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Avatar n tn I took fluconazole Monday for bladder yeast infection have some relief , but not 100% better yet. What should I do?
Avatar f tn Sometimes it takes 2 doses of fluconazole to work. Call your doc and he should be able to call in another dose for you. Try swishing your mouth with Maalox, the antacid. It helps to relieve the pain of the sores in your mouth. Don't swallow it, though.
Avatar n tn My assumption from her medication is that her doctors have no idea what the actual infection is, because otherwise they would treat her for that infection, not every other infection under the sun? If she had trichomonas, wouldn't I have caught it from her??
Avatar n tn You probably will need one dose then clean everything as I think I mentioned then in a week I think you have to repeat it again meds and cleaning. I don't think so for the fungal infection either. Not for the anal area. I would see if they have some topical other than fluconazole for this. Or at least ask about what they have for that area other than fluconazole for the anal area.
Avatar f tn I ended up having THREE course of azythromycin - one of 1x500g once a day for 3 days, one of 1g as a single dose, and one of 500g once a day for five days. After each course I though the symptoms had subsided, but they came back within a few days. This, of course, could be coincidence, as symptoms do come and go (or it could even be the placebo effect - I was SO hoping the antibiotics would work!). I have now arranged for another PCR assay to check whether ureaplasma is still present.
Avatar m tn Ok, hopefully someone will be able to give me answers so I know what's going on with my body! About two weeks ago I got a urinary tract infection (ouch) after having had sex with my boyfriend. I've had one before so I stocked up on cranberry juice and UTI pills- the whole 9 yards. That painful ordeal went on for about 2 days and then the clouds parted and the sun came through- it went away! But (yes the big but!
Avatar m tn It sounds like you may have a urinary tract infection. Talk to him about the fever and mucus and nose stuff to see if it is viral or bacterial. Maybe they can culture the nose . If it is viral you don't need an antibiotic if it is bacterial then it is up to the doctor to decide. Maybe they can give you one antibiotic that is good for both the urinary and nose problem. They can do that.
Avatar n tn Ladies, I wanted to mention that if you keep treating yourself for a yeast infection and it's not clearing up at all, it could be a bacterial infection. That happened to me before. Bacterial infections have very similar symptoms and are treated with (yea!) antibiotics. You should really see a doctor if self-treatment isn't working. And for the ladies who have been told it is or might be herpes, I went through this too.
Avatar n tn gave me for a year and nothing helped. It was like I had the same yeast infection for a year. That stuff is not good for you and can even make your body immune to it so it depends on western medicine instead of your bodies natural defenses. With reoccuring yeast infections you will most likely have to treat yourself for at least 6 months. But do it. and be faithful to it. your body needs this. With these infections it can throw off your entire system, so I would do a body clense too.
Avatar f tn That is a sign of a prostate or other lower urinary tract problem. It is not due to infection of any kind, and it is not due to anything you caught from the oral sex encounter. 2) Bumps on buttocks that last more than a week are not due to herpes or any other STD. (Herpes outbreaks can occur on the buttocks, but only with a small cluster of blister-like sores, only on one buttock never both, and always clearing up within 1-2 weeks.) 3) Herpes does not cause tingling like you describe.
Avatar n tn If you've had a Urinary Tract infection and a yeast infection like me, good luck getting better. Its a catch 22. On one hand I have to take the antibiotic to get rid of the UTI and also use a pill for the yeast infection. I was told (I am on cipro) not to eat dairy since it reduces the effects of the antibiotic. So Although I am a pro-yogurt remedy person when it comes to yeast infections, I cannot use it when I am on this particular antibiotic.
Avatar n tn I am 23 weeks along now,and have had one for the past 2 weeks. i ended up with a Urinary Tract Infection. My doc prescribed an antibiotic, but he really pushes me to drink lots of water and drink some cranberry juice, which has acid in it that helps kill bacteria in the body. I have been taking his advice and seeing the results I want- NO irritating yeast or Urinary Tract Infection.
Avatar m tn And maybe the urinanalysis did not detect it because it wasn't present in the urinary tract? I know this is a stretch, but is it worth it go get a blood test for these bacteria?
Avatar f tn however, I could not tell whether this came further back in my urinary tract or if it was normal urine that simply mixed with the blood that had pooled around my urethral opening. I would go to a walk-in clinic, but none in my area are open on Sunday afternoons. What in the heck could this be? Thanks in advance for your time!
Avatar m tn The scrotal pain could be a lot of things but often a urinary tract infection, injury, etc. I assume you check yourself for testicular cancer monthly. A lot men don't but you should. I don't think that is related but it is something that should always be said if not by your doctor. Also, kidney stones, hernia. But since it is dull it could be from a slight injury or maybe urinary tract infection. Do you have any burning with urination? If you had a blood infection you would have a high fever.
Avatar f tn It usually works when the other over the counter preps that have the anti-fungals that end in Azole like fluconazole don't work. You may also want to check if you have a urinary tract infection. The burning sounds like you might have that too. So you need to see a doctor. I would say if you just had a urinary tract infection to drink a lot of cranberry juice if you are not diabetic and lots of water.
