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Avatar n tn t have a calorie/nutrition calculator (but what a good idea). If you have the ingredients, you can add the info and then enter it as one of your foods. I'm glad it's working for you now, and let us know if you need further assistance.
1544970 tn?1297592753 If a particular food works well for me, does it matter if I continually eat same food for breakfast and another same food that work for me for dinner.
1329414 tn?1279919411 My Boston Terrier is prone to HGE and has a very sensitive stomach. Years ago I went looking for a "premium" food and put him on Nature's Recipe Lamb Meal and Rice. I chose this one because it did not contain chicken, as that seems to have been an issure for him from early on. He seems to get an upset stomach more often lately, and I found that Nature's Recipe had changed it's formula and now contains chicken.
10947 tn?1281404252 Really looking forward to it...I currently log all info on one of my iGoogle widgets but would like to consolidate all my "trackings" into one site. I found a site that has a very inclusive listing but it is not one that allows you to enter & track your own is great for finding nutrition content of foods, brand name items, restaurant listings...caloriesperhour.
Avatar n tn You may get a better response if people knew what the abbreviation cbgdd means. Does he have trouble swallowing? Without more information, the only thing I can think of is to resort to the food processor for the foods, so he still gets better nutrition and you don't have to keep buying expensive jars of baby foods.
969163 tn?1281105479 Hi - sorry she had cancer : here is a great food recipe for dogs with cancer: see here: CANINE CANCER DIET The following home-made cancer diet can be given to any pup with cancer, and follows the "low carbs, high fat, moderate protein" principle. It is important to understand that some additional supplementation (eg.
Avatar f tn The recipe helps you not be uncomfortable during wds and also the aminos and supps help your brain and body to heal..and get ur energy back Health pages Warning. If you are on anti-Depressants, use medical supervision on L-Tyrosine, SamE and all mood enhancers. There can be a risk if taking L-Tyrosine, 5 HTP if you are on a tricyclic or a MAIO antidepressant's ...It can cause a spike in blood pressure.
172023 tn?1334672284 On the s p a r k p e o p l e dot c o m web site if you go to the recipe area there is a recipe calculator. Enter in the recipe and amounts and # of servings and then click on the calculate nutritional info and you will have what you need.
Avatar n tn Our nutrition & diet calculator can help you choose the foods and amounts that are right for you. For a detailed assessment of your food intake and physical activity level, click here.
Avatar n tn Remember to relax at meals and just give him the foods he wants. Introduce a food to a child that they will accept, however, if they do not want it you have to not make a fuss and let it go. Hoped this helped you.
Avatar f tn t know what phase 2 is, but Kool Aid is nothing but chemicals. It is not food, nor is it a food substitute.
599170 tn?1300973893 I cant seem to get my sons gf to take ( age 16) eating seriously she lives off fast food, is showing though finally got quite the oblong belly , would not know shes pg from behind...anyways she drinks plenty of milk and takes her vitimins,,how concerned should I be her only veg is iceberg lettuce or corn I tryd to explain both of those have little to no nutritional value...
Avatar f tn Or veggies dipped in ranch or hummus. Apply for wic its free. You get to shop for free food bread eggs milk tuna fruits n veggies cheese peanut butter beans and cereal. When baby is born u get formula and baby food and oatmeal. Its extremely helpful and no cost to you.
1339332 tn?1329854366 In the fall & winter, I like to make a couple big kettles of soup: 1 beef stew and 1 chicken & rice or noodle soup. I freeze a bunch of single servings and have a "grab & go" meal when I'm too rushed or tired to cook. I hesitate to do so this year because I wouldn't know the calorie/nutrient values without doing a lot of laborious searching for each individual ingredients. My Dad wanted some, though, so I made it and guess what I then found online?
Avatar f tn Hi there and thanks so much for posting this question According to many nutritionists calorie count varies depending on many different variables such as height, constitution even genetics. check your calorie counter here I would suggest that at your age you are careful with changes in your metabolism. What is metabolism? Metabolism is a collection of chemical reactions that takes place in the body's cells.
5235065 tn?1369072032 I get nauseous thinking about food, especially breakfast. I have to force myself to have something to eat because I know I need it. Any of you other ladies experience this? Anything help?
Avatar f tn BMI is a useful way to determine a healthy weight. You can find a BMI calculator and other tools for determining a healthy weight on the CDC or NIH web sits. But healthy weight is only part of recovery, as I'm sure you know. I hope you're working on the other aspects, from good nutrition to the mental side of EDs and monitoring for anorexia sequalae.
Avatar m tn now thats what i call a cool intake of cell loving food...your cells are happy campers..LOL...where ya gettn ya protiens from?...the cheese and yogurt?...throw in a good whey and you are covered..i also forgot mention a good sea salt....chocked full of essential minerals....i actually prefer the crystal rock salts from the Himalayan mountains...its pink in color and its great on popcorn whic i forgot to mention as another food i love..Thank you Marcia..God bless ya litte heart my dear.
Avatar f tn Does anyone have a nice recipe for lunch which is easy to make and that does not involve gluten?
Avatar n tn I'm 17 weeks pregnant and it seems that every time I'm hungrey I eat like 1/2 my food sometimes less and then I don't want food anymore and know I'm under weight is this normal or should I call my obgyn
Avatar n tn t just opt out from a healthy diet and eat a single food source like a protein bar or something. Balance, variety, lots of color, home-cooked, not processed and packaged.
Avatar n tn At each meal he should consume a protein source food, vegetable, starch, fruit, and a calcium source (milk or yogurt). He should eat 3 meals a day with snacks between meals. Sorry, I really did not have too much information. Hope this helped you.
Avatar f tn If he is tossing out food that is not digested, check out hairball medications like Petromalt. If the food is fully digested when he throws up, tell the vet about it. You want to be sure he doesn't have any kind of abdominal blockage.
Avatar m tn can i give my mini yorkie (8months old) weetabix she is not eating her dog food?