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Avatar n tn I can't use Flomax or other Alpha Blockers due to side effects -- disturbed sleep. Uroxatral even cause me to sleepwalk, waking when I fell flat on my face! Separately, due to a Vitamin D deficiency, my doc put me on 50,000 units per week for 8 weeks, followed by biweekly doses. And guess what...the Vitamin D almost instantly "cured" the BPH.
Avatar n tn I can't use Flomax or other alpha blockers due to side effects -- disturbed sleep. Uroxatral even caused me to sleepwalk 15 feet from a nap on the sofa one evening, waking when I fell flat on my face in the next room! Separately, due to a Vitamin D deficiency my doc found, he put me on 50,000 units Vitamin D per week for 8 weeks, followed by biweekly doses. And guess what...the Vitamin D almost instantly "cured" the BPH.
Avatar m tn Prostatitis is usually not a side effect of use of flomax, indeed it can happen due to BPH, for which flomax is used as treatment. It would be better to get prostrate examination done by a urologist and take opinion for surgery for resolving these symptoms. Choice of antibiotics depends upon the kind of organism affecting the prostrate. Best.
Avatar m tn http://www.drugs.com/sfx/flomax-side-effects.html). If it persists, it is best that you inform your doctor about this also for proper management. A change of medication or dosage may be indicated. Take care and do keep us posted.
Avatar n tn Priapism happens sometimes, and Flomax has been known to cause it as a side effect. Flomax is not unique with this side effect. Drugs that can cause it most often are antihypertensives, antipsychotics (e.g., chlorpromazine, clozapine), antidepressants (most notably trazodone), anticoagulants. Your drug list, spelled correctly, is: Flomax, morphine, Phenergan, lorazepam, ibuprofen, Prilosec, and doxycycline if you want to read up on them individually.
Avatar n tn Talk to your cardiologist if you can't tolerate the side effects there is amiodarone which is a wonderful drug i am just to young (28) to risk the long term side effects, there is even a new med for a fib and that is tykosin, it didn't work for me but i also don't have a fib, the great thing was i had no side effects and it doesn't really carry any central nervous system side effects.
Avatar m tn If the prostate is obstructed than FloMax dialates the prostate. When you stop the FloMax your symptoms of weak urine flow and penis, scrotum and rectal pain will return. You might want to discuss the permanent use of FloMax with your doctor or a urologist. Trust me it is better to be on FloMax than to have the TURP to deal with the prostate.
Avatar f tn It is at the higher end cost wise initially..
284078 tn?1282620298 She had developed an acute myopic shift from a choroidal effusion which pushed the lens/iris diaphram forward. Fortunately, God was on her side because she was smart enough to stop the Topamax and go to the emergency room before she developed an attack of acute narrow angle glaucoma (symptoms severe eye pain, headache, nausea, vomiting, almost complete vision loss.
Avatar n tn Married for 12 years and faithful with one exception. Almost 3-1/2 years ago I was working out of town on a long term project without my family. Regretably, I was weak and gave in to the advances of an attractive older (46 y.o.) female co-worker who had been flirting with me on and off for over a year. We engaged in unprotected oral and vaginal sex on several occasions over a period of about 3 weeks.
Avatar m tn ◦ Surgery on certain parts of the bladder ◦ Extensive pelvic surgery, especially to treat cancer of the prostate, testicles, colon or rectum ◦ Staging surgery for cancer in the pelvis or lower abdomen (this surgery removes lymph nodes in the pelvis and lower abdomen to help determine how far cancer has spread) ◦ Certain types of surgery on the discs and vertebrae of the lower spine • Nerve damage caused by medical illness — This is especially common in men with multiple sclerosis or w
Avatar n tn Now that your bladder has recompensated, you might actually be able to empty using an alpha blocker such as Uroxatral or Flomax, but I would not recommend doing that in the long term as you are skating on the edge of decompensating again. I would recommend that you have a prostatectomy and then be followed for adequacy of emptying and urinary tract infections.
Avatar m tn Each has it’s own “side effects. Some individuals seem to be more sensitive to the side effects of one drug but not the others. I’d try each drug and see which is most tolerable. The trouble is that you are going to need to be on something for the rest of your life. If you are not planning on having any (more) children, and you really want to treat your slow flow, consider an Orandi procedure (tansurethral incision of the prostate).
Avatar n tn I have a friend who got drunk and took 150mg of zoloft that belong to someone else. It has been over 24 hours since then and she seems to be fine. Are there any long term effects from doing that.
Avatar n tn And i think it maybe a reaction to the medication. I did do a search on Leviquin and side effects and found several patients having this reaction. Along with other reactions mention were pain or distress in the tendens??? I saw Dr. One today...and seems he was evasive or defensive in answering my questions. That and i quote...he didn't have the time to discuss it my questions or something like that. He did say i had prostititus(sp) and said no urologist would ever consider surgery ...
