Focal seizure in infants

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Avatar n tn Please let me know which are the useful EEG characteristics to distinguish between the different origins of partial seizures in infants and children =========================================================================== I am not completely sure what you mean by the origons of partial seizures, specifically I am not sure whether you mean the part of the brain they arise from or the underlying cause, I will try to answer both parts.
Avatar n tn she has had2 normal eegs, 1ct,1 mri both normal. is it common for kids with siezures to have delays in language and speach that are sever. also is it common for a child to gesture like throwing a bottle or hitting on the fridge to indicate thirst or hunger sice she can not tell us if she wants a bottle, juice,milk,food, or hungry because she doent know the words as well as not being able to identify her body parts. I also have one last question when i had her she weighed 4.78 at 36 1\2 wk.
250155 tn?1485299539 also, earlier on in the pregnancy we had a small scare of 2 findings on our u/s ( a CPC and a focus in the heart) but have come to understand that these are often presented in completely normal pregnancies and infants. so we believe all is well w/ that, too! darn it... i'm just stressed!
Avatar n tn When I was 15 mo. old I went into convulsions that, doctors said, stemmed from a virus and a high temperature. At the age of 8 I began having complex partial seizures (up to 12 or more a day taking 3 diff. types of med.)and continued to have them, progressively getting worse, until the age of 18. I had brain surgery at CCF for treatment and from previous testing it was determined that I had a lesion on the right side of my brain and scar tissue on the front.