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Avatar n tn It is because flovent can cause thrush and a rash.. but I want to make sure...we are talking about flovent and not ventilin.. though vent will cause rashes too. The reason it appears to be better with no milk would be most likely due to the fact that flovent, can cause thrush, that is why you should have your child rinse their mouth or give them a drink of water after using it. Or better yet brush their teeth. This works wonders. IT will help keep it out of their mouth.
1125622 tn?1295423718 I was recently on advair which part of it is the flovent and I did not enjoy it, muscle cramps and exhaustion without it helping my asthma any. The steroid I like a lot is pulmicort, it worked very well for me. Good luck and let us know how everything works out.
Avatar n tn The only problem with that switch is that you would no longer have an inhaled corticosteroid for controlling inflammation (Flovent, Pulmicort).
Avatar n tn i have asthma and mine got worse when i got pregnant and i take proventil and i take pulmicort and zyrtec for allergies. I am supposed to take a nasal inhaler...flonase too but i dont..i figure I am on enough stuff..no matter what they say...i just know its important to be able to breathe so your baby is breathing. and i think most of the things out there are in the B category which means studies really havent been done but its considered pretty safe from animal studies.
959034 tn?1253675076 Which provides the best control over asthma symptoms? Pulmicort 180, Flovent 220, or Qvar 80?
Avatar m tn Take the national guidelines that call for asthma patients to double their dose of inhaled steroids such as Pulmicort or Flovent at the start of an attack. As it turns out, all that does is give asthmatics an extra dose of steroids–because it certainly doesn’t help prevent an asthma flare-up.
Avatar f tn If there is, then follow the time frame for those. If not, then you probably are fine using the flovent. I have a test next week and my advair is restricted for 24 hours but I'm allowed to continue using the singulair.
746512 tn?1388811180 I am already using 800mcg of pulmicort a day and even at that level it has been giving me muscle cramps and messing up my period, so I don't want to increase it. Any comments? Or things I could try?
Avatar n tn She takes singulair, zyrtec, nasonex, elestat, and flovent for allergies and asthma and adds pulmocort and albuterol by nebulizer for flares (usually caused by a virus). She has had allergy shots for 2 years which have helped a lot. She has been coughing since Oct 4. It started with a cold, but did not respond to pulmicort and albuterol nebs. We tried oral steroids, but she was sleepless and crazy and we stopped.
Avatar n tn Another type of inhaler are anti-inflammatory such as Flovent, Pulmicort (contain a steroid of some sort). The long term and steroid inhalers are used mostly for keeping your disease at a maintanence level. The short term inhalers are rescue inhalers, they are used when a person is wheezing and having problems with breathing.
Avatar n tn I would keep doing the nebulizer if he is weezing and maybe ask your dr. for a corticosteroid like flovent or pulmicort respules, they help with imflamation in the airways wich can cause wheezing. Sometimes that's all you need.
Avatar n tn This inflammation is decreased and prevented with the daily use of an inhaled steroid, like the Pulmicort Respules
Avatar m tn She was taken off the Flovent and put on Pulmicort to see if the itching stopped and it hasn't. Could the the itching be associated with either meds? She has also started getting dizzy and having nosebleeds often with the Flovent.
Avatar n tn My son who is almost 18 months has asthma and is on Flovent this winter as a preventative medicine. He used it at the end of last winter and it helped soooo much. He also uses Albuterol breathing treatments and inhaler when needed, but hopefuly with the Flovent started already, we wont need many of those.
Avatar n tn Normally I only need to take my preventative med (pulmicort turbohaler now, but flovent 125 before) in the summer when there is lots smog and the humidity is high. I was put on pulmicort in the summer because the flovent didn't work anymore. I would usually stop taking my inhaler after nasty season but this year i kept taking it because my asthma kept bothering me. I take the pulmicort inhaler 2 times a day, 2 puffs. I end up taking my blue inhaler at least 4 or 5 times a week now.
Avatar n tn Some individuals achieve control with but a single medicine, an inhaled steroid such as Flovent® (fluticasone) or Pulmicort® (budesonide). There is also a less potent but effective, convenient medicine also worthy of consideration, called Singulair®, which is taken as a pill once daily. You can continue to use the Combivent® Inhalation Aerosol (ipratropium bromide and albuterol sulfate)as a rescue inhaler when you have acute worsening of cough or ask your doctor for an albuterol inhaler.
Avatar f tn He is now coughing more and says his chest is tight. His breathing is fine. I gave him his regular meds of flovent and singular, I also gave him 2 puffs from his albuterol inhaler. He is now asking for his breathing treatment which is unlike him cause he hates it. My question is can I give him a treatment if he just had his inhaler?
