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Avatar n tn He has not taken any decongestant or antihistamines in the last few months, he has been on Corzaar for several years for familial thin membrane disease (benign kidney condition), but we could not find any information on bad interaction with Flomax. He has also been taking multivitamins and fish oil, and his diet has been healthy for years.
895634 tn?1283992810 It is masking the underlying condition which can be a serious one. A hepatologist is not an expert in kidney disease. They should refer you to a Urologist. A Urologist specializes in diseases and conditions of the kidneys and urinary track. They will perform some tests to determine what type of stones you may have, how many and how large your kidney stones are. A KUB (kidney, ureter, bladder) x-ray is usually given to see the stone's location and estimate their size.
Avatar f tn 2) Vit D, 9 very low, also Kidney stones history, UTI's, Blood in urine over 2 years, Hashi, stenosis of cervical and lumbar spine, right flank pain constant, to name a few symptoms. PCP basically thinks the pain I am in is all in my head....So I have been reading this site and others. Went to my Endo and she is now testing for Parathyroid problems and adrenal problems, long predisone use for possible MCTD. Should I continue to take large doses of Vit D? what about taking Calcium?
Avatar n tn I am a 40 yr od female .recently diagnosed with Medullary Sponge Kidney .I went to the hospital 2 weeks ago with severe left flank pain .They did a CT scan showing a 6 mm stone in the UPJ .Also have extensive stones in in left and right Kidney Also had a UTI ..The E.R. gave me pain meds and sent me home telling me to call a urologist in the next 2 days .I called in the am ...The Urologist gave me Flomax and more pain meds and then scheduled me for ESWL in 8 weeks !!!...
3183592 tn?1344634338 I squirmed around trying to find any relief, but nothing I did made a difference. I had treated hundreds of patients with kidney stones, but now, I realized, I was the one who was about to wind up in the emergency room. My wife drove me to the hospital where I worked, and I greeted the ER director miserably letting him know that I thought I had a kidney stone.
Avatar f tn Now one week to the day the results have returned,l am pain free but ultrasound shows a non obstructive 8mm stone in my right kidney,slight prominence of the right renal pelvics but no other features of renal tract obstruction..... My Doctor has said we wait till any further pain or discomfort and will then refer me to a Urologist. My question is would l have already passed a stone?
Avatar n tn Both his mother and sister have the disease. My question is, are there any known relations between kidney stones and bipolarism. I have read that some of the medications to treat bipolar people, has a risk of causing stones. Well currently he isn't taking any med's for this, as he hasn't officially been diagnosed(he is in the process of being tested). But, my understanding is that bipolarism is linked to calcification of cells.
Avatar n tn I suffer from what is called Polycystic Kidney Disease (google it) which causes chronic kidney stones. Many people have this disease with no signs until they are much olde. When their kidneys begin to fail them. Diarrhea is related because when the stone is stuck in the ureter ( the tube leading down to your bladder from your kidney) this sends a message to your entire digestive tract to stop.
Avatar m tn I am 65, 5'9-1/2", weight 185, Caucausian male, quintuple bypass 21 years ago, take Avapro (300mg), Lantus (20 u/day), Flomax for BPH, and Humalog (prn) + 4 gms of fish oil/per day. I am a type II diabetic with: 1) Microalbumin_Creatine Ratio of 326.3 (Microalbumin UR Random: 310; Creatine UR Rnd: 95.08), Phosphorus Plasma 2.2, Triglycerides: 261, HDL 58, LDL 120, Transferin Saturation 59, Ferritin 444, last glucose 244, A1C 7.7, Lymph ABs 1.0, and Lymph Pct 19.5.
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Avatar m tn CT's always shows no sign of active diverticulitis and nothing else but cortical scarring on left kidney. Emerg visit this month showed (big surprise) on CT, two left kidney stones 2-3 mm, one in kidney and one between bladder and kidney. This is the first time CT has been done laying on stomach. If part of this has been kidney stones all along, why might I be getting severe abdominal bloat with these episodes?
Avatar f tn I am a 26 year old female and I have been dealing with kidney stones for the past 9 years. I pass atleast 2 stones every month. Recently, I had SEVERE pain in my left flank and went to the ER. Had a CT scan done and it showed I had several stones in both kidneys. I was given morphine at the hospital and vicodin to take home.
Avatar m tn Im uncomfortable with both options but i do not want to have kidney failure or kidney disease.
Avatar n tn He has advanced heart failure, COPD and osteoarthritis, bad kidney function because of all the diruetics he has taken for approximately 5 years, and also chronic gout. His ejection fraction on his heart is 15% which means that his heart's pumping ability is very bad and he is almost immobile.
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Avatar n tn Hi, In 1994 I kept coming down with kidney infections and finally consulted with a urologist. First urologist mentioned that I had a bladderneck obstruction following a cystoscopy. He later changed his mind and discharged me as a patient as he was about to retire. Not a great loss. My wife got me scheduled with urologist two who also agreed that there was some obstruction and at first treated this with Flomax. One day while at work, I had a problem with loss of control over my bladder.
