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Avatar n tn Has anyone taken Effexor and, if so, did you experience any weight related side-effects. I am worried about gaining weight and will not take this medicine until I find out. I'm just scared because SSRIs cause gain. Even though this is not an SSRI, it could cause weight gain.
5386835 tn?1368544415 I have tried alot but at present i m on clomipramine 200mg risperidone 1mg.i have tried medicine lorazepam.,imipramine.,fluoxetine.,lithium.,fluvoxamine.,clonazepam.,mirtazapine etc.
Avatar n tn 2005, at 25mg for three days then increased to 50mg thereafter, and underwent rapid and severe weight gain as a result. The Zoloft worked and everything was fine except for the weight gain. I tried other medications from Jan.-Mar. 2006, of this year, including Celexa, Luvox, Wellbutrin, and Prozac, and none of them worked and just made me worse off than I already was.
Avatar f tn My doctor put me on Symbyax for weight gain. Yes I do need to gain weight. I do not think I am depressed, but she seems to think I am. She tells me that, "you not being depressed is not normal". Yes I have had health issues, but to me they are not anything to worry about. I do have other tests pending (colonoscopy, endoscopy and scoping of the bladder). I have not changed my eating habits in the last 10years, but lost about 33lbs in the last 8 months.
415867 tn?1323369103 In fact, Meridia, a weight-loss drug, is an SNRI. Another SNRI, Effexor, has no weight-loss properties, but it is an antidepressant. This shows that tiny changes in chemical structure can have big effects on the brain. I take Wellbutrin which is a SNRI, I have no loss of sex drive what so ever, and while I have put on weight I don't think it is related to the drug. I think it is related to my eating habits in that I eat crap all the time and need to knock that out of my diet. Take care.
959034 tn?1253675076 Tegretol (carbamazepine), Prozac (fluoxetine) Moderate Drug Interaction MONITOR: Fluoxetine may inhibit the hepatic metabolism of carbamazepine. Carbamazepine toxicity is possible. Data have been conflicting and one study has reported no significant pharmacokinetic interaction. A case of toxic serotonin syndrome has occurred in one patient who was taking both carbamazepine and fluoxetine.
Avatar n tn Checking for diabetes and thyroid dysfunction can also evaluate the weight loss. If there is suspicion of joint pain, a basic rheumatological panel can be considered - including ANA level, rheumatoid factor, blood count, and sedimentation rate. These options can be discussed with your personal physician. Followup with your personal physician is essential. This answer is not intended as and does not substitute for medical advice - the information presented is for patient education only.
Avatar n tn Anyone have any good or bad experience?Any that do NOT make you gain weight? Thanks!
Avatar n tn My appetite is fine though I recently changed my eating habits to lose weight. The last three or four days my stool has become very pale yellow and brown and is not formed but clumped. I have no fevers or any other discomfort. I'm concerned this could be pancreas related? I had a complete metabolic panel work up last week and my liver functions are normal. The only elevated levels were my glucose (104) my LDL cholesterol (126) . All other numbers (except TSH .020) we're spot on.
1910757 tn?1348686919 Tapering off too quickly can range from headaches, anxiety, sleep problems, weight loss, to more severe and life threatening symptoms including suicidal ideation, epileptic seizures and psychosis. I was close to that when I went off of it. Everyone is different with tapering off meds. I went cold turkey off of opiates and Tramadol for pain that I had been taking 24/7 for 6 months. I found out later that the doctors thought that I would need to go to rehab to get off of them.
Avatar f tn Work your way up longer walks and see if how that goes. As for weight loss, even with exercise too many calories in means too much weight. Find ways not to snack, drink more water is a big help. The variable results with EKG readings is quite common. Many, maybe most, people with rhythm problems do not have them 100% of the time, some one EKG will be different from the next, even it the two are taken the same day, or even the same hour.
Avatar n tn After prolonged stress & depression based on imagining my mother's death. I've nearly lost her 3 times, twice w/cancer & now progressive Alzheimers. Subsequently I've been diagnosed with GAD. I was given Effexor0.75mg. I began feeling great, stopped feeling constantly anxious, depressed, stressed & did not have anymore acute feelings of sadness nor joy. Just been feeling cool & stable.
Avatar f tn stomach upset for a week, weight loss of about 3 to 4 kgs in one month, rash, burning hands and feet, etc.,). These make me really worried. I still experience burning hands and feet almost all the day (I am either sweating in my hands/feet, or they are freezing cold or burning hot through out the day). So, please review and confirm. Thanks a lot for your response.
865902 tn?1239312521 I guarantee that any plan like this one will cause significant weight loss…in your wallet. Sorry. Had to rant about this. People believe many dumb things and will until the world’s end. I feel bad for the people brought in by this and am angered at the hucksters that are fattening their wallets and misleading the uninformed. End of Rant *This post was originally published at Musings of a Distractible Mind.
Avatar f tn •Lasts more than two weeks and doesn't improve with self-care measures •Is severe and distracts you from your daily routines or prevents you from sleeping •Comes on suddenly and can't be easily explained •Affects your whole body •Is accompanied by other signs and symptoms, such as extreme tiredness, weight loss, changes in bowel habits or urinary frequency, fever, or redness of the skin Causes Possible causes of itchy skin include: •Dry skin.