Avatar m tn What to expect? How long they take to kick in? Any side effects? Were they energizing or the opposite? Did they help motivate and give you focus? Did you take them during treatment or when not treating,as I imagine there may be a diffence. Currently, I'm 19 weeks post treatment.
Avatar m tn Symptons never subsided waited until third week of April, and visited GP, She thought problem to be a prostate issue and recommended long term antibiotics 6 weeks of dox twice a day, and back for a follow up. Ten days of Dox and my irratation in my urethea went away a couple of days later had a masage/hand job and now symptons are back. I am married and will be home in a month, do not want to transfer STD to her, (if I even have one). Should I tell her and ruin my marriage?
Avatar m tn And by the way, people would be shocked if they knew how few people were in the trials to approve pharmaceutical products, how the companies don't report adverse outcomes to the FDA or to the public, how many people drop out of the studies, how little better the drugs do than placebo, how no long-term studies are done so we don't find out about the really bad effects until years after a drug hits the market, and how anyone with a major problem is excluded from the studies so they really don't
Avatar n tn Prior to the surgery the urologist explained all the side effects including retrograde ejeculation. I had problems not being able to urinate and it was found to be some obstruction at the bladderneck. The procedure went OK and after 8 weeks or so I returned to work as a heavy duty mechanic shop foreman. The procedure only did well for about 6 months when I ended up with the same problems. I was booked for a urodynamics test and it was found that I had a neurogenic bladder.
Avatar m tn When it happens on my left side, it doesn't last a very long time. But there is times when both testicles ache for almost a whole day. Occasionally, this discomfort/pain radiates down my right butt cheek or down into my thigh or the tendons right above my knee. When it radiates into these areas, it's only for a short period of time. However, this referred pain never happens on the left side.
Avatar n tn I can urinate pretty freely, and the whole area down there seems relaxed. Sweet relief! On the negative side, I'm experiencing a common side effect - masturbated the other day, and no semen came out! Freaked out until I read that Flomax can cause ejaculatory failure and/or retrograde ejaculation. Bizarre stuff, let me tell ya. But, I'll take shooting blanks over the pain and discomfort any day! Morgannon P.S. Enigmaman, have you tried direct heat yet?
Avatar f tn I continued to have the severe pain that you describe due to the kidney spasms. It causes the same stabbing pain in your side and back, but up higher around the kidney. You have to be carefull with Toradol. It is not meant to be taken everyday. Hope this helps.
Avatar n tn I've been told, not by a doctor but someone I trust, that impotence and erectile disfunction is a possible long-term side effect even after stent removal..? Other than the standard discomfort, light bleeding/puss and frequent urination, what are realistic "serious complications" of a stent and how much water should I be drinking?
Avatar m tn There is still a bit of burning(as is expected from the long term catheter), but it is bearable. Bladder control is normal. Next up is a three-month urinalysis and post-op appointment. I won't be scoped again until the 6-month mark to protect against possibly damaging the repair. Many thanks to Dr McCammon at Urology of Virginia and Eastern Virginia Medical School.
Avatar f tn I would do anything to keep him dry, but those are some nasty side effects. Has your child had any bad problems on Detrol XL? I hope to start him on Saturday. I feel your pain... he is getting to old for this.
Avatar m tn the terms of 4 days vs 18 months. people would freak right? we are not crazy. hang in there anyone with long term pain. i am counting down my months. 9 more to go.
Avatar m tn Medicine is based on unhealthy drugs which cause secondary harmfull effects, most of these effects will have a terrible health impact on the long run, and most drugs are base on the principle of treating the disease rather than healing it. I believe is important for you to do some research about your own health condition, on the drugs you are taking (drugs come with some of the side effects written on the papers that come inside the box).
1415321 tn?1306973553 Anyone out there being recommended a Lupron injection please read up on the side-effects, I trusted my doctor and was only told of 4 minor ones and just wanted relief from pain so took it. The surgeon said the timing of the pain ending most likely landed around the time the injection was given.
Avatar m tn -Reduced energy, depression; again, possibly side-effects. -Colder penis temperature and lighter glans color, also when in the firm+flaccid state. When erect, or after taking a warm bath, the reddish/purple color returns to the glans. -Hemorrhoids, which may or may not have been present when the penile symptoms started. -Back pain in the lower-left thoracic region. -More flatulence than usual. -Pain in the perineum - possibly related to hemorrhoids.
Avatar m tn Hi, We do not know the reasons why you are taking so many sedatives. If you can avoid them it is good for your long term health. Choose ergonomically suitable bed and mattress while sleeping this will help. Take care!