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Avatar m tn Flomax and no semen by starliner I have been on flomax for a couple of months. Lately, when I orgasm, there is hardly any seminal fluid. This is with normal sex or masturbation. I understand that flomax may reduce the amount of semen produced, but there is hardly anything coming out. Should I be worried, or is this a normal side affect?
Avatar m tn Unrination is really no problem anymore, but I have a problem with getting erections and now when I ejaculate I have no semon in me. Also have a runny nose mostly in the a.m. What is your advice and opinion for this problem. Thank you This discussion is related to <a href='http://www.medhelp.org/posts/show/225454'>use of Flomax</a>.
Avatar f tn But, shortly after starting the Flomax, I discovered that I did not produce any ejaculate! Not that sex is a big thing with me (staying upright while standing takes precidence), but it is still an important part of life (if only rarely). Needless to say, I found this to be disconcerting, and discovered (through onling research) that a decrease in semen production was a common side effect of Flomax. But, I kept on using this combination hoping things would improve with the semen.
Avatar n tn Yes, it is the Flomax! I ejaculated with a kidney stone when I was not taking Flomax. When I started taking it, only dry orgasms. Who knew!? Lol I'm still waiting for my 4mm stone to pass. It's been 3 weeks now. Anyone have any home remedies that worked to get there's out? I've tried quite a few things now and this sucker doesn't want to come out! I'm really trying to avoid surgery. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Avatar n tn *prescribed pills for IC, bladder incontinence, antidepressants --elmiron, flomax, detrol and that whole array, elavil-- *penile sensitivity, no erection problems, but sex is uncomfortable because penis gets so sensitive from fighting the feeling that have to urinate... *prostate has been checked, deemed normal... *thought maybe as a last resort, that there were stones somewhere. lower body ct scan, from chest down--no stones in kidneys, ureters, epidydmis, prostate, etc... NONE.
Avatar m tn what can cure me Bactrim or diflucan? I was having pain on ejaculation and erection and this uro put me on Flomax and I think I lost my energy and libido. I was having weak urine flow but no burning or urine infection. and then this other uro cut my penis. it seems like a bad drug?
Avatar m tn Have not had problems with an erection but find it impossible to ejaculate sometimes. Dr says prostate is enlarged and l have begun flomax. Waiting for lab results on urine but have now developed a very sore right testicle. A few months ago I developed a discoloration on penis that slowly traveled to the head of penis. Dr said it was a bacterial thing and prescribed a ointmentm . I am 54 and sexualy active with the same women who has had no symptoms .
Avatar m tn On a couple of intermittant occasions lately, I have had dry orgasms, meaning no ejaculate fluids even though I have what appears to be a normal orgasm. On a couple of occasions I had seaman but it was clear with no visible sperm (or white opaque fluid), just clear viscus. I've had two or three bloody ejaculations over the past few years but it usually follows a dull to sharp pain in my groin area. The blood shows with the subsequent orgasm then clears up.
Avatar m tn I have noticed a definite improvement in urinary symptoms (fewer trips to the bathroom, better flow), but it has wreaked havoc with my sex life (no erections, no ejaculation). I would like to quit, but am afraid that the effects of quitting might be worse than the ones I am currently experiencing. I am 69 years old.
Avatar m tn About two weeks ago I started having frequency in urinating, back pain, and pain in my testicals and pain in the area between my rectum and my testicles. I had no burning or discharge. I saw my GP and had urine test which showed no blood, bacteria etc. I had a blood test done and white blood cell count was normal. I then had digital rectal exam and it was normal.. The Dr. stated that this would have been very painful if the prostate had been infected. The Dr.
Avatar n tn I had switched to Uroxatral from Flomax because the latter caused retrograde ejaculation. Following major surgery elsewhere, I could not urinate, therefore, I was not without a Foley catheter. Two weeks after the first surgery, I had the re-sectioning. I now urinate well, but my ejaculation is retrograde. Can this condition be reversed? I hate it! Jerry F. This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/374944'>Retrograde Ejaculation after Sigmoid Resection</a>.
Avatar n tn he has been diagnosed with an enlarged prostate and flomax doesn't seem to help him. He has frequent urination but no pain. has been able to ejaculate but it is rare and far between occurences and amount of semen is minimal? Could he have an obstruction? what would be the recommended course of action?
Avatar n tn I have noticed that just in the past several years my semen volume has diminished to just a drop when i ejaculate. My penis no longer throbs and my testicles seemed to have gotten a lot smaller. My sex drive is much reduced and my climaxes are almost pseudo. My penis does'nt get all that firm when erect and I don't walk up in the moring with an erection as in the past. Even if I go a month without ejaculating or no matter how aroused I am it stays the same.
Avatar n tn A few weeks after foolishly having unprotected sex once with my gf (who claims she was recently tested for all STDs), I started having problems with pain/itching in my penis. She has had no problems that she has told me about since then. It it mostly a problem in the tip of the penis, though sometimes it is hard to localize. I haven't seen any visible sign that indicate a clear problem.