Avatar n tn I needed to start something new because the Lexapro 10mg I was on for 2 years made me gain so much weight and I had a loss of libido. From what I read the Wellbutrin acts like a time released stimulant. I have anxiety very bad also and it did somewhat heighten my GAD. I'm actually more concerned about the withdrawal effects of Lexapro from getting the brain zaps for the pass 3 days.
242516 tn?1368227505 A fascinating research study was published today by Irving Kirsch of the University of Hull, questioning whether or not 4 popular antidepressants are any better than placebo, and found that they weren't any better. Here's the study: http://medicine.plosjournals.org/perlserv/?request=get-document&doi=10.1371/journal.pmed.
Avatar f tn People suffering from undiagnosed or untreated bipolar can experience drug/alcohol abuse, risk taking behaviour, credit defaults, multiple sexual partners, insomnia, impulsive behaviour, shopping sprees, hallucinations, employment issues, problems with being responsible, extreme self esteem, believing that they are more intelligent than others, rapid thinking and speech, unable to complete tasks, enthusiastic about everything, excessive lying, anxiety, unsocial, excessive sleep, weight loss an
Avatar m tn Conditions major depression neuroleptic malignant syndrome generalized anxiety disorder overdose migraine headaches pregnancy seizure allergies Symptoms headache fever fatigue tremor weight loss cough dizziness back pain Drugs fluoxetine sertraline lexapro effexor paroxetine tramadol cymbalta citalopram The information provided on this page should not be used during any medical emergency or for the diagnosis or treatment of any medical condition.
Avatar n tn Have you tried any yet? And if you did hwo did they affect you?
939964 tn?1288020624 Patients who do not experience sufficient benefit with 300 mg/day may be further increased to 225 mg two times a day (450 mg/day). Because LYRICA is eliminated primarily by renal excretion, the dose should be adjusted for patients with reduced renal function (creatinine clearance less than 60 mL/min .
Avatar f tn As far as Wellbutrin and Cymbalta are concerned - wellbutrin obviously made it worse, but cymbalta made the mental part of anxiety go away (the mental part of anxiety only resurfaced couple of months after I had stopped taking it).
Avatar n tn Headaches Swelling and/or pain in joints Burning or tingling in extremities Muscle twitching or contractions Tongue numbness and slurred speech Sweating Dizziness Confusion Chills or cold sweats Muscle weakness Extreme fatigue Diabetes or hypoglycemia Lowered immune system Seizures or convulsions Weight gain or weight loss Mood swings Altered personality Symptoms of mania, ie.
Avatar n tn You may experience dizziness, lightheadedness, drowsiness, tiredness, diarrhea, vomiting, unusual dreams, trouble sleeping, or vision problems as your body adjusts to the medication. If any of these effects persist or worsen, notify your doctor or pharmacist promptly. This drug may reduce blood flow to your hands and feet, causing them to feel cold. Smoking may worsen this effect. Dress warmly and avoid tobacco use.
7665079 tn?1393187282 In both of these conditions, blood circulation to the brain is reduced, resulting in temporary loss of consciousness. Among the arrhythmias causing syncope, tachycardias (fast heartbeats), particularly those of ventricular origin, rather than bradycardias (slow heartbeats) are more often the culprits. In most patients with any evidence of previously known heart disease, it is likely that their syncope is related to a cardiac arrhythmia, usually VT.
419309 tn?1326506891 I find that whatever I might read from the med inserts, I usually learn a whole lot more from a first-hand account and the wisdom of experience. (PS -- if I do not intrude... 'loss of libido' as in decreased sex drive, or absence of sex drive? My husband might find that side effect depressing in and of itself!). desrt: Adding Prozac to my "things to ask the NP" list... They already think I ask too many questions, so why not, right?
Avatar n tn anxiety and nervousness nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea increased or decreased appetite or weight loss constipation frequent urination change in taste drowsiness dizziness headache increased sweating disturbing dreams changes in vision chest pain irregular or fast heartbeat stuffy nose cough impaired concentration trembling or quivering feeling of warmth or heat flushing or redness of skin, especially on face and neck Periodic Tests Ask your doctor which of these tests sho
151263 tn?1243377877 My "life after HCV" experience: SVR produced for me a wondrous epiphany - most people can't tell malt liquor from 'ale'. I therefore spend my evenings decanting 32 ouncers into pint bottles, slapping pretentious labels on them, and marking them up 600%. I also found that a small quantity of fluoxetine added to each bottle heightens the customers appreciation of this "microbrew". Just kidding, of course. Please do whatever it takes to get good QOL.
620923 tn?1452919248 TOPAMAX is used at times for weight loss...I was on it and had no such luck.....but I was not able to increase the dosage.....as I had other ill effects from it....The side effects of this med are usually during the first 2 weeks and then things calm down or we adjust to it....I know I wanted to stop the med b4 that time bcuz how it made me feel, but my Dr talked me into staying with it and it was amazing how u can get passed that awkward phase.
Avatar f tn memory loss, horrible weight gain (50 lbs in 4 years...and not over eating at all), horrible water retention, major swelling in hands and feet, awful gastrointestinal problems, constant bloating of my stomache (like I am 7-8 months pregnant), complete inability for normal sleep patterns (have had to take high dose ambien every night)....but I have bad spinal pain, and do not know what I can go on to taper. Lyrica is an awful drug...I NEVER would have taken it had I known.