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Avatar f tn No change in tinnitus, so I discontinued anti-allergy meds. I randomly get slight sinus issues and then ear congestion follows, so to me it's obviously related, but i can'f find relief, esp from tinnitus. Help?
808904 tn?1307061409 My PCP said she saw a little bit of fluid in this ear I have a lot of scar tissue on ear drum in this ear from ear infections all my life) and gave me amoxicillin. It has not helped. She also prescribed Loradene for me ..this just dried me up more and added to the congestion. I have been diagnosed 10 years ago wit hypertension shich is disappearing because of exercise and diet lost 80lbs.) but I am still afraid to take the over the counter decongestants.
Avatar n tn Lysol spray (and similar products) can cause many problems with your ears, nose, and throat... including frequent ear infections and congestion. Hope you are feeling better soon!
Avatar f tn Hi I have been reading along on the forum and I have ear congestion,sinus congestion,Brain Fog.I have noticed when my ear congestion is worse I put my finger in my ear and check for fluid.When this happens I use swimmers ear in my ears and I hold my nose after i put the swimmers ear in so it will go down into my inner ears.It doesn't work right away but normally the next day the fluid is gone.
Avatar m tn If its your cat then, they'll give you whatever medication to help and try to keep your cat away from where you sleep in the meantime. I have a dog and I know that's hard but that is supposed to be helpful. Good luck!
Avatar f tn I've gone to many ent's, pcp's, had ct done last one years ago, and have gotten no where. Most of the dr's just tell me to take Flonase or nasonex, or something like it, or use a sinus wash. I've tried these and nothing seems to work. This year seems to be the worst I ever recall, I've had tinitis since February. Last ent I went to did allergy testing as well as hearing test. Allergy testing showed allergy to dustmites, mold, and cockroaches (eww).
Avatar m tn I was sleep deprived and very irritable. The congestion led to fluid being trapped behind my left middle ear drum. I suffered (still am) low level tinnitus and a feeling of fullness in my left ear. I saw an ENT about 4 weeks ago. I underwent a long and complex hearing test - the result of which was very positive, aside from a slight weakness in my left ear. I also had a nasal scope examination - it found no tumours in my nasal passages.
Avatar n tn Last summer I thought I had some wax in my ear, I ran to the dr. a couple of times and they said my ears were clean and no fluid behind the ear drum. I was put on a decongestant, mucinex, etc. but it just kept getting worse. In August I started running to ENTs_-all they'd do is give me a hearing test and say my ears looked good. One put me on prednisone for 7 days but it did no good. Meanwhile, I was miserable, it felt like someone had poured water into my head.
Avatar n tn It began with complete ear fullness. Went to internist, and he gave me Rhinocort and said to take Sudafed. It then appeared to go away for 2 weeks. Then it returned, but not to the severity as the first time. I proceeded to an ENT who peformed the test analyzing the pressure in the inner ear canals. Came back negative. I have continued to use the Rhinocort along with Sudafed and Claritin D. I then began to experience slight jaw pain in the area below the ear. Hurts when I chew.
Avatar n tn (CT scan finally confirmed that). Then still had ear troubles and the Ketek antibiotic didn't help ENT then gave me Levaquin and more steroids(pill & injection) At same time places a vent tube in my left ear. I immediately felt a horrible pressure in my right ear but strangly enough it would sometimes feel like my left ear was full. Then I get right ear tubed. So, for almost 2 years with the tubes and able to fly.
Avatar f tn Diagnosed with a Sinus Infection, he gave me a round of antibiotics, 2 different RX nasal sprays, and hydrocodone cough syrup. While my sinus and chest congestion has subsided, the pressure in my ears have not. Baseball in right ear, golf ball in left, my voice echoes loudly in my head, ear ringing, vertigo and the worse part is hearing loss. Went back to the Dr. he gave me a Medro dose pack 4mg. On the first day of taking this, I felt my ears begin to pop.
Avatar n tn However, I don't think that was the case. My ear has been feeling on and off pressure over the last 2 months, and now it is very annoying. My hearing ability seems to be OK, though sometimes my ears feel sensitive to loud or unusual sounds. When I swallow, I hear a crackling sound in my ear, not very loud at all, but pretty consistent. Also, just recently, the area near my glands has felt some pressure that seems to be tied into my ear problem.
Avatar n tn It has to do with the blood vessels inside your nose that expand and cause congestion and after sometime the blood vessels can not return back to a normal state and that would cause chronic nasal congestion. and post nasal drainage as well.
Avatar f tn When I went to the doc a couple weeks ago for the Prednisone, he told me that anxiety can make the inner ear pressure worsen, so If the inner ear pressure is causing the brain to produce anxiety, and the anxiety makes the inner ear pressure worsen, then how will I ever win this battle?? I have tried Dramamine, hasn't helped. Yes, I've heard that a mixture of local honey with cinnamon (one tsp. 3/day) is a good antibacterial, anti-fungal and antiviral solution.
Avatar n tn I saw a general doctor and she said my outer ear was clear but I had congestion behind my eardrum and called it an inner ear problem and told me to take Sudafed. Well I can't take the hearing loss, the ringing in my ear, the drainage or the pressure and fullness anymore!!!! I should also mention I have a pituitary macroadenoma and not sure if the drainage could be a CSF leak. I know it's rare but I don't know what else could be causing it?????