Avatar n tn I am a female and the question relates to my boyfriend whom I love very, very much and have no difficulty with what he perceives as his very serious problem. It makes no difference to me but it is fast becoming my problem which is why I want to do something about it to help both of us. This guy is 61. Recently he is vey worried about the low volume of semen he is producing when he ejaculates. I don't see the problem but it is to him. How much? probably a few drops is all in reality.
Avatar n tn I've been tested for STD's multiple times, had numerous courses of antibiotics, and had an ultrasound. Everything has been negative, even simple UTI tests. No epiditimitis, no infection, nothing. Early in this treatment, my prostate was slightly enlarged, and I took Flomax. It didn't seem to make much difference for the discomfort, but the prostate is now normal size. My last urologist said they didn't have any solutions for me, and my GP is also at a loss.
Avatar f tn The doctor ordered another urine test and gave me the four pills and single dose for chlamydia and gonorrhea. Day 15 no relief and all tests negative and also pain in the testicles along with clear discharge (never actually coming out) Day 22 macrobid got rid of pain put still burning. Day 30 blood tests and another urine sample, all coming back negative Doc tried macrobid and flomax that did not work and has now referred me to a urologist.
1516809 tn?1345086364 I went to a urologist who told me that my prostate because of my age is starting to enlarge like all men, and that I am retaining urine in my bladder per ultrasound. He prescribed Flomax for me to take indefinitely, and told me that the hematospermia will heal on its own and clear after a few more subsequent ejaculations. Recently, I experienced hematospermia again, red blood in the semen again.
Avatar n tn If I masterbate, I have to do it hard to stay hard and ejaculate. When I ejaculate now, it feels numb and aches afterwards. On the Levtira, sometimes I can hardly feel myself cumming. My doctor said to stop drinking diet cola as the caffeine will make my bladder malfunction and increase the BPH symptoms. When I urinate on a full bladder, I usually have a "dead spot" ie numbness for a bit. That has carried over to my ejaculatons. The Pain and lack of feeling is bothersome and new.
Avatar m tn Ejaculation should only happen 3 times per week no more than that. If you ejaculate more than this it could possibly cause prostate inflammation. Take a break for a few days. As for your other pains in abdomin and back if you are a smoker quit as smoking is known to cause abdominal and back pain.
Avatar m tn At its peak it is very painful. I have no problem with urinating with no pain at all. I would appreciate if someone could help me with this problem.
Avatar n tn ) anyway, i told the doctor what i had been through so he told me to pee and then checked my bladder by ultrasound to see if my bladder emptied, it showed it was empty, he prescribed flomax and i started having heart rate problems so i quit taking it. havent heard from them about that yet.but he promised me that if they did surgery i would be put under for the procedure.
Avatar n tn Maybe a more romantic sex or less strong masturbation could help, I also think that u should empty your bladder prior to having sex or going to the wc in the middle and ejaculate empty. I find that when i ejaculate empty i get the pain much less likely. I hope I ve been helpfull p.s.
Avatar n tn One other note, when I am having one of episodes, I not only cannot urinate but I also cannot ejaculate. I have an orgasm, but no ejaculate is present. Where did it go? I need help.
Avatar m tn Went to the doc and got a swab done with no results. Doc prescribed me dioxycycline and the symptoms cleared up. About a year or so later the symptoms returned. Once again i saw a doctor who gave me a prostate exam and said it looks like prostatitis. I was given an antibacterial and sent on my way. this time however the symptoms did not fully go away. so i was sent to a urologist who put me on flomax. after about 2 weeks the symptoms went away.
Avatar n tn I am 35, healthy, no STD's. For the past year of so, I have had a weak urine flow, and feelings of never finishing. Every few days, while urinating, all of a sudden it would feel like too much urine was trying to come out at once, and would cause a pain in my penis that would cause me to stop mid stream. I could then start again with no pain. Occasionally, I would get an extreme pain in the tip of my penis, once or twice a year.
Avatar n tn Since yesterday when I have sex or when I masturbate there is little or no ejaculate. I am very worried because this has never happened to me before. Here come the questions: 1. Is lack of ejaculate a side effect of Flomax? 2. If not, what can be causing this problem. I dont have burning or pain during ejaculation, simply there is little or nothing coming out. 3. Could this be a smyptom of what the urologist found in the cystoscopy? 4.
Avatar f tn I'm going to start by listing the medications I'm on seeing as people have said before it could be the meds. Tamsulosin (Subst- Flomax) Ketorolac (Subst- - Toradol) Ondansetron (Subst- - Zofran ODT) The issue I am having us with ejaculating no sperm comes out when I do. I have been told the Tamsulosin could be causing that (My friends mom she's a nurse) would this be a valid answer. I have never had a kidney stone before and have never experienced this issue before.
Avatar f tn Dear Doctor-Last week I had my left kidney removed in a laproscopic operation, I was extremely fortunate in that the cancer was Stage 1 B and Fuhrman Grade 2. No lymph node involvement and no spread noted anywhere(surgery done at Johns Hopkins-fantastic hospital as you know). Very monior concern in view of cancer -since the operation I had to have a catheter inserted twice in my penis to urinate before hospital release,and was given Flomax for a few days to help with urination.