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Avatar m tn As far as the drugs.
Avatar m tn Hello, Your birth control pills may not be effective while you are using fluconazole single-dose tablets. To prevent pregnancy it is best to use an extra form of birth control like condoms. This is merely an advice and not a substitute for clinical examination. Do clarify your doubts with the treating gynecologist. Keep me posted with more queries. Hope it helped. Take care and regards!
Avatar f tn Have any of you ladies taken a single dose of fluconazole 150 mg during pregnancy?
Avatar m tn The others are only prescription. Fluconazole is a single dose oral capsule that can also be purchased without prescription, it costs £10. At home to help yourself, wash your genitals with water and dry gently. Apply natural set yogurt. It best to apply loads when you go t bed. Don't use soap or shower gels, these will aggravate the condition even more. Only use soaps that are gentle to our skin, those with the same pH levels, or a baby wash.
Monster Also on macbid for bladder infection, not to mention yeast infection took single dose of fluconazole 150 mg tablet. Still have all the symptoms I mentioned earlier. Am i experiencing withdrawals from Ativan or not? And how long this last. I want to. Get rid of these shakes they are causing me she shake a lot and now my back is hurting because of this. Help. Please. Need answers. Curious326.
Avatar m tn I used to have problems with yeast before so I thought it may be yeast infection. I took 300mg single dose of fluconazole and used canesten cream. I was sort of expecting significant improvement. That didn't happen. It seems to be little bit better, but it does not seem to heal as fast as I would expect after taking fluconazole. Now I am concerned it may be herpes. How long after onset of first symptoms (red patches) would blisters appear? Would they always appear?
Avatar f tn The doctor can prescribe a longer treatment if your fungal problem was severe. You can purchase Fluconazole 100mg single dose, may be even the 200mg from your pharmacy without a prescription. If you are still taking the antibiotics, as a home remedy after you have washed yourself with water and gently dried yourself, you can apply natural set yogurt to your genital area. This will cool down any itching and any inflammation.
Avatar n tn If your dermatologist thinks yeast is the culprit, he or she might prescribe a single oral dose of fluconazole (Diflucan). Best. Dr.
Avatar f tn Treatment involves getting an over the counter anti fungal from the pharmacy. You can use a cream or pessary ie clotrimazole (Canesten) or take a single dose tablet ie fluconazole (Diflucan). At the same time you might want to take some probiotics to help recolonise the good bacteria in your gut.
Avatar n tn You can take a tablet like fluconazole (diflucan) or you can use a topical cream like clotrimazole (canesten/monistat). You can also use both at the same time. The tablet is usually a single dose but takes a couple of days to work. The creams can give you relief quicker. However because you have had this infection so long I'd probably go to the doctor and get a swab done in case it is something else.
1158461 tn?1262617992 For starters, I am 24 weeks pregnant. When I went for my check up, my OB/GYN told me that I had a vaginal infection. She prescribed me the Metronidazole vaginal gel to take for 5 days followed by a single dose of Fluconazole. My concern is about the "no sex" orders. I'm pregnant so my sex drive is out of this world. I understand that my boyfriend and I can't be intimate until the treatment is complete, but what about masturbation?
Avatar n tn It is usually Thrush and it is treated by antifungal creams and pessaries or a single dose of Fluconazole. If you do have Thrush, both you and your boyfriend may need to be treated at the same time. Best wishes.
Avatar m tn The doctor can prescribe creams for genital thrush and you can also buy these at the pharmacy without a prescription. There is also a one single dose capsule called Fluconazole that be given on prescription or bought without prescription from the pharmacy. As a home remedy, after washing and drying the area, you can apply natural set yogurt to your irritated and itching area. This will help by cooling down the irritation and itching, and also helps to lessen any inflammation.
Avatar m tn Tinadazole for Trichonomas Gonorhea - a single shot of Rorephin 250g (first line of defence and don't allow anyone else to argue that point) Gonorhea has reached super bug status, essentially all other antibiotics are useless at this point. Chlamydia - 1 gram single dose of Zithromax This is not to say you have any of the above. You need to go get examined. I wish you luck, and there is an STD forum on this site that may be better to answer your questions.
