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Avatar n tn Most definately food allergies can come and go. It is very common actually for example for children with lactose intolerance allergies to actually get better ;and also vice versa for kids who weren't and then when they get into adulthood they become allergic to it. If you eat too much of one thing all the time your body can become intolerant of it and can cause an allergy. And finally yes, it is very possible to have a food allergy and not realize it until you have a reaction.
173939 tn?1333217850 I only learned about the existence of food allergies after my son started daycare and now school. One thing I do not understand to date: do allergic reactions occur when the affected child or adult gets in just the vicinity of the offending food or do they actually have to eat it to put themselves in danger? I am just at a loss when preparing my son`s lunch bag: no nuts, no egg-derived food, no cinnamon allowed because there is one child in class who is allergic to all of the above.
973741 tn?1342342773 I do not recall the issue with food allergies that we have today. So SO many kids now verses years past. Is there just greater awareness now or is it really increasing among the population?
Avatar m tn Does anyone know how they test a six year old for allergies. My kids is constantly suffering from what I thought was colds but now I want to see if it is Allergies/Bronchitus/Asthma?
Avatar f tn Hi, you can certainly get more sensitive/develop allergies to food or things later in life... I don't know how old you are exactly but certainly around perimenopause my skin started to change & I am even super sensitive to my husband's beard now...(Been married almost 30 years & he has always had a beard) I also have developed intolerances, allergies to certain foods later in life...
Avatar f tn ) during both of my previous pregnancies and neither of my kids have food allergies of any sort (well my son reacts a little to the acid in tomatoes and citric fruits but..clearly not peanuts, lol). so eat Petite said, they're GREAT for you!!!
Avatar f tn I never recommend steroid shots in dogs due to side effects, and in general steroids are minimally helpful in cases of food allergy. The flaking of the skin is most likely due to a secondary bacterial skin infection, which should be treated with antibiotics; steroids will worsen skin infection. The diet change alone will not resolve infection, but the correct hypoallergenic diet should prevent itch and infections from recurring.
Avatar f tn A few things have been "different" in my health. I broke out in hives in late Jan without eating anything. Then in March I was having difficulties berathing along with diahrrea, chronic diahrea. Now in April, after starting to feel better, I started getting ithcy all over and waking up with scratches so I started using dove for sensitive skin wash and cerave lotion. Those helped a bit, Last weekend we went to eat. I had white rice, grilled chicken, and black beans.
Avatar m tn You can be allergic to the cocoa, to the corn (corn syrup), to the dairy (milk products), or to other ingredients they put in to process chocolates. Eliminate all and then try adding in different kinds, do a food log and pay attention to ingredients. You may be able to figure out what part of chocolate bothers you simply by trial and error and tracking. GL!
Avatar n tn Unfortunately with food allergies, the only way to truly identify them is to experiment. In the US that is the standard with food allergies. One thing to look for is sulfites (preservatives). Doctors here recommend that you keep a food diary of what you eat and when, then record any reactions with the time they ocur. There are some alternative medicine treatments that you may want to look into. I am sure that someone will post them for you. I hope you get some answers.
2038601 tn?1333407618 I am a woman who suffers with many allergies..including food allergies. Much of what is good for people is bad for me such as: fruits (all), many vegetables, nuts, wheat (my biggest allergy) just to name a few. I have been to an allergist and was told they have not seen a person like me in a long time...but because of that it has been very hard for me to loose weight. My nutritionist has been great in helping me get on track; however, I have lost touch with her because of my insurance...
Avatar f tn So now I do but I also noticed that before I have a bowel movement I get a HORRIBLE cramp like pain in my lower abdomen that stops me dead in my tracks and sometimes makes me panic. It subsides after 10 seconds and I am trying to get to the bathroom as fast as possible. I have a normal BM but the pain beforehand is crazy. I HATE IT! I wonder if this is due to the higher fiber?
541196 tn?1293552936 Your symptoms do not sound like food allergies. Possibly, food intolerance, which effects the digestive system. There are a slew of gastrointestinal diseases that can cause the symptoms you are experiencing (ie:colitis, irritable bowel synsrome, diverticulitis, crohn's disease, and list goes on). Have you to tried an elimination diet to see what may be causing your symptoms?