Avatar m tn I don’t think the acid problem and the symptoms you’re suffering from have got any relation. The possibility of proteinuria (protein in urine) due to a primary kidney disease needs to be looked into by doing other tests like 24 hr protein excretion and the other possibility is kidney stone disease which can be diagnosed with an ultrasound of urinary tract. I sincerely hope that helps. Take care.
Avatar n tn This can include biliary tract blockage, malabsorption, celiac disease, or inflammatory bowel disease. Further investigation of the digestive tract should be considered, including an upper and lower endoscopy. I would send the stools off for culture and analysis to exclude infection and malabsoprtion. Blood tests can be done to exclude celiac disease. If there is suspicion regarding the biliary tree, an ultrasound and/or MRCP should be considered.
535089 tn?1400677119 (Advil, Nuprin, Motrin, Excedrin IB etc) Ketoprofen (Orudis KT) Kidney infection (Kidney disease, diabetes) Liver Disease Naproxen (Aleve) Promethazine (Phenergan, Promethegan) Riboflavin (B2, Hempseed Oil) Amphetamines - Substances or Conditions which can cause false positives Ephedrine, pseudoephedrine, propylephedrine, phenylephrine, or desoxyephedrine (Nyquil, Contact, Sudafed, Allerest, Tavist-D, Dimetapp, etc) Phenegan-D, Robitussin Cold and Flu, Vicks Nyquil Over-the-counter diet aids w
Avatar n tn I am an 84 year old male in excellent health with no history of heart disease. I am very active and work in my business about 50+ hours a week. About three years ago Flomax was prescribed for BPH/prostate. After a few months, I noticed a tremor in the calf muscle of each leg. I discontinued the Flomax, and the tremors stopped. Shortly after that I noticed swelling in my ankles. At a routine check up with my GP I mentioned the swelling in my ankles and upon checking the doctor identified A.
Avatar m tn Presence of red cell casts, red blood cells and bacteria may suggest a kidney disease and an infection. Also blood tests to determine disemminated infection has to be considered. I suggest that you have this assessed by your doctor. A chest xray would also check for pneumonia or any congestion as you have noted difficulty breathing. The kidneys may be involved here. However other conditions like respiratory conditions should also be assessed.
Avatar n tn thanks! I saw the urologist today and got the CT results. It's a kidneystone. 4mm calcium booger that's sitting at the end of my ureter and playing games with my bladder, I guess. So I'm on Flomax for a few weeks and then will get another CT and another urologist visit. And I have to drink like a gallon and a half of water every day, no coke or coffee. Just water, lemonade, or orange juice. No cranberry, even, he said.
Avatar f tn Lately, his prostate has been severely inflamed, Urologist has upped his dosage of Flomax but he is still miserable. can't urinate sometimes. Also, he has severe dry eye and the eye doc said it was the worst he has ever seen. Eye doc put him on prednisone drops and put implants in his tear ducts,none which have really helped. Now it appears his salivary glands are drying up and he has constant back pain.
Avatar n tn I agree with the cystoscopy to evaluate for any strictures or trauma to the lower GU tract. If kidney damage or disease is suspected, imaging the kidneys can be done with an ultrasound or CT scan. These options can be discussed with your personal urologist. Another opinion can be obtained, preferably at a major medical center. Followup with your personal physician is essential.
284078 tn?1282620298 So, if you are taking Topamax or getting ready to increase you dose or considering starting it - please, please take my advice and remember that it can cause sudden worsening of your vision, and if an attack of narrow angle glaucoma starts, you can develop severe eye pain, extreme headache, nausea, vomiting and nearly complete loss of vision.
Avatar n tn I went from 54% to 69% in six months. So I went from moderate kidney disease to mild kidney disease. If you google kidney diet you'll find some good information from some of the kidney foundations. This is what my doctor told me. Mostly it is avoiding items high in potassium and phosphorus (if it is pre-packaged - chances are it is high in phosphorous, as well as any dark cola except rootbeer).
646318 tn?1261185094 There are many types of kidney stones. Most kidney stones are not uric acid stones. If you have a kidney stone you need to make it pass. To do that the best thing to do is drink plenty of water. So much that you are not even thirsty and your sick of water. Keep a water bottle with you all the time a sip it from time to time. The other thing to do is to stay active. Walk around keep moving. That will get the stone to move. Do you have a history in your family of kidney stones?
Avatar n tn The RVF (Prostiva) therapy has proven to be effective for many men who had minimal efficacy from medication, or for men who do not wish to take medication every day. I am a licensed nurse practitioner specializing in kidney disease and urology. Be sure you only follow the advise of licensed professionals.
Avatar f tn I am having great difficulties trying to find doctors (Nephrologists, Urologists, ER doctos, GP's) that understand this disease, so if there is anyone in Canada, please let me know. Thanks!