Avatar n tn He may instead prescribe a medication like Fluconazole which comes as a capsule. You can purchase Fluconazole 100mg (1 single dose) without a prescription from the pharmacist, but the doctor can prescribe a stronger and longer term use if this is required. Get it seen to so that you can get the correct diagnose and the correct treatment as soon as possible. Avoid kissing and oral sex to avoid passing it on.
Avatar f tn There is Fluconazole 150mg that is a single dose oral capsule and Fluconazole 50mg that comes in a pack of 7 which one capsule is taken daily for the 7 days. If you are sexually active, it would be a good idea to get checked out for any STD and also have your blood tested for diabetes. One of the conditions with diabetes is itchy skin and fungal problems as well as having cuts that are difficult to heal. Through breaks in the skin you can get a bacterial infection.
Avatar n tn I was able to get in to the doctor two days later and he was not able to tell if Ihad an STD or other bacterial infection. He prescribed a single dose treatment of 2* 400 mg of Floxstat. It has been about 72 hours since I saw the doc and I still have to use the bathroom frequently and have the dull pain in my side. Could I still have an STD. He said if I had an STD (Gon or Chlam) the Floxstat would kill it in a few days. Please advise it has been a week since sex.
Avatar f tn Typically a single dose is sufficient- you then need to give it time to heal. As I said before however, I think it would be a good idea for you to see one of your doctors again rather than self medicate.
Avatar m tn As for treatment, I was given a single dose of Fluconazole which didn't work. Two weeks later, I was given another dose. No help. One month later I was given seven doses to take seven straight days and that didn't work. Tomorrow I will begin another seven days worth of doses. My doctor told me that I could not pass it on to my wife but her OBGYN informed her at her appointment yesterday that she had a yeast infection.
Avatar n tn Diagnosed as NSU and over next three months it kept recurring despite abstaining from sex and being treated with Azithromycin 1 dose, Doxycycline 1 week, Erythromycin + Metronidazole 1 week, and lastly Azithromycin again for 5 days. My wife was treated with Azitheromycin large single dose and then 4 days. All tests to isolate organism were negative. I was told to stop looking so closely and it, at last, cleared in January.
Avatar n tn The first few times this recurred, I saw my doctor and she prescribed a single dose of fluconazole. Since then, she has given me several single-dose packets of fluconazole to treat the symptoms whenever they recur (which is every single time we have sex without a condom). I frequently perform oral sex on him without using a condom, and have never experienced any oral/throat infections. We have both also been on a daily probiotic regimen (Acidophilus and Bifidobacterium).
Avatar f tn Your doctor can also prescribe an antifungal medication to take by mouth. You can also purchase 100mg Fluconazole a one single dose oral capsule without a prescription, but I feel that you will require a stronger dose and a longer course than one day. Ask your doctor to take a skin swab to identify that you do have a fungal problem and/or any other bacteria on those skin areas, so that you can get the appropriate treatment.
Avatar m tn I was given fluconazole(single dose),and also loratyn and predisolone and asked to change to Canesten cream. I completed the dose of fluconazole and was still using the canesten cream well after two weeks and i noticed the skin around the area where the outline of an ulcer is on the glans to flake, break in a reddish looking tiny blister like way. The skin however dried on its own but still looks flaky.
Avatar m tn Go back to your doctor if you are no better. You may benefit from Fluconazole 150mg single oral dose capsule. There is also Fluconazole 50mg capsules that are taken 1 a day for 7 days. Best wishes.
Avatar n tn You can purchase from the pharmacy a medication called Fluconazole 100mg which is a single dose capsule that you swallow with a glassful of water. There are creams and pessaries that can be used, but as your period is due any time using a pessary may not be a good idea. Do have a chat with the pharmacist who will be able to advise you. As your period is due any day now, the cramping is due to that.
Avatar m tn Your normal doctor should be able to do a swab test and send it to the laboratory for testing. You can purchase 100mg Fluconazole that is a 1 single dose treatment without a prescription from the pharmacy. You will need to check with the pharmacist as I do not know which country you are in. You can also purchase antifungal creams specifically to apply to the genitals. Your doctor can prescribe a longer course of the antifungals if you need them.