Avatar n tn Most of the common contaminants cause nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and abdominal cramping. Usually food poisoning is not serious, and the illness runs its course in 24-48 hours. A recommendation would be that you wait the prescribed amount of time posted above, and afterwards purchase a pack of chicken (deli slices would suffice as well) and try a small portion. Since it is precooked there is a very likely chance you may rule out food poisoning.
563763 tn?1225305527 I believe every allergist that deals with food allergies should have a in house dietitian that specializes in food allergies and if that isn't possible then they should give you access to one in the community. When my daughter was hospitalized a few weeks ago the in house dietitian had ZERO clue as to how to help me deal with these issues. I knew more than she did and she has a stupid degree in it. How sad is THAT!!!!
Avatar f tn Unless you're allergic to peanuts, it's fine.
Avatar f tn So, has anyone else just randomly developed food allergies or intolerances? Two weeks ago milk products were fine. Now I cant have it at all, or I get really bad cramping and vomitting. Anyone else have this happen?
2191826 tn?1343830483 i have recently seveloped food allergies to meat milk an other things now i dont have anything to eat anymore since my life style requaires that i eat all food groups coz of my weak immune system. any ideas?
Avatar n tn m allergic to soy and have problems both with food and topical. Soy is in lots of shampoos (not sure about baby shampoos), lotions, soaps, ink etc. I can always tell when I'm using something I shouldn't because it makes me itch like crazy...then I get a rash. Most people are OK with lethicin (in chocolate, ice cream) and oil (wesson is soybean oil) but it gives me mouth sores. Good luck, I know how frustrated I feel as an adult. Lots of people will share with you.
Avatar n tn t gained any weight in a year! Next week he is being tested for environmental allergies. Thanks for any info.
1123420 tn?1350561158 I have started 2 of the 3 on baby cereal and baby food at 3 months of age, and neither of them have allergies. I also started them on soft table food, like mashed taters and mashed veggies around 8-12 months of age. Conner my youngest on the other hand was put on baby cereal at a month old because of Acid reflux, he started on baby food at 3 months of age, and table food at about a year, because we had to be careful what foods we gave him as to not make his AR flare up.
Avatar f tn The truth is, no one can say for sure. Peanut allergies are also on the rise in the little ones. Some kids do outgrow certain allergies, but this really does vary from individual to individual. For now, keep peanut products away from him and read labels and watch for warnings. There are labels warning of products that are not peanut products that say that they are made on the same equipment as where peanuts were processed. Be on the alert for this, depending on how severe his allergy is.
Avatar f tn I have a problem I call my random food allergy. Once in a while, as I'm eating, I'll realize that my jawline is starting to tingle/itch. That will be followed by my face swelling and turning red, hives inside my cheek popping up, nose running, and my throat will close up slightly. It can be set off by things I've eaten before and I have no problem eating them later. Recently I have had a couple of things that seem to want to set it off again, but not consistently.
Avatar m tn Hi. Most dog allergies are from food. I would certainly concentrate on that first, before looking at other possibilities. Whatever you have been feeding for the last year may be significant. If it's a canned food, check the ingredients, make a list of them and start finding alternative pet foods (without one or more of the ingredients you've listed).
168348 tn?1379357075 I would also have to agree. It seems that there are so many more with food allergies today then there used to be and I have often wondered how much of it was a true allergy. I too tend to be lactose intolerant, although I can have it in small doses. I have never considered that a dairy allergy, although I know others who do.
Avatar n tn t digest it means they are filling their tummies with bulk instead of the nutrients they need to grow and also makes them more prone to food allergies in the future.
Avatar f tn If your dog was having all those problems you did the right thing by changing her food. Since your dog is still having some problems, like the allergies, then I think you shouldn't give her the rice. Most dog foods' main ingredients are grains, which are used as fillers, because they are cheaper then using meat. The meat in the dog food isn't really even meat it's by products. This includes canned dog food also.
Avatar n tn You're experiencing and discovering what so many of us have also found to be true -- the number of foods we're allergic seems to be ever-increasing, and the more we eat a food (even if it's not an allergen or only a mild one to start with) the more likely we'll develop an allergy to it.