Avatar n tn 10 -day course of .875 MG Augmentin with pulmicort + albuterol nebulizer treatments, and Nasonex. Some improvement -- lung function up to 81%. 3. 3-week course of 2 MG Augmentin, higher dose of symbicort (no nebulizers), and Nasonex. By January 6, my lung function was up to 92%, which was for me, normal. The allergist still thought I had a sinus infection, so she recommended a sinus CT scan, which showed no infection.
Avatar m tn Flovent HFA 110, 2 puffs bid. Pulmicort 0.5 mg tid. History, this is not complete. 10 month male. Weight 7.5 kg. X-ray was chariteristic of asthma. Chronic wheeze. Occasional fever. Need more info? Is this dose safe, and if so how long can it be continued?
Avatar f tn I would rather watch my calcium intake and everything that can happen with being on pulmicort (also been on advair) than go back to the chest tightness, fatigue and inability to fully excerise. I would try a type of preventative medicine for a year, then look back at the difference you feel and I bet you will want to continue enjoying life and the way it changes. Ask your doctor about other preventative medications that aren't steroid base, like the new one singulair.
Avatar n tn November - extended cough, put on low dose (50mcg Flovent), 2 puffs 2Xdaily January - unidentified infection, high temp, lethargic, low appetite, high respirations, O2 level 98%, hospitalized 2 days, ventilin masks every 4 hours, amoxicillin February - Cough, congestion, no fever, high energy, great appetite, high respirations, O2 level 98%, x-ray diagnosed pnuemonia, amoxicillan and upped flovent to 2puffs 4xdaily to be weaned back to 2 puffs x2daily March - Same symptoms as February, wheezy
Avatar f tn I'm bad, I've used pulmicort since last march and now on symbicort and I never rinse out my mouth and haven't had any problems. It all depends on the person I guess.
212161 tn?1476095111 Then thats when I switched over to asmanex 220 and then when the heart palpatatioins happend i ended up stopping it and goign to flovent diskus 250 twice a day. That helped but wasnt like the asmanex. So, now im going back to asmanex and im on day 3 without any steroids and my asthma is starting to get annoying. I am also on singulair 10mg.
Avatar n tn My doctor put me on Spiriva and pulmicort. Both are poweder inhalers and I am doing very well on them. My doctor said it was the propellents in the other inhalers causing my problems that some people can't use them such as albuterol. Ask your doctor about pulmicort and spiriva or some other powdered inhaler. I think you will see a huhge difference. Good Luck!
Avatar n tn 0( So we added atrovent and upped him to the 1.25 xoponex along with the 5 days of orapred, and now pulmicort twice a day. Working on weaning him back down, hopefully... Doc went over his medical emergency plan for meds and I feel much more comfortable about the trip now. Maybe the change will do him some good. I hope more than anything that he can be one of these wonderful success stories I read about and doing LOTS when he's older.
Avatar n tn He starts with a runny nose, and within hours a fever and wheezing. his doctor dx him with asthma and prescribed pulmicort and xeopenex, and singular as needed. the only thing is by the time he gets his runny nose and we start the treatments it is to late the meds dont help. he was born six weeks earily and i want to know could there be something else that the doctors are missing that is causing these? and why do his attacks come with a fever 102+?
Avatar f tn I personally moved to pulmicort because it was a loooot cheaper and I wasn't on any coverage for a while there ($120 per 2 weeks for advair and pulmicort is $137 for 3 1/2 months). You could also move to flovent which is the same steriod as advair but just singly. Welcome and let us know how it goes.
284558 tn?1225610592 Common corticosteroid options include Pulmicort, Aerobid, Flovent, Asmanex, and Asmacort. If your asthma has an allergic component, you may benefit from a Leukotriene Modifier, such as Singulair, Accolate, or Zyflo. A Mast Cell Stabilizer such as Cromolyn may also be helpful, but is usually recommended for milder asthmatics. A newer option for severe allergic asthma is Xolair.
Avatar n tn Test’s Performed -Chest x-ray -Blood work -Barium Swallow -Nuclear Scan -Urine test Outcome they say is Reflux, aspiration, asthma. He has been on Omeprazole, ranitidine, reglan, ventalin, flovent, pulmicort, diovol, maalox....etc....AND NOTHING is working. He has been on all kinds of formula, and now on Alimentum.
Avatar n tn When He's sik from Cold I put him on Albuteral and Pulmicort twice a day with Nebulizer. It works well. Beside twice when may be I wasn't able to start nebulizer soon enough and albuterol just didn't work anymore and he had to take orapred for 5 days(total10 days). He also got Croup a year ago. So bad that he was hospitalized and was given steroid shot. Since then his croup came back twice but each time I was able to manage it at home with shower steam, humidifier,albuterol and pulmicort.