 4-5 months. It started with losing erection during intercourse, but now I cannot even sustain for more than a few seconds. Sexual gratification is also not helping since I find it difficult to achieve erection. When I was in a steady relationship two years ago, I never had this problem.
1654035 tn?1332425178 My pregnancies have been similar and different at the same time..I was very sick in the beining with both but with my son i was on bedrest for awhile because i couldnt stop passing out..i have passed out a few times with this one ( a girl) but not like i did with my son. I feel like i am carrying the same as I did with my son im just not as big but my boobs are getting a lot bigger this time!
Avatar n tn I am frustrated and angry with the insistence that my diet is the source of my problem, I keep a food journal and KNOW this is not the case, It also does not encompass all symptoms I am experiencing. Below is my list of results as I know them to be: TSH- 1.03 uIU/mL Free T4- .910 ng/dL Testosterone- 46 ng/dL Free Testosterone- 4.8 pg/mL Cortisol (am fasting)-11.25 ug/dL Dexamethson Suppression Test- .8 mcg/dL DHEA-SO4- 269.
Avatar m tn Hi, Your story is atypical of obese boys going through pubertal development, initial testosterone gets converted to estrogen in the fat tissues and as the testosterone level picks up normal manly features develop. So, as such I do not think you have any reason to worry. Try to reduce your fat, take balanced food and do moderate exercise and over a few years, the gynecomastia should get subsided of its own.
Avatar m tn 0 hello there , i am 27 male 350lbs (160kg) i feel slightly pain on my testicular lately very slightly and random when i am setting for too long i been asked to do a blood test ,this is the test result of my blood simple during mid-day taken simple . is it okay to have testosterone level just above the Lower end ? do you think i will have to get TRT with that level ?
Avatar m tn Do not take supplemental testosterone as it will cause the pituitary to reduce leutinizing hormone which in turn will make your testicles stop producing their own. If that goes on long enough, they cannot restart. This has happened to a lot of body builders, they have tiny testicles and must depend on exogenous testosterone...a bad thing. Higher testosterone will not be beneficial and in some ways may be bad, i.e., higher chance of heart attack, baldness, acne etc etc.
Avatar n tn Hello, It has been found that an increase in sex hormones testosterone and estrogen, along with heredity, weight issues, caffeine, diet, alcohol, smoking, lack of exercise, sleep apnea, heat, medications, eating certain foods, herbal supplements, high concentrations of B Vitamins, etc. can all be contributing factors to high blood pressure in teens/young adults.
Avatar n tn Is there just food I can aviod and eat healthy and excercise more to increse the HG and Testosterone my body produces. Pork has someting in it that works too what is that?
Avatar f tn After a month or two of ER visits and doctors telling me it’s not the AndrolGel, I stopped it. Told me everyone has testosterone in their body speech. My dosage was 1 sachet of 2.5gm 1% twice a week. That’s 25mg per packet. So I was taking 50mg weekly. I’m just finding out now that women SHOULD NOT be using AndroGel, and the amount I was using was pretty much overdosing. Is this true? Are there any women out there taking AndroGel? Was my dosage too high? Any info will be great! Thank you!