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221387 tn?1210936658 You are OK with flexeril ..... it would take a specific test to find that. A basic screen is just looking for drugs that are popularly abused. And they are expensive to do.
Avatar n tn It also aggravates me very much that these pain doctors (The Pill Nazi's) can pretty much ruin your life all because of a urine test. I really think they need to find a better mode of testing that has almost nil margin of error.
1401392 tn?1280808747 The clinic I attend, as do most clinics, require regular urine screens to assure that the meds are being taken properly. I have had two urine screens so far and both have returned negative results for opiates. My pain level (without medication) on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being most severe, is on average a 9, and with pain medication 3. I take my medication as prescribed, sadly, they are my lifeline, without which I would be unable to function and I ultimately end up virtually bed ridden.
Avatar n tn Come Monday, no relief, so I called gyno and went in for an appt. They did a urine test one me, said I had elevated white blood cells so they put me on Cipro for a week. Once that week was up, I wasn't any better, nor any worse, still no pain but still the urgency. So I call my Dr. and ask for a different antibiotic and they notify me that my culture came back negative so I didn't have anything and it must be nerves or something else.
Avatar f tn I don't use any drugs except what they prescribed to me and all the sudden after many years, they say something illegal showed up in my urine test. They refused to do anything at all. You've been on opioids for many years, and have never had a bad mark, but since we(or the lab) messed up, well good luck with the withdrawal! How are you supposed to find another Dr and get seen before the symptoms kick in?
1973707 tn?1325974157 for lyme, RA, Sjogrens, and every Rheumy test imaginable. -low calcium and phosphorus in urine -brain mri 8/07-ok except paranasal sinus disease -mri cervical-minimal C5-6 spondylosis, no disc herniation or encroachment recent EMG/NCS-were normal, but dxed with small fiber polyneuropathy, distal gradient pinprick, increased reflexes in knees and poor joint position sense. -mri thoracic spine 12/30/11-Bone marrow signal intensity minimally heterogeneous. AP dimensions 10mm.
535089 tn?1400677119 Substances Causing False Positives According to a report by the Los Angeles Times New Service, a study of 161 prescription and over the counter medications showed that 65 of them produced false positive results in the most widely administered urine test.
Avatar n tn He had a nurse do a urine test which the doctor said was almost normal. He said it might indicate blood in the urine. I am scheduled to see my family doctor next week and will have a urinalysis done before I see him. The urgent care doctor said if the urinalysis indicated blood in the urine, my doctor might have me undergo an involved kidney exam where dye is injected. About a year ago I had a urinalysis done which indicated protein in the urine.
Avatar n tn The biopsy results from the upper GI and blood work have proven H Pylori bacteri, and the urine test last week showed bacteria as well. The Doc is not sure why I would be having this bacteria as I was on heavy doses of antibodics because of the H pylori. If you or anyone else that reads this has an answer please let me know by responding here. And I know what you mean about wanting to reach in and pull it out.. it is nerve wrecking to say the least.
Avatar f tn Im wondering because I had a urine test at the er and they told my bf (cuz they knocked me out from anxiety) that all they found was aspirin. I had been taking the somas to calm me down (sometimes they help better than the benzos and theyre not addictive to me anyways).
Avatar f tn Not to mention you may be suprised down the road with another urine test. Just bring your prescription and a statement from your DR saying you have a legetimate need for them at this time. But as for detoxing your system, there is no other way to do that but way but time. Teas, pills, tons of water or anything else claiming to rid your body of narcotics is a waste of time and money.
Avatar m tn to bring my patches in to be counted. I just had a urine test last wk, I said. Nurse got mad & said You're not taking your meds. Your tox screen came up negative for Fentynal...& Don't bother going to ER since you're not going thru' withdrawals either. And oh, BTW, since you're refusing to show up, you won't get any refills either.
Avatar f tn For the urinary symptoms, you need to ask your doctor for a urinalysis dip stick test, and probably an actual urine specimen sent of to pathology for testing and blood test to check your renal functions. Renal problems can affect every other system in your body, so you need to follow this up ASAP. I hope these suggestions are of some use to you. All the best!
Avatar n tn I have went to a doctor once but she said I didnt have any bacteria in my urine and that she wouldnt know why my back is hurting. She gave me flexeril for the pain and ran a sediment test to see if i had kidney stones. (She also ran a few blood tests) I never heard anything back from them, even when i tried to call. So i assumed everything came back negative. I have no insurance at all and I live paycheck to paycheck so i havent been able pull out the money again for a second opinion..
557689 tn?1225419256 Yesterday was the 25th of July 08,....at 8:45am My room mate and myself showed up at my doctor's office for my appointment. I went back rather fast and was put in room 3 along with "Lisa" my room mate (as a witness) and we waited. Prior to this visit I had figured out that the drug test results a few months back was "indeed false" and this visit would actually testify to my calculation of events..............
5142668 tn?1364234345 You need a detailed physical examination and central nervous system examination. Blood or urine tests can detect thyroid malfunction, other metabolic causes, and abnormal levels of certain chemicals which may be causing temors.Tests like CT or MRI imaging may be needed depending on these test results. I hope it helps. Best luck and regards!
