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Avatar n tn Her doctor had her on Claritin-D 24 Hour but then told her that would affect her because her family has a history of high blood pressure. She then placed her on Flonase. Now she had panic attacks and heart palipatations so she stopped taking it. What's the next step and is it true about allergy meds being a concern with high blood pressure candidates? She's healthy now other than the not being able to breathe, coughing, and itchy dry eyes.
Avatar f tn I am a 37 yo female with no serious illness, aside from severe allergies (taking Allegra D & Flonase) and just recently had a 'thyroid storm' (taking Levoxyl). Have always had low or normal blood pressure except for twice related to pregnancy. 11 years ago, pre-eclampsia during last 8 weeks with BP ranging 135/99 to 147/131, headaches and protein in urine. On bed rest, diuretic meds and lots of testing, bp kept getting higher, so delivered by c-section 1 week early.
Avatar n tn back of the head ( Tumor was inbetween frontal lobes and benign ) and BP went up so high he almost had a stroke. Also when he walked there was a clicking sound in his head. All this without diagnosis of the tumor. If it is one, its not going to go away so the sooner the better to get a diagnosis. Good Luck!
Avatar n tn low blood pressure 86/60 (it usually runs 100/70). When the blood pressure gets too low, I feel the blood running through the veins in my legs, and abdomen, especially the neck/head. I've been tested for diabetes-only abnormality is very mild insulin resistance, for which I take Metformin (500 mg. w/ breakfast; 250mg. with lunch). Blood sugar tests have been in the low to mid 90's, with the exception of one that reached 101. I was tested for Lyme, Sjogren's, B12 deficiency, CBC's - all normal.
Avatar n tn After the initial 6 weeks there were some changes, the pressure decreased on average, the pressure attacks were not as severe, and at times the pressure disappeared for hours. I have noticed that it is often triggered by loud environments, or a busy/stressful workday, but not exclusively, sometimes it could happen right when I woke up in the morning.
Avatar n tn last night i was sat down for 3 hours messuring my pulse rate on a machine it stayed at 170 beats and my blood pressure was sky high this lasted for 3 hours and slowly dropped its never happened to me before at one stage i thought i was gonna have a heart attack what shall i do
Avatar f tn For example, when i tell someone a stressful story or when i get really angry, I can feel the blood rising into my head and some pressure, then my head starts to pound. I have to stop, take some deep breathes, and try to relax. Also, yesterday I went to the gym to workout on the machines. When I start to intensify the reps, I held my breath to push that last couple of turns. I felt some pounding rising in my head. I immediately stopped and walked around for a bit.
Avatar f tn Research on AAAAI does indicate a direct relationship between high IgEs and high staph infections....and we have certainly noted that the staph is a huge trigger for the itchiness - if not the main culprit. There seemed to be less staph in Canada than in NZ....we keep it in control by washing her with chlorhexidine 4% surgical scrub every night in the bath. Our paediatrician and immunologist do not seem concerned about her high IgE levels.
Avatar n tn The RN explained that my heart rate was extremely high (140) and that my blood pressure was low. Since neither the technician or RN are doctors, they could not tell me anything more. I have an MRI scheduled for tomorrow morning, and I know that they won't be able to tell me anything until I see my nuerologist in two weeks. I'm very concerned and don't know what could be wrong with me. Help?
Avatar n tn *My blood pressure is weird - sometimes my pulse is really high, sometimes it's normal. Sometimes my blood pressure will be at the very highest end of normal, sometimes it's jumped to like 145/87 which is much higher. I cannot account for this irregularity. *Caffeine seems to trigger my symptoms or worsen them if they're already there. All three of my worst events were triggered by a large cup of coffee.
Avatar m tn The doctor also mentioned that sometimes people just get high CSF pressure sort of like high blood pressure and it can be treated with medication.
Avatar n tn I just started taking Allegra and Flonase, again. Which I may stop taking. I have been doing fine just going for shots, but had a very bad allergic reaction last week (dogs/cats) and a doctor put me back on these medications. My asthma, which has virtually disappeared, occurs usually if I am around pets for an extensive time or over-exersion from playing sports. Sometimes at night in the summer with the windows being open.
Avatar n tn Once I completed the round, the blurred vision, and head pressure came back.. I have been using Alavert D12 and Flonase for past week. Just recently, have had vision issues again and dizziness. I cannot even ride in the car, I get like- car sick, too much motion. Then I feel panicky, because my head is not clear and the ENT office states that dizziness is normal. I am now starting to feel pressure on left ear, and I just do not want to have surgery.
Avatar n tn This just happened again to my thumb after 10 years and my cardiologist prescribed high blood pressure meds...and I DON'T have high blood pressure, I've been running for 25 years! If anyone has a diagnosis please share...I know your frustration.
Avatar m tn Doctor listened to heart, carotid arteries, and conducted EKG (all OK) and scheduled a stress test. Changed Flonase to Nasonex and added additional 10mg Lisinopril – now 30mg). Discussed aging as cause of potential tinnitus in left ear. Continued to conducted regular gym workouts. Two days later (17 Mar 11) I awoke with left rear temporal lobe, upper neck sensations/aches, and increased pressure in ears.
