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Avatar m tn I was given cipro and Flomax for pelvic pain and a UTI. the pain was through the whole pelvis and also individual veins or spermatic cord. does Flomax permanently shrink your prostate or reduce testosterone levels? I read one forum where people where saying they had a permanent loss of strength, could not throw the discus as far?
Avatar n tn I continued the ofloxacin hoping for further improvement, but after 6 more weeks the PSA remained the same. I am an Asian, no family history of PCa, and have no symptoms yet. What should be my next course of action? Should i get treated for BPH (?dutasteride) and see the results? Can PSA reduce only with antibiotics if there is indeed indwelling cancer cells in the prostate? Is it common for PSA to remain static in chronic prostatitis? When should I repeat my PSA?
Avatar n tn I have had prostate problems for 25 years, starting with chronic prostatitis and diagnosed with BPH 10 years ago, with a PSA of 6.8. Cystoscopy,transrectal ultrasound and biopsy showed no cancer. From then until Feb of '04 I tried numerous medications which did not seem to help while I practiced 'watchfull waiting'. PSA testing was done every 6 to 12 months and bounced between 5.9 and 11.
Avatar n tn The pain from chronic prostatitis can be relieved by NSAIDS (ibuprofen, naproxen) or alpha-blockers (flomax, terazosin). Have your PSA followed regularly and have your urologist follow PSA velocity, PSA density, and free PSA.
Avatar m tn feel weak and shakey and lots of pain alittle worse every day and im on cipro and flomax and uta and ibuprofen.no 24 hr. urine did have ct scan of pelvic area and psa level test but hasn't come back.thank u for your help.
5856747 tn?1403352282 PSA means Prostate Specific Antigen and is a blood test used to screen for prostate cancer. And while the test is specific to the prostate it is NOT specific to prostate cancer. We have just seen that chronic prostatitis can raise PSA levels. So too can Benign Prostate Hyperplasia (BPH) raise PSA. If you are discovered to have a raised PSA of say 10 mm/L it is important to bear this in mind and to not be panicked into agreeing to undergo prostate biopsy.
Avatar n tn i am 43 and am worried. my dad has prostate cancer. they took blood to check psa levels. i was wandering if anybody else on here had or has an enlarged prostate around my age and what may cause this condition. std related, or other infection. i appreciate any help and thank you in advance..
Avatar m tn At the age of 75 these would be normal/ near normal flow rates and the post void volume and PSA levels have shown improvement over time. Though the post void volume is slightly higher than normal, it would not be considered particularly abnormal at the age of 75 years. If there are no specific symptoms such as recurrent UTI or urinary issues, I do not see a clear benefit in undergoing the surgery.
Avatar n tn PSA, blood and urine cultures, prosthate exploration and bladder x-rays and ultrasound. Everything was normal. Finally the explanation I got was that there was a tissue problem somewhere in the ducts running from the sperm vesicles to the penis, and in the same way some people are prone to nosebleedings, it might be the same with me and my seminal ducts.
Avatar m tn My prostate exams turns out normal - PSA levels in blood are normal. I tried taking flomax but it has bad side effects for me and hence I stopped it. who do I go see now to investigate this? I wish there is a way to investigate the plumbing in the region where prostate wraps around the urethra.
Avatar n tn So i started seeing another urologist.This one starts testing my PSA levels and finds them slightly elevated [3.] I'm 45 yrs old by now ,so he starts doing Prostate biopsies looking for prostate cancer. 1st was negative,6 months later,another biopsy,it's negative,so he puts me on Flomax to help with my pee problem and schedules another PSA check in 6 months and scheduled,yep,another biopsy. Well before that happens my insurance company drops him and sends me to another urologist.
Avatar n tn Go see a Dr get your Testosterone and PSA levels checked. Man them blue pills are bad for you. They make my head hurt to much to have sex. Also try some forplay before rushing into sex. I'm only 26 I had some trouble and come to find out my prostate was 5x the size it should have been. Dr gave me some pills called Flomax to help then some blood work on my PSA levels. Is it hard to pee sometimes? like to get started? if so yea I would get it checked out.
Avatar n tn He says for the first couple years it was great, then gradually the flow got smaller, he was put on Flomax and that helped but only for a year and now he's contemplating another green light. The doc gave him a do-it-yourself catheter package in case of emergency. It bothers me that the procedure doesn't address the root cause of BPH. Gat and Gornish in Israel has published results of their procedures to remove incompetent internal spermatic veins.
Avatar m tn My doctors think I have a Mediterranean gene even though I am mostly northern European. My ferritin levels are also really low and I have begun taking an iron supplement (ferrous sulfate). I underwent a stapled hemorrhoidectomy last October and already have one autoimmune disease (limited scleroderma/CREST syndrome); so he wants to rule out Celiac disease, I suppose due to possible malabsorption. I no longer have a bleeding issue with my hemorrhoids due to the surgery.
Avatar m tn Only the Alpha Blockers worked, of which there are several types, Tamsulosin (Flomax), Doxazosin, Terazosin and others. I'm not in a relationships right now, but I do also dread having to strip off in front of a woman, when I do find one. I guess I'll have to take the alpha blockers or Viagra beforehand. Doctors don't have a clue about this. I have asked several Urologists, and they just say it's normal !
Avatar m tn After having my prostate checked for normal results, I was still put on Levaquin and Flomax just in case. Didn't help. I then got a CT scan on my pelvis area where everything came back normal except for scattered lymph nodes in the retroperitoneum and the mesentery that were ignored because they didn’t meet CT criteria for enlarged lymph nodes. Then I was told it could be my genitofemoral nerve, which runs from my back to my scrotum along my groin.
Avatar n tn I got the results back today, and there is absolutley nothing wrong with spine, PSA, cholesterol and all other things tested. My problem has seemed to subside, but I noticed it again last night at a phillies game. One thing I wanted to ask you, do you take any vitamins, such as One a day for men? or Centrum? I just started taking a multivitamin and when I stopped for a few days it subsided, but I started taking it again and conicidentally felt feeling again, could be my imagination.