180395 tn?1287497597 Since about 8 this morning I have been having a bad pain on the right side of my back, very sharp if i turn a certain way it actually will take my breath. So I thought maybe kidney stone, they checked my urine said no blood and you know they didnt check anything else. Didnt check for infections or anything. Just said it was a muscle, which I dont feel it is, and gave me Vicodin and Flexeril which i dont intend on taking because I dont want to take any chances unless I know I am not preg.
Avatar f tn I am totally freaking out because he is also doing a 24 hr urine test which is testing for Myloma.... This week I have suddenly acquired a breathing problem. It feels like I cant take a deep breath or am yawning all the time to get good air. I feel terrible very day and I know what you are going through. I have lost my appetite as well for the last two weeks and am miserable...
Avatar m tn I have had stomache problems for 8 years and i keep getting sicker I have a constant nausea and additional cramping I have had a GI doctor who can't figure out what is wrong im loosing hope am I krazy I keep going to the ER with pain and nausea and a few times I had a UTI which was the cause of the nausea other times i had the flu but they have put my on so much medicine( aciphex, nexium, belladonna alkaloids, phenergan, etc) and now the Doctors are saying that it is self induced i know its real
Avatar n tn I have had lots of blood work (ra, sed rate, ana Wilson, lyme, hep), mri, nerve conductivity, visual evoked potential, and urine test. I take birth control and a monthly b12 injection. all test are normal but b12 was at 136 now 850. the doctor has now said it is fibromyalgia. however I have no tender points. they are trying me on tramadol, flexural, and savella. I am only getting worse and at times can not even climb the stairs or turn up a drink. please help.
Avatar f tn And my heart will start beating really fast and I feel like I couldn't breathe I've been to urgent care and the emergency room took blood test and urine test all normal. They've prescribed me flexeril 5mg but it only helped for 3 days and when I was done with the prescription it came back twice and bad and painful. Now I'm having lower stomach pains and a burning sensation in the middle of my lower back.
Avatar f tn To make your ck and cpk level drop it is very important to drink lots of water and absolutely NO CAFFEINE!!!!!!!! I would also have your doctor run your ck and cpk levels again and also do a urine test done again to check for infection. Why they have not figured this out is beyond me???? Also if you are taking any pain meds you need to talk to your doctor about lowering the dose this could also lead to your ck and cpk levels to rise and kidneys are the first to go.
Avatar n tn The urine test i have also can not tell the difference between Heroin and many over the counter medications containing codeine. I know you were not testing for Heroin i was just trying to point out problems with Urine tests. I hope your son manages to work through problem.If he is ready to stop its half the battle. When i was on Heroin my mum was a great support and was always there for me when i needed her(within reason). I honestly don't think i would be here today if it wasn't for her.
Avatar n tn In a recent physical exam, they found high cholesterol and did a test for one of the liver enzymes. They found it elevated and subsequent tests found all were elevated. I am to get a CT scan next week. Immediately before the symptoms developed, I was taking flexeril for about a week (for a pulled muscle). I seem to have had the classic symptoms of drug-induced hepatitis, except for Jaundicing and vomiting. I have discontinued all medications except benadryl.
351724 tn?1267540618 ok i had been proned to uti's for 10 yrs now with blood in urine , and a cpl of wks ago i had another one so i went ot my doc he sent me to get a cat scan ,he didnt find any kidney stones or anything else wrong except a 2 cm cyst on my right ovary . i also told him again about the back,side and front pain im having and thats why he thought maybe i had a kidney stone . But no stones !
Avatar n tn CBC, MET, TSH, RF, SED and doppler of legs. An ECG had a borderline R wave. A urine test had a trace of blood/bacteria, and haline casts. X-rays of lumbar spine showed DDD. My upper back was NOT imaged.) My doctor prescribed hydrochlorothiazide 50mg (for HBP 150/90.), and Flexeril 10mg (for my legs.) I was also on prednisone 10mg for two weeks. I vomited.) The doctor was not sure of a diagnosis. And I was sent to other doctors: 2005-A rheumatologist.
Avatar m tn Since the beginning of 2012, random urine drug screens along with another urine test to measure if the correct amount of the prescribed narcotic level is within your urine are of routine now, expected, no less. Ok, I get it, I completely understand the DEA is coming down with guidelines being severely strict on physicians. So, this day was no different. He gives me two months supply of prescriptions and on with my day I went.
Avatar n tn I was referred to pain management from my neuro and my new pmd is sending me for a urine drug screen. Reading from my paper, I'm being screened for Amphetamines, Barbiturates, Benzodiazepines, Cannabinoid, Cocaine, Opiates and Phencyclidine. That's it. And they are not using a gas chromotography to test for opoids. For those of you in pain management, is this just a baseline type screening, or are they digging with those?
Avatar n tn There, they did a complete blood count, urine test, multiple x-rays, and a CT scan only to say that nothing was wrong, other than a small amount of white blood cells in my urine (ie, kidney or bladder infection). Since then, the pain has intensified (knotting internal pain, sunburn sensation, and back pain) and I have went to a second ER. This time at the University of Tennessee Medical Center. They too, took a blood and urine sample and confirmed that all counts were within normal limits.
Avatar m tn They dont tell you they drug test.. When your at the hospital they will do a urine sample on you like usual and they will check the baby in the nursery... and no issues will be talked through with you, and its mandatory in all states if your receiving govt assistant..