Avatar n tn i talked to docter's about it and they said that it is because i have water in my ear and bad sinus but it go's away and comes back so i would give it a like 5 week's because that is what mine stays for and dont let any water get in your ears because they will feel alot more clogged if you do and if it wont go away i would try a law suit next....god luck to you and i hope you feel batter.........or you get a nice payday coming in...
Avatar f tn So, this ear fullness and dizziness could be your inner ear (where no q tip can or should go). I had this and they said it may have started for me with a virus. Anyway, what helped was a ear nose and throat doctor recommending backward ear popping. Hold nose, blow out and your ears will pop. I had eustacian tube dysfunction and this helped the situation. I did the reverse popping often. See if that works at all for you.
345124 tn?1234486878 ve been on Claritin and flonase and still feel dizzy with pressure only in my left ear. I get dizzy then anxious . I even went on prize c to help but I went off after 3 days bc of the mood swings. So glad to hear I'm not crazy and others feel the exact same way as me. I got back to ent next Thursday for revaluation bc I think spring allergies are kicking in line crazy now. Everytime I get anxious my ear feels fuller. Making me crazy!!
Avatar m tn Unfortunately since you exposed yourself to loud music, and caused damage to your ear, the rining is most likely permanent and unrelated to your other symptoms. It can be affected by the other symptoms in small ways. I know my ringing is "quieter" when my ears are more congested. I will say that my ENT is baffled by the ringing in my ears since I have no hearing loss at all and he says that the ETD should not cause the ringing.
Avatar n tn i was prescribed actually 3 rounds of doxycycline for it, and flonase, and also sudafed. i have polyps that have formed in each side of my nasal cavity. MISERABLE! Dr. also thinks some ofit is allergy-related. But in the last week or so, i have had the weird tingly sensations on my scalp/head. sort of like when you get cold chills but just in random spots on my head. doesn'thurt, just odd.
Avatar n tn So after 4 months I decided I am going to try and not put the drops in as recommended and see if my fluid in my ear goes away. I have jaw pain occassionally and the muscle below my ear hurts. I have had these syptoms for almost a year. I have been to a chiropractor who noticed my head is shifted more to the right than in the center. I have had a couple of adjustments to see if this helps my ear drain.
Avatar n tn old I had such bad ear infections that I blew out my eardrum and entire middle and inner ear. When I was 17 the doctor (my hero) performed a Radical Mastoidectomy w/ a Temporal Flap. In other words, he cleaned out my ear for once and for all and sewed my ear shut with the Temporal Muscle from the side of my head. For the past 19 years I have been having issues with the remaining ear. Several doctors could not find anything wrong and kept sending me home.
Avatar n tn Coughing, phlegm, sneezing, head congestion, now my left ear is losing it, eyes turning read and itching, chest tightness, hoarseness..the symptoms are endless it seems. I was diagnosed with allergies to southern pollen. Well, i moved out of the south and the symptoms have gotten worse. I dont buy the allergy thing. I've never had a history of allergies or getting sick. But this is frustrating me. CAT scans and X rays have shown nothing. And I keep getting Claritin from the doctor.
Avatar n tn Numerous polyps and 90% blockage in both right sinuses and 50% in left. I have been having such bad congestion, especially at night and post nasal drip. ENT said looks like polyp tissue starting to re-grow. GREAT! So I took the 6 day prednisone pack which was great, could smell again for 7 days, along with Leviquin for 14 days. As soon as I was off the prednisone the congestion came back. Now the DR wants me back on Leviquin for another 10 days. Not real happy about this.
Avatar m tn Any inflammation in the nose and sinuses can cause inflammation around the Eustachian tube, which is the tube that runs from the back of the nose to the middle ear and is responsible for draining the middle ear of fluid. If there is Eustachian tube dysfunction from nose or sinus inflammation, fluid can remain in the middle ear which can lead to dizziness. Along with steroid nasal spray, you can use OTC decongestants/antihistamines to relieve the congestion.
Avatar f tn I was using it for my allergies my sinuses were so congested it was making my teeth and face hurt so bad and giving me a clogged ear with an ear ache. It did seem to help some but now she wants me to not use it for a couple of weeks to see if that was causing my nose irriation she said some people have that problem from using this product. So if it was the problem not sure what they will use for my allergies. It's always something lol. Good luck with your congestion the Flonase might help.
Avatar n tn Not every night, but 1 out of 4 at least. And I do still have some pain in my right face and ear. Again, I definitely will talk to the Dr. about what I've read in the forum and I appreciate everyone's input. I hope between us all we can get relief!
Avatar n tn Have found LARGE doses of prednisone help greatly (methylprednisolone, less so), but also cause side effects. Am currently taking Astelin and Rynatan as a steady regimen and Flonase semi-regularly. I am at my wit's end....any other ideas?
Avatar f tn My other docs put me on prednisone and inhalers that DON'T HELP! I too have had nose/sinus congestion and ifficulty swallowing off and on for a REALLY long time. My voice comes and goes at will. Those other docs just give meds you don't need because they don't understand. I am confident that for both of us, we will be better soon! I am hoping my surgery will be around the same time...just waiting on the insurance now.
Avatar n tn I have invented the cure for sinusitis, but it requires bending over in a hot shower to get the saline solution to every part of the sinuses. It's risky, but I cleared up a 5 year long bout of chronic sinusitis, and 3 bouts of acute sinusitis, and multiple colds. The instructions are posted on my journal as Flip-Turn Sinus Flush.