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Avatar f tn I take 40mg of fluoxetine a day in the mornings. I didn't start leveling out until after I had been taking it a month. So, just give it some time. Make sure you take it at the same time every day, that is really important. And don't drink alcohol, that is important too. If you think it's not working for you after two months, then I would go back to the doctor and discuss it with them.
Avatar f tn I have maintained a rigid 1,500 calorie diet to rule out self inflicted reasons for my rapid weight gain. Weight gain of over 50 lbs in a 6 month period. The only abnormal lab tests I've had have been Creatinine clearance of 113 ml/min in an accepted range of 88-128 based on 1.73 square meter average body surface area, and my cholesterol levels are high due to genetic predisposition and not because of dietary habits.
Avatar f tn Anyone had any success on any meds that don't cause weight gain.
Avatar n tn Fluoxetine has not that problem cos its half-life is 4-16 days though abrupt withdrawal of any kind of these drugs is not convenient.Using fluoxetine can make weight loss but it is very relative.It is important to know the side-effect of the drugs but you must think they are not to come to you.To defeat depression we must take into account that we are persons with a mood disorder,we are not 'depressed people' so we must fight hardly to improve our self-value and our life's quality.
Avatar f tn Anyone one been on fluoxetine and not had any problems with weight gain before I went on them July 2012 I was a nice 9 half stone I'm now up to 13 stone and feeling awful? Would be good to know if sum ones had the same problem and had change of meds and what to.
Avatar f tn One of the side effects of Fluxetine is weight loss. And one the side effects of Citalopram is weight gain. So, you just have to pick the one that's right for you.
212720 tn?1304375415 Where do u add weight loss or gain to ur pregnancy tracker?
Avatar n tn re doing what you need to do to lose the weight. The majority of the fluoxetine will be excreted in a few more weeks, so just be patient and continue eating right and exercising.
Avatar n tn A medication that also works with the brain chemical dopamine is bupropion. Bupropion is unlikely to cause weight gain, and in fact, may cause some weight loss. It is also used to help people quit smoking.
Avatar n tn <a href="http://dontforgettotakeyourvitamins.com/love2335">These weight loss pills</a> are the healthiest you can find and my friend who recommended them to me is on Lexapro... I have no problem since I'm on Fluoxetine... :) I'm sure my weight (re)gain was caused by my excessive holiday eating...
1305597 tn?1275336446 What if you are eatting a 1500 calorie a day and burning the amount of calories to loose weight...do they still make you gain weight? Or is it because while on the medication you just eat more? What if you control your food intake do you still gain weight. I am on cymbalta and I am never hungry but it is giving me other bad side effects so I am afraid the doctor is going to change it and all the other options I have read about all say weight gain.
Avatar n tn Still pressure with school and career path. Began dosage of fluoxetine starting at 10mg. General anxiety over potential side effect of weight gain or worsening depression.
Avatar n tn Sabrina, yes paxil,like all the other ssri's can cause weight gain. The medication that doesn't is wellbutrin, or if anxiety is the main symptom, klonopin. You should adjust to tiredness within a week, if not, then maybe the dose is too high for you. Re obesity, you have to learn how to stop stress eating, which is probably more difficult for you because of your anxiety. the best way to do that is to take the course at www.shrinkyourself.com, or consult a therapist.
Avatar f tn I can't seem to lose weight. All I've done in the past 6 months is GAIN. I've never gained weight this easily. I know I'm getting older but who cares? I feel like it's because of my lack of energy, fatigue, depression, lack of concern, loss, loss, loss. I just don't have the impetus I once did. Most things seem so insignificant these days.
Avatar f tn My doctor put me on Symbyax for weight gain. Yes I do need to gain weight. I do not think I am depressed, but she seems to think I am. She tells me that, "you not being depressed is not normal". Yes I have had health issues, but to me they are not anything to worry about. I do have other tests pending (colonoscopy, endoscopy and scoping of the bladder). I have not changed my eating habits in the last 10years, but lost about 33lbs in the last 8 months.
Avatar f tn Hypothyroidism is a much more likely candidate to explore..that should be treated, and in addition, look to the possibility that you are still an emotional eater dealing with emotional issues that you should address directly rather than medicate.
Avatar f tn started Wellbutrin again to see if weight gain would stop
775467 tn?1236783171 I've been flucutating the same 10 pounds for almost 2 weeks now. I know that it is fluid but not sure what to do about it other than not eat! Or to eat nothing except what comes out of the ground and that aint gonna happen! I really do try to watch my sodium intake and have cut out a lot of foods that contain sodium. it is hard though when you are unable to cook healthier meals and have to rely on pre-prepared foods. those are always high in sodium.
250096 tn?1395022114 Journal records of weight gain/loss. Target goal 155 pounds.
Avatar f tn As a trial for weight gain, am cutting out 1 x propranolol, 1 x fluoxetine, 1 x clonidine and 1 x pregabalin
Avatar n tn As you can see, Effexor is amongst the least likely to cause weight gain, and in fact, is known to contribute to weight loss. You may wish to try an alternative on the list above. It is unclear why anti-depressants cause weight gain. Here are some possibilities: • Overeating, as a result of depression, can cause weight gain, esp if the person had lost weight in the pretreated depression • Most anti-depressants, mood stabilizers and antipsychotics are also anti-histamines.
Avatar f tn 4HB states it is perfectly acceptable to gain up to 5 pounds due to cheat day, and that the extra gain from cheat day should be gone by Tuesday or Wednesday, with additional overall loss occurring Th-Sat.
Avatar f tn Review lab results and current weight gain\loss
Avatar n tn t had any negative side affects other than lack of sexual desire, and some weight gain (only gradual). However, when visiting overseas, I stayed longer than expected and was given Fluoxetine as a substitute until I could get back home. This was the only equivalent the pharmacist had, so I used it for approximately 3 weeks, until returning to AU.
Avatar m tn She has lived this lifestyle for 4 yrs. Was put on phenteramine 10 wks. ate even less no weight loss. Also fluoxetine. no longer takes this. She has no appetite so a suppressant to help with overeating is not necessary bec she doesn't ever overeat, she never has. She maintains this regime in fear of gaining more weight. Nobody will give her a throxine trial. Newest dr. feels she has a low BMR and wants to retest that. She is a high achieving student, lifeguard, and voluteer.
Avatar m tn I don't know whether its from loss of sleep or BP or both,,I think its both, but I feel really down today, for no apparent reason. I was doing so well and now I'm back in the trough again. I don't really want to try a different medication. I've heard that depakote causes weight gain and I'm trying to lose weight now.
Avatar f tn m taking paxil and i heard that it causes weight gain and my cardiologist has told me that i need to lose weight for my blood pressure.