Avatar n tn Redness, swelling in the urethra is a sign of infection. Is there any discharge or foul smelling urine? It could be roUTIne urinary tract infection or an STD. is there any rash or lump on the penis? RoUTIne urinary tract infections could be bacterial or yeast infections. It is difficult to say what it is without examination. I would suggest that you visit a urologist and get a urine analysis with culture and STD panel done to confirm the diagnosis and further assistance in treatment. Best.
Avatar n tn Hi, The med fluconazole is used to treat infections such as yeast or urinary tract infections. Why did the doctor say he was prescribing it? I would say it's for an infection, not a disease. As far as the bumps go, if you've tested negative for all std's, then it could be something called Pearly Papules which are small white or flesh colored bumps that are usually not painful. Do not try to pop them or pick at them as it could cause further infection.
Avatar n tn A couple of days ago my doctor prescribed sulfamethoxazole for a urinary tract infection, (which turned out to actually be a kidney stone) and ever since i started taking it i have had burning, itching, and swelling also a small amount of bleeding around my Vaginal opening (including labia). Could this be an allergic reaction?
Avatar n tn I took the recommended dose but not only did the meds not seem to help, they seem to have made things worse. Now I have what feels like a bad urinary tract infection - constant pressure to urinate and abdominal pain. I've been taking the over-the-counter stuff, AZO, for a couple of days, but the symptoms are still there. Should I be worried? Can diflucan bring on a UTI? Could this be anything else?
Avatar m tn As the UTI (urinary tract infection) test came back negative, then your doctor should examine your prostate for any enlargement and possibly take a blood test for the prostate. As you have recently had an antibiotic, this would have encouraged yeast growth and that could be what is making you penis feel the burning sensation and having the spots. The doctor should be able to tell you by examination whether this is a fungal problem, a swab can also be taken to identify the bacteria/fungus.
15607012 tn?1442453350 Multiple facilities from 2013 through 2014 say there's no sign of a urinary tract infection. Even though my urine sometimes almost looks like milk. (white lemonade consistency with particles) This seems to worsen if I drink Ensure or Boost. When I first wake up in the mornings my urine is a amber color. I do have photos. Regarding the food sensitivities.
Avatar m tn Fluconazole (diflucan) is an antifungal medication used to treat serious fungal or yeast infections such as vaginal candidiasis, thrush and/or oral thrush, peritonitis which is an inflammation of the lining of the stomach, urinary tract infections and a few other fungal/yeast based issues. This medication works by killing the fungus or yeast or preventing it's growth.
Avatar m tn 3 days kater Went to a walk in medical centre and told them about what happened, gave me urinary test for infection which came up negative. They refered me for a sexual health clinic and I had and examination later that day. I have no discharge from penis and the swab test under microscope informed no gonnareha infection present , chlamydia urine test has gone off together with throat swab and blood test for hiv.
Avatar f tn After being treated for a urinary tract infection, you may get a yeast infection, which can have symptoms that are somewhat similar to the UTI symptoms. (A bladder infection is a UTI). You may be able to get them to call in an oral antifungal (diflucan), which is one pill, or you could use a cream for a vaginal yeast infection. If your bladder hasn't calmed down, try taking Azo-Standard (pyridium) to anesthetize your bladder. It will turn your urine orange.
Avatar n tn The unfortunate part here is that you took the meds, and now testing for other things might be tricky, if the antibiotics have inhibited the growth of other bacteria enough to cause a false negative test. I wonder if you have a urinary tract infection, prostatitis, etc - and the timing is pure coincidence. I'd follow up with your doctor again.
Avatar n tn So she went to the clinic around the corner. They diagnosed her with Trich, a urinary tract infection, and a yeast infection. We were stunned! My wife and I are completely faithful to each other. But the doctor said that Trich can be picked up from contaminated toilet seats as well. So we washed everything on our house with bleach for fear that our 4 and 2 year old girls could catch this and took the prescribed antibiotics.
Avatar m tn A woman's urethra is much shorter than a man's and bacteria can easily enter the urinary tract. Make an appointment with your doctor and take a urine sample preferably the morning one. The doctor will do a simple urine test that would show whether you have got a bacterial infection. If so, he will prescribe the appropriate medication for you. Drink plenty of water to flush out the bacteria.
Avatar f tn ) The pain and frequent urination sounds like a urinary tract infection. That can be taken care of with some prescribed antibiotics.. The swelling on the other hand could be some sort of infection. U should make an appt with ur Dr immediately and get checked out. Better safe than sorry:) Good luck!
Avatar f tn Test results seem to vary. 1000 cfu/ml seems to be the lower threshold for indicating a urinary tract infection. It can be interpreted as either positive or negative, depending on other factors. That's what I got from googling your test result. I'm not a doctor, nor am I well informed about that type of test. Your bio indicates you are a woman. It would help to change that, and add an age so others know whether you are a young buck or an older gentleman.