Avatar m tn My current issues – Head sensations in clusters (top, sides, and back of head), back pain/aches, bone aches in thighs, calves, and fingers, rushing sound in left ear at night or in quiet room, and pressure in rear sometime entire head. Also my scalp has been itchy for past 2-3 months. Have CT, MRA, and ENT Specialist scheduled in next two weeks. Am worried about underlying issues even as recently prescribed medications are dulling the sensations, aches, and pains. My recent history is below.
Avatar m tn Went to a GP, was given doxycycline for inner ear infection (she guessed) and sinus pressure (maybe?), that didn't help. Given a higher dose of meclizine, plus Flonase. Didn't help. Was sent for an MRI. Lo and behold, white matter lesions. Being sent to a neurologist... but no appointments available for weeks.
Avatar n tn I have been to about 30 doctors- including ENT's allergists, neurologists, chiropracters, opthamologists. psychologists, dentists and everything else u can think of. All CT scans, MRI of brain and blood work keep coming back clean and ok. Nothing I try seems to work. There was a period of time about 3 and a half years ago that the symptoms lifted for about 4 months and then it returned full force.
Avatar m tn He put me on a low sodium diet and gave me script for perscription blood pressure meds( a diuretic). I don't have high blood pressure. But it saved my life. I was to point so dizzy couldn't walk or stand and my words would slur only sometimes. I have a constant pressure in my ears. I have been on this diet for a few years and I have been great. If I start to feel dizzy or pressure I take a diuretic. Maybe you have something similar. You can try it out before going to dr.
Avatar n tn I can't postulate a connection between your various conditions and I can't comment on your high blood pressure without more information on the actual blood pressure readings. If you are taking an inhaler called Albuterol (Proventil), it could cause your heart rate to be elevated. I suggest that you have a thorough evaluation by a good general internist to get to the bottom of your problems. I hope you find this information useful.
Avatar n tn -constant head pressure, all around my skull and base of neck -facial pressure, but comes and goes -ear pressure, with tinnitus and 'fullness' -headaches, with numerous intensities on different sides at different times -TMG, with jaw hurting when I chew -eye vision becomes blurry, feeling of eyes jumping and bulging out -constant fatigue, wake up feeling like I've been hit by a truck with body aching and joints aching especially in my back -poor blood circulation, extremities get tingl
Avatar m tn ) All these meds made me sick and gain weight. I recently went to my DR due to high blood pressure and he put me back on the meds but Glimpiride 1mg instead of the Medformin. I really need to lose some weight and my Dr is not into fad diets my? is,Do I start the meds and do the diet or do I just do the diet and see what my stats are? All these meds have scary side effects and say no drinking alcohol but the HCG drops have 20%.alcohol. If I lose the weight will my stats change?
Avatar m tn Also, a good decongestant with a moistening agent, like Guafenisen (but be wary if you have high blood pressure/athlerosclerosis issues, as it can put you at risk for heart attacks)...All this should be monitored by ONE really good ENT Md! First and formost, find a good one, and stick with it! Also, I found acupressure (head/face) and acupuncture to be extremely helpful, also. But, as always...what works for one, may not work for you...
Avatar f tn I also have a number of other factors going on...I've got type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high triglycerides and GERD. I'm on medication for diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol and for my GERD. However, the doctor seems to be reluctant to do anything about my very high triglycerides. Also my blood sugar is not being well regulated with the medication I'm on.
Avatar n tn It leads to very mild headaches and pressure over/under eye and behind my eye. Claritin used to help clear my nose, but it's been inconsistent of late. Afrin/Nasalcrom seem to help clear me and some of the other issues like the eye/head pressure subside. I have another ENT appointment scheduled for 6/5, my first visit in over a year. I have zero nausea or any visual problems although my eye gets blurry when I rub it, which is normal. It itches from time to time.
Avatar n tn I have the same issue but mine is calming down i think because i stopped the corticosteroid i was on called Flonase inwas orginally on Omnaris but insurance switched me over to Flonase, ive been on flonase and omnaris for about 3 years straight only recently ive felt extremely anxious/panic attacks with no rhyme or reason so i stopped all unecessary meds and only took my diovan for my blood pressure and Lialda for my ulcerative colitus its been about 20 days and the palps are now on and off most
Avatar n tn i also have to take synthroid and cytomel for underactive thyroid as well as protonix for gerd and atacand hct for high blood pressure. i also have been recently diagnosed with asthma (now on singulair, allegra, flonase, and sometimes use albuterol inhaler) that i wonder if it is due to the opiate use. any thoughts on that?
Avatar n tn Update. I only had 2 margaritas with a meal and about 3 glasses of water w/ dinner so I don't think it was dehydration. And the massive head ache was confined to the lower left back area of my head where all of my symptoms have been for the past 5 weeks. This morning, out of the blue, my nose started bleeding. JUST out of my left side. I immediately called my Dr's office.
Avatar f tn It comes on extremely quickly without any preceding anxiety, and all of a sudden I feel like I can't breath, my arms feel heavy and numb, my throat feels like its got a lump and its hard to swallow, my heart starts racing to 90-100 bpm and I feel dizzy like I have low blood pressure. 2 days ago, this happened to me and my temperature hit 102 after it had just a few minutes before been 97.5. I am using a tympanic thermometer.